The Flying Saucers Have Landed

UAP and Cosmic Knowledge

ISBN: 978-1500235048

Book Description

George Adamski’s remarkable classic hits his shot for fame and prominence in the UFO community. This is a book co-authored by Desmind Leslie takes a historical investigation in Californian desert, an event which predated post-Project Bluebook incidents, which happens to have collaborations with former J. Allen Hayek’s team as this book was being written. In 1952, This book was written at the height of the early Cold War and it tells George’s experiences as he communicated with highly advanced extraterrestrials called the “Venusians”.

These aliens are suggested to be well above fourth density beings with abilities for positive energy, telepathic mending, and expansive consciousness and wisdom. They are elegant and wonderful “human like” people that project an aura of goodness and sageness to feeble earthlings. George’s experience bore prior resemblance to Daniel Fry’s journey, this book will take us to an earlier playing field with extraterrestrial communication and pursuit of greater knowledge in the universe.

The Venusians are stewards of Creation, in a sense, they harbor good intentions and spirit” George recalls it having “The presence of his inhabitant of venus, was like the warm embrace of great love and understanding wisdom”. We are blessed to harbor positive oriented beings that aim service to others. George also recollects his concerns regarding Venusian perception on human affairs. The aliens warned mankind of imminent destruction with petty politics and nuclear warfare. They warned about the consequences of a great power nuclear crisis that can lead to total annihilation of human race, life on earth, and can even reach far fringes of the solar system as radioactive contaminants spread the local celestial outer space. Venusians are ardents overseers of peace and stability in the galactic community.

Venusians also mentioned past avatars of higher conscious evolution. Human belief systems are embroidered with material understanding and it is fundamentally flawed, in some respects. They mentioned different religious figures to come into contact with other Venusians and advanced extraterrestrial beings. Humans with a high sense of self-awareness and understanding transcending beyond third density consciousness. Some mentioned notable personalities were Moses, Enoch, and Jesus Christ. Among other things, they express the crippling limits of human wisdom compared to their boundless pool of love, understanding, and knowledge achieved through thousands, or perhaps, millions of progressive evolution. This is a good read for engaging alien contacts and high awareness enthusiasts out there.

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The Flying Saucers Have Landed