Invisible Horizons

UAP and Cosmic Knowledge

ISBN: 9780801914072

Book Description

Vincent Gaddis, the man responsible for popularizing the term “Bermuda Triangle”, expanded his 1964 article the Deadly Bermuda Triangle and made it into a full blown book. Vincent Gaddis tells a vivid account of disappearing USN vessels and USAAF aircrafts stationed from Miami, Florida, flying towards to bahamas into the bermuda triangle. As a critical economic sealane, the bermuda triangle host many restricted and uncharted route for freighters and commercial airspaces. He chronicles stories of levitating water forms, a hulk of water form towering structures hammering up small derelict commercial vessels.

These torrential montrosities have destroyed hundreds of ships that leaves behind no trace of its demise. Unknown number of people have succumb to the perilous waters of bermuda. Gaddis was also the first to describes bleak weather patterns in bermuda. The thick shrouds of voltaic weather blocks all navigational instruments and satellite feedback. Once you’ve hit these certain hotspots there is no turning back.

The shore up wreckages of these ships was notable in various islets and small rocky beaches. This book extends the investigation by looking into the historical record as he backtracks the antiquities of 18th century carribean seas. A historical catalog of events leading up to contemporary myths we learn today. We recommend this book history buffs and myth busters looking for unique and pioneering insights in the bermuda triangle. This is the mother of all bermuda triangle books.

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Invisible Horizons