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Is Your Anxiety Actually Narcissism? The Surprising Connection

In this episode of Higher Density Living, we explore the diverse topics with Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby. We start off with modern science explaining the possibility to negate aging. This aligns with humanity’s broader quest for extending life and understanding the universe. In the process of slow aging, Creation espouse nurture and care. Women […]

Reflecting on Life and Ra with Guest Scott McCaig

Welcome back to Higher  Density Living. This is the first featured episode with Alexander McCaig and featuring a very special guest, Scott McCaig, the father of HDL’s co-host Alexander McCaig.  This episode features an eclectic discussion about the worldviews of Scott, his personal experiences in life, and knowledge sharing about the hidden information of the […]

Cosmic Insights and Practical Reflections in Life

Welcome back to Higher  Density Living.  This is the first major collaborative episode with Mark Snider from Ohio Exopolitics podcast, and Alexander McCaig of Higher Density Living as they break boundaries beyond the contextual understanding of the Billy Meier material vast content and topics.  In this episode, Mark and Alexander dive into the harsh and […]

The Beginners Guide to Rudolf Steiner: Part 1 with Eric Cunningham

Welcome back to Higher  Density Living. In this episode, Alexander and Jason discuss the essence of meditation. Rudolf Steiner is well known as a proponent of the ‘Anthropos’—the wisdom of the human being. Steiner’s philosophy seeks to merge the spiritual understanding of humanity with cosmic laws, positioning humans as central to the cosmos’s purpose. This […]

Heal Your Trauma, Attract Abundance: The Wealth Coach Who QUIT DRUGS & Built an EMPIRE (Conway’s Story)

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to  Conway, a trailblazer whose journey is nothing short of inspirational. Conway is a dynamic entrepreneur whose expertise in financial empowerment has transformed lives. She specializes in building cash confidence, overcoming scarcity mindsets, and healing wealth blocks—areas that are crucial for anyone looking to take charge of their financial […]