The Tragedy of Great Power Politics

Political and Social Sciences

ISBN: 0393349276

Book Description

This book firmly explains the basic nature of the international politics and conduct of foreign affairs. John Mearsheimer is a renowned american international relations scholar notable for his theoretical contribution of “Offensive Realism” in the neorealist school of thought. This social science concept explains the political nature of international relations based on the permanent conditions of Anarchy and Balance of Power. The latter simply implies there is no world government or higher authorities above nation-states while the former means maintenance of stability among nation-states through competitive enhancement of relative milirtary capabilities.

Higher Density Living has several focal points to consider. First is the value of global affairs as the main topic for discussions about human civilization. Second, the influence of Alien technology concerns great power conquest to dominate other nations. The gains of technological innovation and economic power are bedrock foundations of a strong military. Lastly, the public debate for hegemonic war, AKA world war 3, as the struggle of dominance between China and America persist a trending public concern. This book provides some rational explanation for the dynamics of great power politics. Although we do not agree that war is a necessary tool for victory.

This is an excellent book for anyone interested in studying the current geopolitical climate between China and the United States. Past several years had seen the major rise of China as a great power competitor against the hegemony of USA. The thesis of this book is that rising powers like China are bound to challenge the status quo international order like American hegemony into an inevitable war. Simply, if there is no healthy balance of power among all powers and between great powers, war and conflict will be more prevalent in the international system. The only way to ensure security is to enchance national defense capabilities in order to protect and preserve integrity.

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The Tragedy of Great Power Politics