LikeWar – The Weaponization of Social Media

Political and Social Sciences

ISBN: 1328695743

Book Description

Two renowned American political scientists and strategists join together to formulate digital social media as a component of cyberspace and the emerging domain in general warfare. Higher Density Living recognizes the internet as a key catalyst in the information age, dynamic and progressive towards integration, hybridization, and transformation of social interaction in these rapidly changing times. But any man-made object has the dual-use utility, as with any human technology, man has free will to use social media for his good or evil desires.

Peter W. Singer and Emerson T. Brookings expose the negative consequences of digital domains. They call these phenomena as LikeWar, or the weaponization of social media. Recent memory serves fresh trauma of Qanon and the black lives matter movement, a sprawling phenomenon that originated from social media influence. LikeWar is a grim picture of today’s dystopia. We are cursed and blessed by the ubiquitous power of the internet to fundamentally change the way of living but also enable many negative elements as a precipice for disaster. The social media platforms the likes of Facebook and Twitter has divided people, groups, and nations apart. Waging unlimited total war.

The weaponization of social media is not limited to domestic levels of conflict. This book will guide you on how ISIS and other radical organizations utilize digital strategies to compete, penetrate, and disintegrate the truth to their advantage. From military operations like drone strikes into private bitcoin hackers the invisible hand of the internet and digital social media to influence human events is inevitable. LikeWar offers interesting foresight into the future as augmentation of the internet becomes an inevitable entrenchment and mass social media remain as ceaseless there is only a grimmer digital world to look forward to. Future human conflicts transcend beyond material domains but as a consequence will be a product of digital simulation.

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