The Key to Theosophy

Ancient Wisdom

ISBN : 911500073

Book Description

This unique piece of literature offers a discursive socratic methodology for learners of “Divine Knowledge”. Many people bifurcate a plethora of religions and divine worship of god-like entities, these are common ground concepts for Religious affairs, it is a major read for anyone interested in philosophy and theosophia. A prolific theosopist, Helena Petrovna Blavatsjy or HPB, founded the “Theosophical Society”, a fraternal philosophical organization aimed to scientifically investigate the spiritual phenomenas. This books is the product of their collective efforts.

Theosophy is the formal study of Divine Wisdom. It concerns with the genealogy of gods and discerns to open the vocabulary of mysteries. As explained by Alexander Wilder, theosophist are practioners of interpreting legends and sacred narratives*. It is good regard that theosophist are predecessors of modern channelers and meditators. This book is written in old fashion disciplinary bounds by classical western philosophy, anchored particularly to Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates. But HPB has eclectical sense of ontology and epistemology in their brand of theosophy. Divine Wisdom is not a singularity of “God” or any monotheistic centered deity. It is a universal motif across Buddha, Pythagoras, Confucius, Orpheus, Socrates, and Jesus signifies esocteric isolation of enlightenment. HPB delivers these idea in a Question and Answer fashion, an ethical manner to deliver wisdom in pure light.

The key to Theosophy is not dogma or institutional truths, these are devices of non-theosophic life, where Gods are ornaments of belief, but none for Truth.

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