The Open Society and Its Enemies, Vol. 1: The Spell of Plato



Book Description

One of the renowed Political Theorist and Philosopher of Science in the 20th Century, Karl Popper, in his volume one of Open Society and its Enemies, challenges the teological hegemony of Platonic and Socratic methodology in Continental European Philosophy through immanent critique of political historicism imposed upon the plurality of ideas and particularism of logic from Plato’s epistemic foundation.

The book defends the abundancy of “Liberal” ideals and values affected by these Ancient Greek philosophers iconicly epitomize by Anglo-Saxon liberalism has detrimental, if not, dangerous tendencies towards Totalitarian ideology. As such manifested in the French Revolution and succedding familiar themes. Where the ontology of Democratic values, ideas, and ideology in it of itself were traced through the historicity of Authoritarian Emissaries, not by authentic liberation for the individual.