The Great Delusion

Political and Social Sciences

ISBN: 9780300234190

Book Description

For almost 47 years since the end of Vietnam War the United States of America pursued a grand strategy called Liberal Hegemony. It’s was liberal because the US imposes an ideological foreign policy consistent with its domestic political values and normative systems and hegemony due to the use of military force, coercion, and relative power to influence other nations favorable for America’s advantage. For many realists scholars of international relations the proponents of Liberal Hegemony simply because it was a colossal failure. Many American leaders failed to grasp the realities of international politics, more too than often, political parties had an abysmal understanding of military power. Just look at Afghanistan after 20 years of quagmire and nonsense foreign policy adventures in the Middle East. The liberalist foreign policy establishment caused tremendous damage to U.S. credibility and prestige up to a point of losing close allies and making more enemies from the international community.

John Mearsheimer tells a timeless story about the fall of the American empire. The massive blowbacks of classical liberalism is taunted by nationalistic resistance in every engagement since 1975 until through the early 21st century. His like-minded colleagues Barry Posen, Stephen Walt, and Robert Jervis opposes liberal hegemonic foreign policies. Ranging from Clinton’s Bosnia-Kosovo interventions in the 90’s, the Bush Doctrine throughout entire 2000s, and the continuation of Obama’s liberal institutionalist order in early 2010s. America suffered more than a quarter of a century from neverending forever wars. Again, you can look up Afghanistan for more recent memories.

The subject of military affairs had a profound impact on active and retired service members of the United States military. Higher Density Living connects discussion regarding Jason Rigby’s past life as he was a retired USMC officer. Jason served in the United States Military for 10 years at that time and eventually turned to a deeper calling to follow higher density enlightenment. He had first-hand experience of being sent into wars and bloodshed in the name of freedom and liberal democracy. This is the logic of American foreign policy.

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The Great Delusion