The Goblet of the Truth


ISBN: 978-0-9918573-2-6

Book Description

This book blends Germanic and English langauge that offers an excellent linguistic practice while learning Plejaren teachings. Dr. Billy Meier once again providing humanity his prophetic wisdom to spread teaching of life in this New Time. Billy espouse universal laws of love and enlightenment for Mankind, bestowing uncompromising uncorrupted, unmanipulated, non-religious teaching of truth, and non-dogmatic teaching of life.

Contained within the Goblet of Truth holds the knowledge of teaching the truth, the teaching of spirit, and the teaching of life. Comparatively inclined to the seven prophets of the Nokodemion lineage converge to the incarnating energy into one being, Billy Eduard Albert Meier – the Guardian of the Treasure.

The book is also structured similarly to Dr. Fry’s White Sand Incident wherein Billy features various interdialogue between his Extraterrestrial colleagues. These discussions features meaningful lustre to evolutive psyche and meta-consciousness. His mission is to transmit these messages for mankind. Reaching out a major humanitarian project to promote awareness. This book is a good read for Extra-terrestrial camaderie and those who keep deep appreciation for the FIGU organization.

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