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An object that holds positive and negative energy that structures a pole.


A person that believes the unknowable nature of a God. It is rather moderate skepticism to the ultimate existence of Gods or Deities.


The Synarchy of two unique individuals working together as One. The main host and creators of Higher Density Living.


Any sentient being unknown or foreign to Earth.


Is the opposite of Hierarchy or the absence of any central authority.

Animus Dominandi

Is an central tenent in realist philosophy as the desire for power, which can be translated as a will to give precedence to one’s own interest without taking any circumstances into consideration, because power is an end in itself. This usually concides with the objectivist thinking of maximizing free will and self preservation.

Anti Christ

A occult movement aim to mythologize the Judgement of Christ and Biblical Revelations of the Church.


Referes to the natural response of physical trauma.

Archetypal Hero

was made famous by American Linguist Joseph Campbell published in his books The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949) and The Power of the Myth with Bill Moyers (1988). It tells the universal themes of Heroes across different civilizations and cultures. This was a ground breaking concept for comparative anthropology and the study of world literature.

Artemis Moon Base

The first proposed Artemis Moon Base concept were in response to the Strategic rivalry of America and the Soviet Union. The objective was to reach an overwhelming “strategic” overmatch against the Soviets to establish outer space deterrence preventing mass launching of Soviet ICBMs. The new (2027) proposed project is currently under NASA’s agenda to venture back into the Moon.


Are set of biases and beliefs usually imposed by particular stream of logical interpretation of observable phenoma.


Is the basic negation to any religious belief of any God or Deity exist.


Refers to the general study of value. It aims to find the “goodness” of value relative to principles, concepts, and senses expanding from economics, morality, aesthetics, to logic and philosophy.

Ayn Rand

The infamous objectivist philosopher and renowned novelist. She was well-known for elaborating Objectivism in eloquent prose of fiction. Her cunning philosophy of the Self and Society shaped generations of empowered indivuduals, social science scholars, and free thinkers alike.

Ballistic Missiles

Are particular weapons system design to achieve strategic effect on target enemy states. These missiles follows an ballistic trajectory that carries single or multiple re-entry warheads designed for maximum effect. Dr. Daniel Fry made extensive research and development for DoD missile defense programs as narrated in his book, The White Sands Incident.


These are sets of assumptions, dogmas, and unverified laws in organized patterns. Usually connotative to Religion.

Billy Meier

Also commonly known as “Billy”, he is the renowed Swiss founder of the FIGU or the Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies in the late 1970s. Billy had constant contacts with extraterrestrial beings called Plejaren who he presented with films, photographs, audio recordings, and even metal.

Cage Free Will

The concept of limited freedom granted by societal constraints and instiutionalize dogma.

Carl Jung

He was a famous Swiss psychiatrist well regarded as the founder of Analytical Philosophy.


Are potential differences created by two opposite poles of the accumulator.


Is the Greek name for the physical passage of time. The vaccum of time in space as it passes.


Is an colloquial term for ecclesiological diaspora of religious Christian institutions. It is classified under denominations on claims to be true body of Christ with differing dogmatic principles based on common assumptions of Christian Faith.


The use of Free Will to take advantage over someone or something as means to an end.

Cold War

Was a 40 year (1947-1990) strategic confrontation between the Western Bloc led by the United states and the Eastern Bloc led by the Former Soviet Union. It was a bipolar superpower struggle to achieve hegemony in the International System.


The ideological belief of achieving an “ideal” society or utopia through egalitarian orders and abolishment of any social hierarchies such as socio-economic class and private owership of wealth. It is a totalitarian ideology where the individual autonomy reduced for common altruism to appease the masses, thereby, subjucation of inviduals under the totalitarian mass.


Is an Emission of Energy from the constant Thought process of an Individual Sentient Being.


The individual capacity to operate, act, and command Free Will through cognition.


A religious dogma and social movement traces back before the Enlightenment. This ideology adheres to natural preservations of traditional institutions and norms highly pessimistic to radical change or unorthodox wisdom.

Cosmic Egg

Also known as the World Egg, is an cosmological motif found in various cultures and mythologies around the world. The Egg represents CREATION in form and meaningful shape. The Universe, for comparison, is modelled as an oblong-shaped sphere that best parallels with the Cosmic Egg.


Applies equal effect or pressure to stabilize a phenomena or action. As such great manifestation sprung in Human Civilization to response, react, and receive functional purpose against conventional wisdom, belief, or ideology.


The Oneness of All. Everyone and Everything is tied towards the common origin of life, death, and ultimate destiny to unity.


Is simply the absence of light. The matter of void, nothingness, and death in metaphorical sense. Darkness is the necessary polarity of Light, where a vaccum exist for knowledge to store and learning to process.


The secession of biological life.


An object to serve a particular purpose. Devices are not often external or physically tangible objects


A principle or set of principles set down by an authority as inconvertibly true.

