The Interpretation of Dreams


ISBN: 978-0465019779

Book Description

Sigmund Freud’s famous tome become the progenitor for Classical Analytic Psychology and the Canonical Literature for General Psychology in the Medical Field and Social Science Studies. His unorthodox concept of psychoanalysis were shunned out during his time. It was both a symbol of great revolt against the empirical foundations of European Renaissance of classical antiquities and a ecclectic revival of Aristotelian Idealism for the human mind.

This book introduces to its reader a novel concept of thematic categories to determine meaning of dreams called “Psychoanalysis” it deals to investigate the mind through a rational diagnosis to apply therapeutic method of treating mental disorders. Freud himself spawned his entire students as loyal disciples that help him develop Psychoanalysis as a traditional school of thought and academic discipline for Psychology. Freud’s theoretical concept adheres to a structuralist framework represented by the id, ego, and the super-ego triumverate.

This book is also a great rite of passage for those individuals trying to get a grasp of Freud’s analytical thinking as this book is centered throughout all his work in psychology. The conjuncture for Creational Laws are embedded within deep seated machinations of thought according to psychoanalytics. It is not an entirely universal concept but a artifical effort to organize subjective phenomena in generalize laws of the subconscious self and the unconscious mind.

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The Interpretation of Dreams