Political and Social Sciences

ISBN: 9781416573609

Book Description

Thomas Hobbes is a giant sage in political sciences. This canonical work brought genesis to all philosophical understandings of the social contract theories. Hobbes had optimistic prospects for human civility during his time in the medieval ages, unfortunately, the scourges of feudal fightings, sectarian violence, and constant warring between kingdoms have ravaged his world into perpetual anarchy. The dark ages was a grim memory of a long static decadence in Europe since the fall of the Roman empire. It was this transformative event drove Hobbes to transmute his daily experiences into a pearl of immortal wisdom.

Hobbes’s novel concept regarding Human Nature is simply “nasty, brutish, and short.” He captures the essence of mankind in primal force so eloquently and vividly observe by first-hand experiences. Human Nature is an immutable natural law of man for in naked politics there is nothing more prominent, permanent than individual interest. The urge to pursue survival is the supreme motive of all men. He describes these two variables as a phenomenon called “Anarchy” or a condition in which no higher entities dictate social order. The only reasonable way to overcome chaos and anarchy is by conditionally surrendering fractions of “free will” and power to a governing body, this formation would eventually create a regulatory force known as a government.

We can thank Thomas Hobbes for giving us empirical tools of analysis for understanding the fundamental logic of human conflicts, from the most intimate contact between two individuals to the largest scales of global wars. This book provides a fundamental blueprint for explaining governance and political human relations in a parsimonious fashion. This book is an excellent read to learn any basic enlightenment and understanding of human relations.

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