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Alexander McCaig | Founder
Alexander McCaig
More About Alex McCaig

For many years, Alexander McCaig has devoted himself to unraveling the profound truths of creation, seeking to bridge our seen universe with the unseen using principles of Physics and, more specifically, Quantum Mechanics. This journey mirrors your own as you, too, explore the cosmos. Alexander firmly knows that the fusion of scientific study and applied spirituality will guide the trajectory of our shared future. This will happen as we become more attuned to our inner selves and the world we perceive around us.

Just like you, Alexander is an autodidact, a self-taught seeker. He has listened closely to his inner voice, following its guidance to resources, books, and knowledge to unearth deeper wisdom within himself to share with the world. His pursuit has led him to find parallels, cross connections, and corroborating scientific data that have shaped his life’s principles and purpose – to be shared with individuals like you who seek a deeper understanding of their role in this infinite universe.

This personal expedition has pushed him to test the limits of his consciousness. Alongside Jason Rigby, he has brought Higher Density Principles to humanity. Furthermore, he’s applied these principles to create TARTLE, the first ever Personal Data Marketplace. This unique platform empowers individuals around the world, like you, to get paid for the information you create on the internet – essentially earning Money for your Data.

You are always invited to connect directly with Alexander by clicking on the button below. All your questions, advice, and criticisms will be met with balanced equanimity. As you continue your journey, remember to move forth in Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai.

Jason Rigby | Co-Founder
More About Jason Rigby

Picture a small boy growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, in a traditional Southern Baptist pastor’s home, complete with abundant Bible studies, and of course, plenty of fried chicken and gravy! That’s where Jason’s story begins. He was raised in a staunchly Christian environment and attended a religious private school. This upbringing sparked a profound spiritual curiosity in him from a tender age. By the age of eight, he found himself immersed in the study of the Bible and Philosophy, discovering the beauty of great literature.

During his high school years, Jason found a physical outlet in basketball, balancing his intellectual pursuits. When he turned 18, he felt a call to service and joined the United States Marine Corps, serving during global conflicts in Somalia, Bosnia, and Haiti. After a decade in the military, he felt a deeper call, one that led him to follow in his father’s footsteps – to start a church in Washington State.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Jason succeeded in building a sizeable church. But he found himself in a battle of conscience. The religious doctrines he preached every Sunday clashed with what he felt was a deeper, more universal truth. Eventually, the strain of leading a church, coupled with personal struggles, led to a painful loss – his marriage and family.

At his lowest, Jason found himself homeless, hopeless, and without a sense of purpose. In a moment of despair, he attempted suicide, but miraculously survived. This second chance at life sparked a transformation in Jason.

Struggling to turn his life around, he lived out of his car for a while, eventually landing a sales job. He quickly climbed the ladder, eventually becoming a Sales Director. On the surface, he was living the American Dream – successful by societal standards. But something inside him yearned for more – for authenticity, for a connection with his higher self. It was then that Jason embarked on his journey
towards higher density living. Fast forward to now: Jason is the proud owner of Rigby Digital, the CMO of TARTLE, and the host of the

Self Aware Leadership Podcast. He also co-hosts the Higher Density Living Podcast with Alexander McCaig. When he’s not hard at work, he enjoys collecting books, following world soccer, and spending time in the beautiful sunny state of New Mexico with his two dogs. Whether he’s behind a mic or at the dog park, Jason carries his passion and authenticity with him wherever he goes.

And that’s Jason Rigby in a nutshell – a man who has journeyed through the highs and lows, always seeking, always evolving. His story serves as a reminder that no matter where you are in your journey, there is always an opportunity to learn, grow, and transform.