Welcome back to Higher Density Living! This episode introduces a special guest, Dr. Eric Cunningham, together with co-host Jason Rigby. Our special guest boast impressive professional academic background in the study of ancient wisdom focusing on the Daeodejing. 

Dr. Eric Cunningham, Ph.D., is a Professor of Philosophy at Gonzaga University. His academic background includes a Master’s degree in modern Japanese literature and a Ph.D. in history, both from the University of Oregon. Cunningham specializes in modern Japanese intellectual history and has research interests in Zen Buddhism, Catholicism, psychedelia, and eschatology. He is also the author of “Zen Past and Present” (2011) and is known for his work in combining traditional scholarly research with more esoteric and philosophical subjects.

This episode is based on his recent book, “The Luciferic Verses: The Daodejing and the Chinese Roots of Esoteric History,” offers a novel interpretation of the Daodejing, blending it with Anthroposophy and esoteric history. The work explores the idea that the mythical Yellow Emperor in Chinese history might be a manifestation of the spirit Lucifer. Cunningham connects this with various theories of mind and consciousness, from ancient philosophies to modern digital consciousness concepts, suggesting a consistent anti-humanist impulse in world history. His approach provides a fresh perspective on the Daodejing’s relevance in modern philosophical and cultural discussions. 

China seems to have been the site of a spiritual breakthrough that allowed the historical consciousness of the Bronze Age to emerge. The Daodejing is reputed to be the most translated book in the world outside the Judeo-Christian Bible. This lineage came from esoteric historical interpretation of Rudolph Steiner’s teachings about anthroposophy and esoteric history. Engage in spiritual discovery through a mode of thought independent of sensory experience.

Lucifer’s method of derailing humanity is—as the Book of Genesis depicts, and as the literature of Anthroposophy affirms—to provide humanity with a precocious sense of spiritual grandeur and delusions of self-divinity, and to foster in the human mind a sense that hidden wisdom and personal gnosis can and should replace obedience to valid authority. Lucifer may have experienced a human (rather than merely reptilian) incarnation in China as the Yellow Emperor, a mytho-historical figure often regarded as the original proponent of “the Way,” and traditionally depicted as a fierce dragon-king. In Chinese histories, the teaching of the Dao is generally referred to as “the teaching of the Yellow Emperor and Laozi,” implying that the identity and activity of Laozi may be wrapped up in the identity and activity of the Yellow Emperor. I will explore in this book the possibility that Laozi may be an avatar of the redeemed Lucifer, and a human aspect of the transfigured serpent.

The Way of the Daoist is an acceptance of what is, rather than any attempt to force the world into some false paradigm of what it should be.The debate between the Confucian and Daoist worldviews can also be seen as a fractal subset of a cosmic conflict between the aims of two spirits known to the esoteric tradition as Ahriman and Lucifer, respectively. This conflict is only resolved through the redemptive action of Christ.

According to Steiner’s recounting of the hazy details of this profound event, the human Lucifer was born into a prestigious Asian clan and grew up in the precincts of the mystery temples. As a boy, Lucifer was permitted to take part in temple rituals, and thus became familiar with those mysteries that were, in the post-Atlantean world, reserved only for ordained and consecrated initiates. While Wang Bi was clearly aiming for a synthesis of Confucianism, which he knew had lost its hold on society after the fall of the dynasty, and Daoism, which he believed was full of emotive errors, but still offered profound insight into the meaning of life. These are apparent elements in Steiner’s teaching in reincarnation and spiritual influence  in world-evolution and history. 

Roots of esoteric history gets into an interpretation of not just the doubting but blending it with Rudolph Steiner’s teachings which we talk about a lot in anthroposophy and esoteric history. 

In conclusion, Dr. Cunningham’s profound exploration presents a groundbreaking perspective on the Daodejing, linking it with anthroposophy and esoteric history. Cunningham’s meticulous research and interdisciplinary approach, rooted in his extensive academic background, offer a unique synthesis of modern Japanese intellectual history, Zen Buddhism, Catholicism, psychedelia, and eschatology. By delving into the possibility of the Yellow Emperor as a manifestation of Lucifer and Laozi as an avatar of the redeemed Lucifer, Cunningham challenges conventional narratives, providing a fresh understanding of the Daodejing’s relevance in contemporary philosophical and cultural discourse. The intricate connections he draws between ancient philosophies, digital consciousness concepts, and the cosmic conflict between Ahriman and Lucifer further underscore the depth of his insights. 

As readers embark on this intellectual journey they are invited to reconsider not only the Daodejing but also the broader tapestry of world history through a lens that transcends traditional boundaries, merging scholarly research with esoteric and philosophical exploration.

Discover more about Dr. Eric Cunningham ground breaking work on ancient wisdom by checking more about his latest best-selling book “The Luciferic Verses: The Daodejing and the Chinese Roots of Esoteric History ” and his  “Hallucinating the End of History: Nishida, Zen, And The Psychedelic Eschaton” available online and physical bookstores.

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