Higher Density Living has come full circle for this seven-part podcast series discussing Billy Meier’s avatar, his concept of the “Aspiring One”, as a roadmap towards higher density living. Billy is a champion of spiritual teachings, inspiring critical masses of followers through his eloquent prose of enlightenment and proverbial extraterrestrial contact. We will go over some of Billy Meier’s lessons that are helpful for those people aspiring to improve their evolutionary leap towards higher density living and awareness.

This is part five of the seven principles for the aspiring one. A continuing trend concerning anxiety and fear. The effects of these negative oriented energies have a profound influence on how we think rationally, emotionally through feelings, and spiritually because our freewill and pathways to evolution are cloaked in obscurity by a false sense of reality.

This final episode will tackle the seventh principle for the aspiring one. Alex-Jason takes a final note to Billy Meier by delivering a metaphorical portrayal of learning through surfing. It requires a devoted learning curve when it comes to surfing, and just like life, we adjust to the flow and motion of changing times. The matrix of perception reveals itself within challenges, not by the gradual passage of time. The challenge is that the problem is not a dilemma of limitation, the problem in itself is not the root cause of negative orientation.

Billy Meier notes that the solution is a problem which requires total commitment to understanding and love in order to eliminate the problem ‘completely’. Because more often people assign confidence as their emblem to victory which in effect warrants illusive perception to overcoming challenges in life. Conquering challenges is not the solution, but emphasizing LEARNING and UNDERSTANDING lessons made out from the difficulty. Your exposure to experience means having a sense of reality in front of your thoughts. Alex and Jason reminded us that you have every power and all the freewill to deal with challenges and problems in life. Live your life to the fullest.

Let us join Alex-Jason as they arrive at the final principle for aspiring one. Live, Love, and Light.

Show Notes :
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1:00 – Alex and Jason make a breakdown analysis for the seventh principle for the aspiring one. The bigger the problems and difficulties you are exposed to the greater and more powerful will you be able to grow.
2:00 – Exposure to the truth opens up many choices to freewill. You have an open to live the moment of truth.
2:38 – Exposure means showering light to the truth. There are no obscurities of fear, anxiety, or any false perception.
3:03 – Disclaimer: This is not about negative balance. This is the neutrality of Creation moving forward as you evolve and grow.
3:42 – Problems are a catalyst to enable your growth.
4:31 – Avoiding the god-like complex; problems does not make you superhuman.But problems accelerate your evolution and strengthen your capacity to deal with problems.
5:00 – On a related note with TCAST. Alex and Jason talk about the “social” problem in social media as a matter of perception and understanding of social media as a concept.
5:10 – The solution is in the problem. Perspective matters in determination of cause and effect.
5:27 – Because you are forced to elaborate and work out all the solutions. The challenge is not in the problem itself but how you will handle it determines the gravity of the problem as a challenge to overcome.
6:25 – Having a conscious ability to deal with the problem requires commitment to action, thought, and total engagement with the application of the solution against the problem.
7:44 – Jason on the relativity of success; please take a grain of salt to every self-help advice and “rules” imposed by others. It may work for them but not for you.
8:13 – Nobody else can do your success except, and none other than you.
8:28 – Use the power of your mind and your consciousness at work to achieve your goal.
8:49 – Your life is strictly your journey and your growth.
9:30 – Life is not a fantasy. You are the superhero of reality so make life, evolution, and Creation happen through your happiness.
9:39 – No priest, no guru is gonna put their hand on your head and solve your issues/problems.
10:00 – Having problems with other people is not necessarily discerning enemies. People provide us with learning opportunities.
10:31 – Having problems is a gift.
11:00 – Self deprecation is a problem to complete awareness and conscious thinking. Do not limit your esteem and let negative emotions prevail.
11:34 – We limit the amount of power in our thoughts.
11:57 – Emotion is not reality. The territoriality of your materialistic phenomena is not reality itself.
13:26 – Detach your ego from the personalities of other people.
13:49 – You have all the power and freewill to conduct every operation of your life.
14:00 – Everything in life is all about learning and evolution for Oneness.

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