Through Space and Time

UAP and Cosmic Knowledge

ISBN: 9780971152359

Book Description

This book takes a breath-taking photojournalistic exhibit of Billy Meier’s extraterrestrial phenomena. “Through Space and Time” is another timeless classic by Billy Meier, as equally controversial as his other works and compellingly well-documented, is a compilation of real alien spacecraft. His contribution to the global UFO community is gleaming without a glorious following to his life and work. This book covers full-colored pictures showing scientifically accurate illustrations, remarkable eyewitness testimonies, and provocative dialogue between Billy with the extraterrestrials.

There are vivid images of the metallic sheen of UFO are captured by professional lenses of Dr. Meier. Despite incredible evidence to support the truth many consider his work as outlandishly “too good to be true” and by some “too real to be hoaxed” the controversies of Billy Meier remain an undisputed author of UFO phenomena in history due to his unparalleled attention to detail. Prepare to have your material beliefs challenged and your mind welcome possibilities that transcend the most compelling of science fiction stories.

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Through Space and Time