The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilties


ISBN: 0835608840

Book Description

There has been postulated resistance against Extra-Sensory Capabilities by the Scientific Community. Various attempts to logically and empirically claim invalidation for ESP forcing people like Dr. Targ into heterodoxical marginalization. Dr. Russel Targ expands his line of parapsycho-analytic work in this book This grounded project based not of theoretical or mathematical approach of Neuroscience or psychology, but an organized empirical and experimental evidences source out from various laboratories across the US. Expriments ran through SRI research institutions to uncovering NASA and CIA support for enhanced brainwave communication for Strategic Intelligence development and capabilities.

He narrates several incidents and special cases of psychic abilities in attempt to provide valid empirical data. This book highlights some of telepathic capabilities of people where they locate objects hidden from physical space and distance. Subjects were ask to describe a place, an object, or a concealed place where organizers hid themselves from the subjects. These outcomes offers a breakthrough of consciousness transcending from the mind outside spatial frequencies. Good read for anyone interested with Dr. Targ’s line of investigation projects for Extra-Sensory Phenomena (ESP).

Just like his previous The Limitless Mind also builds up credibility for readers who want to know more about ESP and psychic abilities. Dr. Russel Targ augments meditative elements with scientific rigor to post a valid framework to harness ESP abilities to those willing with an added corpus of empirical evidences and systematic experimentation.

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