Higher Density Living brought many past discussions regarding advanced humanoid races with “man-like” physiology but achieved a higher state of living, both in natural evolution and cosmic evolution. But the question remains, how many humanoid life forms are out there?

In this episode we’ll discuss the futuristic possibility for better human life and a comparative analysis based off of the Billy Meier materials. We take a nuanced approach to Plejarens and other celestial humanoids. Well, we found out major species; Humanoids, Amphiboids, Hexapods, and Reptilians will be centered for this episode.

There are millions and an infinite amount of beings but only ones having some sort of consciousness evolution; walking, talking, thinking, self-aware, mentally and spiritually evolving humanoids. The escalating progression of positive, conscious evolutions will bring more species into life. We have no idea what the universe holds for life. We are not alone. People need to understand that our civilization, everything about us, is not entirely unique to Creation. There are other like-minded, even physically familiar bodies out there waiting to be known.

Alex and Jason discuss the major humanoid species and the possibilities for highly, “super race”, sentient species deserves special attention for discussion.

This episode also discusses the critical importance of advanced genetic engineering. Bringing this clinical innovation for universal applications can revolutionize current technology civilization. Genetics holds the key to unlocking. Cleansing the genetic pool is the closest thing to immortality.

Join Alex and Jason as they explore the major diasporas of humanoid species.

Show Notes:

0:27- Ptaah is the king of wisdom and commander of the Plejaren interstellar space fleet.
0:49- Alex and Jason talk about Billy Meier’s disclosure of different humanoid species to Ra.
1:00- First: Humanoids or normal looking “human” species
1:06- There are millions of possible sentient, conscious beings across the whole universe. Sentient or non-sentient. Just imagine the limitless possibilities to meet new civilizations.
1:11- Basic conscious formation, rationalization, and development of cognitive capabilities leads a path towards greener pastures of higher density evolution.
1:29- Plejarens founded and documented 14 out of the possible millions of conscious evolutive beings out there.
2:00 People need to understand that as the universe is expanding, as we are in our own evolutive consciousness, the expansion is probably everyday you have millions and millions of years growing from second density to third density. Every second of existence the universe can generate new forms of life.
2:15- Every form of life changes.
2:29- Legend still says moth-man still hides at the thickets of Kentucky.
2:55- Alex and Jason talk about the cryptic origins of slender man.
3:27- A recap from previous episode: People tend to forget that human beings are extraterrestrial too. We just need to accept that there are other people in this universe that look exactly like us.
3:40- There is a high chance humans can encounter extraterrestrials that bear resemblance to “human-like” bodies and expression. Humanity has no exceptionalism in this universe.
4:19- In essence having a similar physique is not tantamount for an “apples to apples” comparison across different humanoids species.
5:00- Even within the human species itself there are many biological deviations and racial iterations. It goes to show how many differences among people despite having the same essential origins.
5:15- Due to extreme artificial pollution. Every human on Earth can potentially absorb cancer just by inhaling molecular particles of plastic in thin air.
5:49- Alex and Jason talk about how gravely environmental pollution has culminated throughout the past several decades.
6:00- Jason speculates the possible anatomical formation of future human beings. Overtime evolution will push to evolve and produce a much superior body, mind, and spirit complex.
6:16- Perfect refinement will be due in future. After millions of natural conscious evolution humankind will change, invariably.
6:25- Genetic Engineering is a major game changer. If properly commercialized and universalized as a new institution of health this innovation can streamline all tiny errors in detail.
6:49- As humanoid species develop better in time it also increases the mortality rate up to a hundred folds. For instance plejarens had an average life span of 2,000 years.
8:12- C’mon NASA we know that the entire moon houses underneath a big military industrial complex.
8:53- Second: Amphiboids, a hybrid lifeform that can live on both land and water.
9:17- Amphiboids can be more anatomically diverse than humanoids. Different designs can range from fish-like bodies to general reptile-like features.
9:45- Alex shares a story about a tribal community getting “hybridized” with amphibian characteristics due to constant consumption and diet.
10:11- Constant friction with nature has a gradual evolutive influence on your biological design. Alex gives an example to professional divers.
10:39 – The diaphragm holds an escape goat for future respiratory developments. Alex talks about the different anatomies of sentient species.
11:18- Jason talks about a planet full of amphiboid called “Asina”. An “waterworld” like exo-planet from a distant solar system.
11:40- Alex talks about Billy Meier’s contact with Asina. Billy discovered a highly advanced amphibian race belonging in deneb called “denebians”, a waterlogged amphiboid species with transparent bodies.
12:20- Being in the water is a relatively much safer living environment compared to land.
12:48- It is also important to avoid inter-specie discrimination. Just because someone is half-man, half-amphibian doesn’t mean they are less intelligent than a man.
13:03- Amphiboids should definitely help us build submarines. The idea of inter-specie cooperation and joint development will accelerate material evolution.
13:39- We should not make fun of someone’s idea just because it’s left unproven.
14:25- Alex talks about shapeshifting lobo in New Mexico.
14:45- Genetic modification is key for better physical, biological survivability. As the saying goes, two is better than one.
15:28- Alex and Jason talk about intelligent praying mantis.
15:43- Jason discusses the movie “Starship Troopers” and how the idea of mass killing, anti- genocidal propaganda is portrayed in pop culture.
16:03- Third: Hexapods or hybrid insect-human forms with invertebrate body structure. They have six joint areas that form an entire exoskeleton armor.
16:49- Crustaceans actually augment their shells in their bodies. Crustaceans are basically underwater insects.
16:50- The Predator alien in movies is once a good design concept.
17:19- Fourth: Sauropods or dinosaur-like creatures with human designs. Sauropods are prehistoric genuses of long neck dinosaurs but these particular alien counterparts had bipedal vertebrate structure.
17:47- Having a bipedal tank built like a sauropod would mean maximum physical strength and endurance unparalleled to other humanoid species.
18:31- Fifth: The primatoids are primate-like aliens with four limbed bodies.
19:20- Alex and Jason compare the total strength of normal Gorillas and primatoids.
20:09- The Bigfoot and Sasquatch are just rare species of primates living on earth but are completely separated from the primatoids.
20:30- This also begs a question. Alex and Jason once again question the classic Darwinian theory of evolution. There is simply no evidence of structural evolution as hundreds of years passed since modern man came into living.
21:00- There is the idea of relative evolution among primate mammal species. How come other chimps didn’t develop the same features as a man?
21:28- Jason discusses the Evolution vs Creation debate.
22:43- Darwin had some things correct but does not explicitly mean he got all things right.
23:10- Humanity has accelerated material evolution.
23:40- Hence there must be something really special about humans. There is a genetic advantage that revolutionizes everything about us.
25:33- We understand that all life on earth are second density beings. Having a sense of complete awareness and understanding is key for us moving forward with natural science and study of natural life.
25:38- Comeback for part 2.
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