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Top-Secret Military Operation: The Operation Paperclip

Operation Paperclip 1,600 German Scientist Top Secret UFO Project

Welcome to Higher Density Living, where we delve into the profound principles that govern the universe.  For this episode we discuss one of the most infamous, and well regarded, top secret military conspiracy during World War 2, the Operation Paperclip. This was an instrumental military operation to unite the Rhineland for Hitler’s Nazi Germany .  […]

Is Being An OnlyFans Model Spiritually or Morally Wrong?

Is Being An Onlyfans Model Spiritually or Morally Wrong?

Welcome back to Higher Density Living! Does the dogmatic morality of traditional belief systems weigh more than the average person meeting ends in a financially difficult world we live in nowadays? Let’s find out as Alexander and Jason help us find out if being an Onlyfans model is spiritually or morally wrong. WARNING: This podcast […]

NASA Announces Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Team

NASA Announces Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Study Team Members

For this episode, Alexander and Jason will tackle NASA’s deep secrets. This foundry of science and technology is actually corrupted under the influence of corporatism. It is an institution of money, just like the Military Industrial Complex, siphon taxpayer funds into a blackhole of bureaucratic paperwork. NASA has commissioned an elite group of sixteen NASA […]