Decalogue Dodecalogue


ISBN: 9780991857357

Book Description

This book features writing at hand, consistent with Billy Meier’s teaching, is a scripture about creational commandments. This book has been translated by various professional linguists and fellow disciples of Billy Meier. The creational law is natural, primal, and levitation pursue an inexorable quest for the truth of mankind. It must be comprehended and live accordingly by the recommendations of Creation and wisdom. The text channels specific guides to knowledge, wisdom, harmony, peace, and loving energy with respect to Creation


1. You shall have no other mights and no gods, tin gods and holy ones next to the Creation.
2. You shall keep honoured the name of the Creation and not misuse it.
3. You shall make every day into a day of festivity and venerate (control) it.
4. You shall not be breaking the bond with the Creation, con- tained therein: You shall not commit adultery.
5. Honour the Creation equally as you honour, esteem and love your father and mother.
6. You shall not kill in Ausartung*.
7. You shall not be robbing and not be expropriating.
8. You shall not bear false witness against the truth, the Creation and the life.
9. You shall never and never speak the untruth.
10. You shall not desire in avariciousness for material treasures and the possessions of the ones next to you.
11. Curse not the truth.
12. Never and never put the Creation-recommendations and Crea-tion-laws into unworthy cults.

The Decalogue constitutes a spiritual and consciousness-based value which, through telepathic inspiration, was transmitted in verbatim to Eduard Albert ‘Billy’ Meier. In his masterfully crafted hand-writing styles, he delivers thought-provoking ideas, his proverbial “decalogue” are a set of universal commandments conforming to creational laws. These are channeled to high spirit-form the transmissions, recorded in longhand always in the individual handwriting of the spirit-form transmitting the message or a part of the message. Billy wishes anyone interested to read the values of his works beneficial and respectful to enlightenment. We welcome you to the frontiers of the Aquarian Age.

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Decalogue Dodecalogue