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Analyzing Existence: Alexander McCaig’s Guide to Your Holographic Mind!

We welcome the Ohio Exopolitics podcast host Mark Snider with Higher Density Living co-host, Alexander Ramsey McCaig, the contemporary expert in the Billy Meier material. This joint episode re-captures an in-depth discussion of the holographic mind.  In the Age of Aquarius, the complex concept of love has its direct relation to neutrality. Love encompasses various […]

Hitler’s Alien Agenda: The Shocking Truth About Nazi Occult Secrets (with Aage Nost)

Welcome back to Higher Density Living! In this episode, Alexander McCaig invites a special guest, Aage Nost, a Norwegian born spiritual scientist and metaphysicist goes deep into the  hidden Nazi Alien Mothership and it’s technologies. The episode covers a broad stroke of topics ranging from German occultism to advanced alien technology. In Bavaria, a colossal […]

Transform Your Life: The Ultimate Guide to Jungian Alchemy with MJ Dorian

Welcome back to Higher Density Living! For this episode we’re going to delve into the mystique of creativity with special guest, MJ Dorian, an accomplished composer, visual artist, and an avant garde creator. This episode expands on the Codex’s Red Book episode, focusing on Carl Jung and his affinity towards Alchemy.  To provide a backgrounder, […]

Did Billy Meier Talk to Aliens? The TRUTH About His Shocking Claims!

Billy Meier

Open your awareness to the cosmos! Where we blast off on a mind-bending exploration of Billy Meier’s controversial claims of extraterrestrial contact. Join spiritual expert Alexander McCaig as we dissect Meier’s channeling messages, delve into the mysteries of the Plejaren civilization, and crack the code on achieving cosmic consciousness.