Son of Man – The Mystical Path to Christ

Ancient Wisdom

ISBN-10: 9780874779929

Book Description

This is a riveting non-fiction book written by Andrew Harvey, he re-invents the character of Jesus Christ by reducing catholic dogma or the “Messiah Complex” in order to understand deeper strands of enlightenment. Harvey describes Christ in a radical take on the mystical absorption in the divinity of selfless compassion and work of justice”. A rather unconventional wisdom compared to eastern orthodox church and western catholicism. This is a read that takes us to a less traditional, transcendental, and transformative path towards Chrrist making a nuanced case for Jesus as a “evolved mystic” rather than a god-like being invulnerable to human flaws.

Through systematic historical accounts based on christian cano we should look into Christ as a unique individual who saw the possibilities for a better world through love and understanding and as a mere symbol of dogma or institutional faith. Jesus saw a way to revolutionize the church and ultimately transform the living world. He is absolutely unlike any western sage that fears to challenge the status quo and established order. Harvey also describes Christ as not monolithically masculine, but he possesses feminine characteristics too.

Having a refreshing perspective cleanse the old inadequacies of dogma, instead of prescribing dogma as the gatekeeper of moral conduct, we should be reminded that the power of God resides inside of us. We are part and parcel of Creation which gives us all the self-empowerment and responsibility to fix all problems in the world.

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Son of Man The Mystical Path to Christ