The Open Society and Its Enemies, Vol. 2: Hegel, Marx, and the Aftermath


ISBN: 9780691019727

Book Description

One of the renowed Political Theorist and Philosopher of Science in the 20th Century, Karl Popper, in his volume one of Open Society and its Enemies, challenges the teological hegemony of Platonic and Socratic methodology in Continental European Philosophy through immanent critique of political historicism imposed upon the plurality of ideas and particularism of logic from Plato’s epistemic foundation. The second volume of the book attacks the dialectical and idealistic termination of Hegel and Marx emancipatory process through teological progeny of Plato’s Totalitarian Ideals.

Where Marxism presuppose the prime power of man to liberate himself from oppression effectively excludes any vestiges of democratic thought, the mendacity of idealism, and Hegel through privilaging the historical precedence of Socratic epistemology in his Diaclectics aseccentric and unfaithful through means of methods in Violence and Coercion.