Inside the Spaceships

UAP and Cosmic Knowledge

ISBN: 978-0942176018

Book Description

This book is George Adamski’s second seminal work flexing his prowess for authentic alien engagement. This book established his reputation as a well known American “saucer” researcher or ufologist. He accounts 184 UFO sightings before he wrote this book. He explains his extraterrestrial engagement to a group of aliens called “Venusians” which is a continuation of sort from his first encounter to his previous book “Flying Saucer has Landed”. This book, however, moves steps further as the return Venusians to express their deep concern to mankind. Adamski learn about the revealing secrets of human culture, its fundamental belief system challenge by the realities of universe. A question is asked. Why is it difficult for mankind to understand the universal truths hidden behind our constructed dogmatic visions?

We learn about the parallel counterparts of famous religious personalities and religious canons pertaining to extraterrestrial vision, a lot of contemporary criticism against mankind’s pursuit of progress and civilizational development during the early stages of the Cold War. This book also tales the earliest description of a human witnessing the inner workings of an alien “scout ship”, made out of translucent metal, an early reference to drones and future iterations of mobile vehicles. George Adamski did numerous observations in the Colorado desert to sight a “submarine shaped” scout ship hovering in the night sky. Here he narrates his intimate, close-examining look inside a spaceship. Adamski, just like Dr. Fry and the extraterrestrial Allen, made a remarkable intellectual exchange and friendship with a venusian named “Orthon”.

Orthon is a medium-height humanoid with long blond hair and tanned skin wearing reddish-brown shoes, though, as Adamski describes their minimalist fashion, “his trousers were not like mine.” Adamski said Orthon communicated with him via telepathy and through hand signals. This is most probably through ESP senses. The alien guided adamski into a big brooding spaceship. The mothership has a massive gaping hole with triad of “light bulb” like nodes engulfing the entrance inside the mothership and they went off to a journey.

The ship took Adamski on a trip across the solar system. Orthon also showed the human his home planet, Venus, where he was incarcerated. Orthon and Adamski have different aura, different species representing a colossal gap in the concept of love. He claimed that in another voyage he met the 1,000-year-old “elder philosopher of the space people”, who was called “the Master”. Adamski said he and the Master discussed philosophy, religion, and the “Earth’s place in the universe”. Adamski said he learned that he had been selected by Nordic aliens to bring their message of peace to Earth people, and that other prolific humans throughout history had also served as their messengers, including Jesus Christ.

This book is a classic epistolary account of extraterrestrials. His experience is a ground breaking phenomena that is celebrated by later cadre of authors like Dr. Daniel Fry and Billy Meier. This tradition of first hand insights became a tradition of stories inside aliens and the immediacy of interstellar travel inside a spaceship. We learn many insightful lessons from a 4th density being like Orthon, despite his own records in planet Venus, still managing to spread love and light to humanity.

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Inside The Spaceships