The Bermuda Triangle

UAP and Cosmic Knowledge

ISBN: 10: 0380004658

Book Description

Charles Berlitz provides us with a compelling remark to the more detailed narratives regarding the Bermuda Triangle. This was a best selling book during the early 70’s and was credited for popularizing the belief of “Bermuda Triangle” in popular culture. Berlitz discusses many contemporary accounts of maritime incidents, or as some people called “mysterious accidents”, of ships, airlanes, and US naval vessels casted away in the triangle.

The later part of the book discusses consistent analysis past advanced civilizations that signals ideas from Billy Meier’s foretelling of alien civilizations and some of Ra’s prophetic insight on atlantis and underearth civilizations, such of those works made by Edgar Cayce. Berlitz has illustrious curiosity in UFO phenomena. He integrates the possibilities of extraterrestrial objects’ interference to explain the unlikely events in the Bermuda Triangle.

Bundling his investigative narrative, Berlitz takes a final cut of a “Surprise Prehistory” lesson that revisits from archeological findings from 40,000 years ago to validate his empirical understanding of ancient civilizations and Alien races. This includes ancient language systems inscribed in living artifacts, survived in good condition to reconstruct its texts, and religious practices that lived on through the present legacy of human practices. He also points out the theory of “parallel worlds” where he described in his book as the “Time-Space Warps and Other Worlds” chapter.

He goes into detail with conventional astro-physics of Einstein. He posit a theory of subterranean areas underneath the Oceans crusts, a suggestion for geographical exploration of “Atlantis” in the trans-Atlantic ocean gap.

This book expands the ideas of “Invisible Horizons” by Vicent Gaddis which is a nice addition to the canon of Bermuda Triangle literatures. We commend this book for any enthusiast of unorthodox point of view regarding incidents in the Bermuda Triangle.

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The Bermuda Triangle