A Realist Theory of Science


ISBN: 1844672042

Book Description

Roy Bhaskar renders a novel concept to the philosophy of science. His idea of a “realist” theoretical perspective of science describes a systematic conception of science as a social activity emulating deep structures of the world to reconcile the conflict the empirical methodologies of scientific inquiry and the ontology of reason during the enlightenment period. These two characters of modern scientific learning have spoiled fundamental knowledge of how human understanding of “science”, in itself as an activity and phenomena, to be ontologically possible in the practical human sense.

Mr. Bhaskar addresses the fundamental flaws of how society accepts science as a human activity. To do this he disaggregates the “real” and the “observable” world. The real world is outside from internal mechanisms, or the physical universe, the observable world is a place where a controlled environment is modified to examine variables of science. The problem is, the world we study (object of analysis) and the world of our studying (subject of analysis) does not fall on the sameness of nature.

The scientific system of learning, understanding social science should be built on an explicit nature. Roy Bhaskar infuses existing philosophical school called transcendental realism or the order in which scientific investigation is real and its result/outcome can be manipulated to produce outcome and formulates his novel approach called critical realism for prescribing causal mechanism for producing social events. In particular, Roy Bhaskar wants us to understand that human agency is made possible by the recognition of structures, social or otherwise natural, to the universe of science. This piece of intellectual literature is excellent for aspirant students of sociology and social science.

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Roy Bhaskar