The Law of One: Book II


ISBN: 924608099

Book Description

The Law of One is a canonical work of philosophy for the origin of the universe and everything under the manifestation of CREATION, the entity of oneness. It was popularize by Carla Ruekert, James Allen McCarty, and Don Elkins back in early eighties. Through a Question and Answer format the series produced compelling epistemological text to illustrate a new “Cosmology” of knowledge and phenomenological ideas different and unique from conventional wisdom.

Book 2 or Volume Two continues with the exploration of different positive and negative oriented entities. The Creator, culminated by highly advanced race of extraterrestrial beings of their different social memory complexes, were transcribed by Don Elkins while unconsciously transmitted through Carla. The book conceived into a series as Jim McCarty helped them publish the book series. The second volume introduced basic stratified “densities” or levels of evolution in order to understand the trifecta of Free Will, Love, and Light. The PDF copy is free on the link above.