Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Conciousness


ISBN: 1577314131

Book Description

Dr. Russel Targ brings us a novel philosophical concept of “Nonlocality”, easily defined as the extra ordinary phenomenas from our distant ordinary awareness of reality. A similar teachings for intuitive learners of remote viewing, the books open up a two way process of ESP (Extra Sensory Perceptions) through an awaken consciousness, a person also called a “mystic”, of a Inflow and Outflow of information. This phenomena requires no physical contact with the material reality and the physical body but nstead Mr. Targ teaches us mental activities backed with some formal scientific data and empirical philosophy to explain the connection of space and time to the modalities of human perception.

The book builds up credibility for readers who want to know more about ESP and psychic abilities. Dr. Russel Targ augments meditative elements with scientific rigor to post a valid framework to harness ESP abilities to those willing. Grab a copy now.

Let the self-realization of mindfulness swept freely to you. Buy the book online at Abebooks or to your preferred bookstores.