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Higher Density Living explores a myriad of literature to extract serums of knowledge embedded into all nature. Alex and Jason have a thirst for knowledge imbue creational and evolutionary ideas into accessible information among these carefully selected and curated books. Higher Density Living podcast does not necessarily endorse all ideas, lessons, or thesis of these books. HDL also holds its right to reserve its views and opinions on philosophical, political, socio-economic, as well as religious and spiritual regards to any of these contexts. All rights are reserved in pursuance of Fair Use and Freedom of Information Acts for scholarship and speech respected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Alex-Jason humbly suggest you buy your books used when you can if a physical copy is needed, if not read electronically where available. Our favorite sites for purchasing books are

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Alex-Jason provides a unique set of literatures as guidance to your intellectual, physical, and spiritual awakening towards the journey of higher density living.