Quadrivium: The Four Classical Liberal Arts of Number, Geometry, Music, & Cosmology

Ancient Wisdom

ISBN: 0802778135

Book Description

The Quadrivium is a quadraphonic channeling of human intellect across four “Liberal Arts” approach to formal sciences. The authors of this book came in different disciplines of human knowledge stretching background and experience from mathematics, music, medicine, and the social sciences.

A brief background. The idea behind “Quadrivium” is a multi-faceted precursory approach to Physical Sciences, it is a general curriculum to pattern liberal arts into the objective nature of science. The idea of this book is to lay down four contents to revive selected empirical as well as systematic revolution of reason and logic during late Renaissance. There is a systematic organization of integers in time, music, geometry, and space all corresponding in different branches and sub-branches of human science.

The Quadrivium can be broken apart by several clusters of content. This book builds up from the “Trivium” tenents of classical liberal arts concerning language, reason, and communication which the “Quadrivium” multiplies its application beyond hardcore social reality into the natural reality of formal and physical sciences. Higher Density Living podcast believes these carefully selected literature may help to those seekers, wanderers, or curious individuals as serve as guide to desaturate details and see the pattern of simplicity.

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