Beyond Newton


ISBN: 0913138037

Book Description

Dewey Larson’s hot take on “Gravity” oppossed to the Conventional “Newtonian” assumptions on Physics and Gravity. He develops a new Theory of Space and Time, where unlike the traditional conceptualization that time as passive and location “fixated” independent of time passing, instead Larson proposes that time is progressive in it of itself. Not a functional vacuum in Space-Time. A good illustrative example would be the volition of radioactive light across the cosmos, which does not emit motion.

He abolishes the ad hoc assumptions of traditional physics due to its speculative nature and unsubstantive explanation. His view often panned as “unorthodox” in the scientific community. This book explains an entire new system on Gravity, Uniform Gravity, distributed equally in all spatial directions according to appropiate probabilities.

Immerse yourself with ponder and wonder. Grab a copy now and jump right ahead to the unseen and unsolved mysteries of Physics.