About Alex And Jason

About Alexander McCaig

Alexander McCaig for many years has dedicated great study to the highest creational truths and bridging the unseen universe to ours with applied principles of Physics and more specifically Quantum Mechanics. Alexander believes that scientific study and applied spirituality will be the course of our evolving future as we become more sensitive to ourselves and the world around us as we perceive it.

As an autodidact, Alexander has intently listened to his inner-self without question to follow the Source of material, books, and knowledge to find deeper wisdom within self to bring to the world. Finding parallels, cross connections, links and corroborating scientific data has crafted his principles of life and purpose to be shared with all who seek a deeper understanding of their role in this infinite universe. This personal journey has led him to test the limits of his consciousness, join with Jason Rigby in bringing Higher Density Principles to humanity and apply those principles to create TARTLE, which is the first ever Personal Data Marketplace that allows individuals across the globe to get paid for the information they create on the internet (Money for their Data).

Feel welcomed at all times to reach out to Alexander directly with the button below. All questions, advice, and criticisms will be viewed with warranted equanimity. Go forth in the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai.

About Jason Rigby

Born in Jacksonville Florida to a southern baptist pastor’s home in the deep south (lots of Bible, fried chicken, and gravy lol). Jason was raised in a strict Christian home and attended religious private school. At a very young age he had a deep desire for spiritual seeking and understanding. At the age of 8, Jason became a student of the Bible and Philosophy which encompassed great literature and discovered in High School that playing Basketball was an outlet for all his physical energy. Come 18, he went into The United States Marine Corps during global conflicts in Somalia, Bosnia, and Haiti. Jason served in the United States Military for 10 years at that time, and eventually turned to a deeper calling to follow into the footsteps of his father and set out to start a church plant in Washington State.

He had early successes with entrepreneurial spirit (according to the denominational standards) and building a sizeable church, but internally was at battle with his intuition and knew that the religious dogma he preached every Sunday was in conflict with what he was truly felt was the highest truth. Leaving the pastorate with the burnout of an exhausting schedule created instability and took its toll on his homelife leading him to lose his marriage and family. At rock bottom, being homeless without a purpose, and having no hope Jason did the one thing that he never would have believed life could come to. Attempting suicide only to miraclously survive.

With a new lease on life and struggling to turn himself around, he lived in my car while landing a sales job and then worked up to being a Sales Director of the organization. Once again he had everything, being successful in the worldly standards of consumerism and the American Dream, but knew that there was more than what we see, feel, and desire externally. There was this still small voice of authenticity welling up inside of him to accept his higher self, and in that moment, Jason became a student of higher density living.

Currently: Owner of Rigby Digital, Host of Albuquerque Business Podcast, and co-Host with Alexander Mccaig on Higher Density Living Podcast. I am a Book Collector, World Soccer Lover and Thriving in the beautiful sunny state of New Mexico with two dogs! Catch me on a mic or at the dog park…