Higher Density Living has come full circle for this seven-part podcast series discussing Billy Meier’s creational avatar, his concept of the “Aspiring One”, as a roadmap towards higher density living. Billy is a champion of spiritual teachings, inspiring critical masses of followers through his eloquent prose of enlightenment and proverbial extraterrestrial contact. We will go over some of Billy Meier’s materials helpful for those people aspiring to improve their evolutionary leap towards higher density living and awareness.

This is part six of the seven principles for the aspiring one. A continuing trend concerning anxiety and fear. The effects of these negative-oriented energies have a profound influence on how we think rationally, emotionally through feelings, and spiritually because our free will and pathways to evolution are obscured by a false sense of reality.
This episode will tackle and continue to analyze stoicism in the context of an aspirant. This episode discusses Billy Meier’s central idea of “absolute focus.” Billy succinctly connects another piece of the puzzle by providing the meaning of focus as understanding and not mere mental activity.

Having focus means achieving first contact to neutrality, which is the state of neither positive nor negative orientation. The essence of encapsulating neutrality brings conditions for equality through shared values, knowledge, and wisdom that promote unity to an aspiring one. Having a sense of neutrality is essential for freedom and motivation. A proper aspirant shall meet these seven principles. Make a path towards evolution.

Let’s continue the journey towards higher density living with Billy Meier.

Show Notes:
0:32 – Check out the rest of the series. The seven principles for the aspiring one by higher density living.
0:53 – Billy Meier’s aspirin one model is the basic blueprint for future leaders.
1:20 – You are leading by example through indomitable truths and
1:29 – The sixth principle for the aspiring one. You must absolutely and inevitably have to focus on essential values.
1:39 – Focus is an essential aspect of Creation. It enables effective concentration of thoughts and re-direct interactions to make actions.
2:33 – It’s all about focusing on nature because if it doesn’t have focus it can’t evolve and it can’t survive.
2:40 – Lack of focus hinders the focus towards progressive evolution.
2:48 – Jason defining the term “absolute focus”.
3:13 – No pain, No gain. You gotta work through the process and learn how to trust the process of growth.
3:29 – You have absolute focus but it doesn’t require suffering or pain to get focus. It can be either a fight or flight dilemma to direct thoughts and interaction of life.
4:00 – Focus has complete activation and control of awareness. You zero down to your objectives and set all focus to achieve your goal
4:29 – Find ways to strengthen your focus without possibility of escape or evasion unavoidably certainly.
5:48 – Inevitability just happens, there is no “turn around the tables” compromise. Stop wasting time and effort and focus your life on the inevitable.
6:02 – Batteries are the most essential tool in the military. Almost every operational tool, mission requirements, and weapons systems need batteries to function.
7:24 – Alex and Jason talk about love and peace.
7:35 – Love is not just a feeling. Love is a deep understanding and acknowledgement of reality.
8:00 – Having a partner that you truly understand transports you to a universe of love.
8:21 – Without love there is no peace.
8:46 – Being a good leader means a creator of peace.
9:06 – Learn to go with the flow of Creation. You need ebb and flow of waves in order to enjoy the surf.
10:10 – Having love and then having peace allows us to understand the element, the area that we are in.
10:33 – You need to learn how to spontaneously display peace.
10:52 – Alex and Jason on distinguishing knowledge and wisdom.
11:02 – Pairing experience with knowledge makes wisdom.
11:19 – Alex discusses the practical use of knowledge and applying it in thought processes.
11:44 – Learn how to respect people and they will recognize your good faith and ability to make decisions. Mutualistic application of free will provides freedom for all people.
11:47 – You create freedom by respecting other people’s free will.
12:14 – There should be an equalized balance between the thought and the mind.
12:32 – Extreme polarization can lead to perceived negative things. Excessiveness is never a good thing.
12:40 – We look at equality in a totally different way. We became accustomed to taking the concept of equality for granted.
12:53 – Contextualizing the word “quality” in the understanding of aspiring principles.
13:09 – When you have love, peace, knowledge, wisdom, freedom it’s gonna create a playing field and its gonna give everybody an opportunity to have an opportunity. Jason reads out Billy Meier’s substantial definition of equalization
13:48 – It happens both from the physical and mental realms. Balance the weight of both worlds.
14:09 – Alex and Jason on defining contexts; Neutrality and Harmony.
14:17 – Neutrality is the extraction of non-polarize energy of Creation. It can be culled from the environment or thoughts to be converted in a neutral state. You look at neutrality from a learning sense regardless of the positive and negative positions.
14:43 – Alex and Jason make a case for excessive or “extremities” of positive polarity and negative polarity.
15:10 – Prudence is a responsibility every leader must uphold. There should be no sugar-coating and lying in authority. Tell the truth and do every necessary action to do better.
15:49 – Neutralization brings about harmony.
16:43 – Learn to harmonize with nature to avoid disaster. As with previous episodes, you cannot control and bend nature to your advantage. You need to adapt and learn how to live with it because you are part of nature.
17:45 – The application of these principles brings you truth and reality. You see the world, you see yourself for what it is.
18:00 – Neutrality as a perfect perception of reality.
18:30 – Neutrality is all about the ability to understand the reality that you are in.
18:49 – Higher Density Living offers everyone a free spiritual break from the material reality.
18:55 – The reality is regardless of where you are, you are a human. You as a human have all the power inside yourself.
19:50 – Truth and reality always depends on your perspective.
20:00 – We are all born human beings so we are all born equal to think and take action .
20:07 – Develop all the essential values with confidence and motivation. No cosmic influence can take over your responsibility and free will.
20:44 – There is simply no going if a person cannot aspire to take initiatives and actions to uphold responsibility.
22:05 – You get tested, you get pushed because you need to learn.
22:27 – So as long as we live under the physical, material realm of earth we are obliged to learn in all aspects of existence.
22:46 – Everything around you is a learning lesson.
23:17 – Do not hesitate to make the decision of learning. Do not let fear, stress, worry, and anxiety entangle your positive evolution.
24:00 – You are a fractal expression of Creation. Consciousness exists for obvious reasons.
24:51 – Hold on to the right things. You are a light that continues to project luminescence and carry life in the expanse of this universe.
25:02 – You have to be actively aware of consciousness.
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