The Revenge of Geography


ISBN: 9781400069835

Book Description

The Geopolitical Map of International Relations over the past three decades since the end of the Cold War had been shaken radically by the collapse of the bipolar international system into the birth of a multipolar anarchy. Higher Density Living podcast had discussed the hubris of “superpower competition” and the futility of “Great Power Dominance” in world affairs. Robert Kaplan is considered to be one of the prominent “Realist” scholars in the field of International Relations. His work combines a method of analysis geopolitical and strategtic consequences of anthopology and cultural dimensions of warfare, specifically, in this book he illustrates a grim future of human conflict at the expense of fragile political maps in the shapes of ambigious border, territorial disputes in land, sea, and air, morever the impending collapse of Westphalian concepts of “Sovereignty” putting aside a greater stress and challenge on the established norms of recognition and territorial integrity.

The dawn of 21st Century brought new heights for non-traditional forms of security. Particularly with a smorgasbord of regional violence in the former Soviet Republics and the emerging Anarchy in the Middle East, realist like Robert Kaplan seem to present us a grim analogy for any possible future of world peace. We saw a “Clash of Civilization” animated to life as the Al-Queda Terrorist attacks flew over lower Manhattan in September 9th 2001 to perpetuate a global expansion of wars far and wide across the world, pitting face-to-face a inevitable battle against Oriental Fundamentalism and Christian Democratic Values. Dr. Robert Kaplan warns us with realist virtue that future Great Power Wars will be shaped by the past arrangements of territory and sovereign disputes. The ongoing sectarian violence in Israel-Palestine pays good attention to Dr. Kaplan’s idea. Adding more value is the present quagmires of Russia in Ukraine and Crimea as Moscow forcibly revisions her borders in deliberate aggressive fashion.

It is a good reminder to keep in mind as present tensions with China potentiate international attention amidst its brewing cauldron of potential “flash point”, it is now important to realize early on that the liberal project has failed and globalization is in retreat. As the constant changes in physical landscape and geopolitics shape the future and destiny of our planet, and our civilization, as a whole. The Revenge of Geography will come to take its toll.

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The Revenge of Geography