Higher Density Living

What the Plejaren Wish for the Humans of Earth- Part 1

In this episode, Alexander and Jason guide us through the context of Plejaren advocacy for uplifting humanity. What are their true intentions, motivations, and lessons that need to be understood in order for us to evolve in higher density? To provide an overview, the Plejaren are a group of extraterrestrial humans who claim to be […]

How to Master Your Energy and  Control Your Life

Have you ever felt like your energy levels are out of control? Like you’re constantly tired, stressed, or overwhelmed? Many people struggle with energy imbalances, and it can be difficult to know how to fix them. This episode will help us navigate through the energy field and understand the power of tapping into higher self-consciousness […]

The Secret of Love and Wisdom- Part 2

The episode continues our impactful discussion on love and wisdom as Alexander and Jason contextualize the topic in further readings of the Ra Material. In contrast to the previous episode of ‘stupid spirituality’, this episode features lengthy anecdotal discussions. 

The Secret of Love and Wisdom – Part 1

Love and Wisdom

As humans, we often strive to live lives filled with love and wisdom. We want to make the most of our time on this earth and seek out ways to find happiness and fulfillment. In this episode, Alexander and Jason will guide us through understanding love and wisdom between third to fourth densities in the […]

What is The Future of Mankind?

Mankind has a long way to go. In this episode we delve into the various forms that mankind may evolve into in the future. In its most fundamental sense, we can see and analyze the essence of universal designs among living, sentient organisms. Each existing species of nature has distinct features, indicating nature’s relentless and […]