You Are The Placebo


ISBN: 1401944582

Book Description

This book is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s seminal canon for contemporary cognitive psychology. It is regarded as his famous work for establishing the term “placebo” in mainstream psychology and it’s mental phenomena he called the “placebo effect”. Dr. Dispenza proposes that there is no clinical resolve against good feelings or emotional esteem. It is rather a dubious assumption to claim that drugs and artificial medicine are the silver bullet to all diseases. He emphasizes the power of “belief” and “trust” in the process of healing or recovery as the fundamental force for total recovery, not the insinuated diagnosis of the medical profession. Many dismissive scientists tend to overshadow the experience of verifiable healings such as witchcraft, hexes, voodoo, and shamanistic rituals. The meditation of thoughts bridges the recovery from the immaterial to material perceptions of healing.

To support his perceived “radical” thesis, Dr. Dispenza presents empirical outputs to postulate his compelling arguments against clinical treatment. The power of tangible recovery is propagated by the mind sending chemical triggers to combat diseases through the channel of immune and nervous systems. The esteem of recovery tells more about cognitive and biological reconstruction of immunity rather than mere anti-microbes working against diseases. A compelling book for those searching for an alternative to the science of medicine.

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You Are The Placebo