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Objectivism Is Easy - Ayn Rand Series

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Objectivism Is Easy – Ayn Rand Series

Jul 31, 2021

Higher Density Living launches a new podcast mini-series dedicated to Ayn Rands’ “Objectivist” Teachings and Philosophy. The philosophical relevance of Objectivism stood as the adamant force against the Liberal-Enlightenment establishment for the past Century. Objectivism serves a physical and psychological balance in the Creational sense, the laws of positive and negative energy. It posits the supremacy of Individual Free Will in society and she exerts that individual destiny is independent from the social reality of the collective whole/ or mass. The Podcast series is set to launch for its second entry of “the Ayn Rand Series” which follows the congruent philosophical ontology, epistemology, and ethical framework of Ayn Rand in relation to Creational Laws and Full Responsibility.