Dr. Daniel Fry

He was a former Rocket Scientist from AeroJet Group Company that’ve work with secret, clandestine rocket technology and ballistic missile systems during the early stages of the Cold War. The United States Worked hard to develop highly advanced weapon technology to achieve strategic parity with the Soviet missile program.

Echo Chambers

Refers to a situation which personal beliefs are amplified or reinforced by mass communication and reverberated by either closed systems or open system through physical discourse. Echo Chambers influences information dissimination and its spread to the minds of other people can cause micro-triggers to affects its behavioral character and rational judgement to sway into favor with the Influencer.


Is the primitive consciousness of man. It sits between the conscious and unconscious space where it is usually responsible for projecting personal identity.


A negatively charged subatomic particle. It can be either free or bound to the nucleus of an atom. The negative charge particles of Eletron play essential functions in the physical phenoma of electricity, magnetism, and electromagnetism.


Can be easily describe as the subjective state of the Mind. It has no permanent residence to the Mind itself but has recurring patterns often time summon through internal or external stimuli.


Enlightenment is usually a broad term used to describe the historical “Age of Enlightenment” in Europe during the 18th Century. It is the birth of (Early) Modern Western Philosophy that basically every contemporary idealism, philosophy, and belief systems existing today is its Progenies, one such example is the plurality of Cancel Cultures across different aspects. But it is good to remember in context that every philosophical projects in epistemology, ontology, and axiology are JUST individual enlightenments. They do not represent the entirety of CREATION itself but instead are isolated and partial details of the whole image (see Self-Enlightenment).


Are common anomalies or negative manifesting forces in a system. It enunciate decline,
designs chaos, and reap disorder against organization of matter.


Describe or refers to the state of perfect balance between two polarities.


The inevitable destiny of every organism. It is the constant growth towards higher state of beingness and progressive development of the mind, body, and spirit.

Extra Sensory Perception

Also colloquially known to be as the “sixth” sense, is a claimed reception of information usually not recognized by the five known physical senses (smell, hear, sight, and taste), it is rather directed through the mind. The most well established concepts denote psychic abilities such as intuition, telepathic abilities, and clairvoyance.


The political and philosopy on the supreme, totalitarian, and ultimate authority of the State. Facist employs any and every ruthless means to achieve control and coercion against oppositional forces. It dictates that violence is an end to itself.


A group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs. It produces smaller organizations with internal autonomy.

Free Will

The inherent power of every sentient being to choose how they exist in the Universe.

French Enlightment

The period of human history following end French Revolution. It brought significat development in Political Philosphy, Liberal Philosophies, and birth of Progressive Left-Wing ideologies.


Is the physical or material appearance of an object. It can also manifest to the immaterial realm based on its internal arrangement and shape.


Is the building blocks of every stable, rational, and logical platform. Whether you believe in yourself, preservation of Free Will, or being sensible to the world around you had to have a Foundation in order to take the first step forward towards growth and productivity.

Full Responsibility

The rational idea of Freewill where the being has full control, command and power to commit the moral,ethical, and Creational obligation of every action he/she has done,
regardless of polarity, to be held accountable at all cost.

Genetic Splicing

Is a nanotechnological and methodological process os selectively extracting genetic strands of DNA and recombining it to other DNA in order to create an Aritifically-Genetically Modified Organism (GMO).


Is any supranatural force that invokes supreme power and omnipotence above Creation. It is usually a social construct of different religions.


A spiritual leader aims to capitalize his/her knowledge, usually for profitable motives than enlightenment, and oftem times claim self-proclaimed titles.


The Structure of Authority based on Coercion, Unequalized Power, and Material Forces manifesting in the Material Reality.

Hollow Earth Theory

Pertains to a special group of studies that proposes an challenge of alternative geographical premise for the scientific community. Though often panned by its mythological findings and un-scientific hypothesis of conceptualizing inner-earth as sprawling domain of unknown civilizations and cities.


Is a set of beliefs attributed to a individual (individualism) or group of people. It is a rational system of ideas possessing distinct characteristics.


Is the process of “taking in” or coiling of kundalini in a spiritual entity.


Is the initiative thought reaction in mind before commanding free will to make action.


A highly negative connotation. Many meanings can be associated with Inadequacy such can range from disappointment, pain, to misery in life. Jason Rigby simply discuss Inadequacy as phenomena of emptiness of having “not enough”.

Intelligent Infinity

Is entity describe on the Ra Material as a omnipotent like being that manifest in the wholeness of Creation. It resides on our thoughts, our actions, and life as an endless string of possibilities.

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The Greek pathos of living life through moments, not time, as way towards achieving a ‘Good Life’.


Is a spiritual and cosmic phenomena where a living-creational entity activates its chakra, or “inner energy’, and rises within the physical avatar and forms a coiling “serpent”. The “serpent” then uncoils to merge positive and negative energies to co-exist.

Law of Cause and Effect/Causality

One of the cardinal virtues in Law of One. It is the universal process of every cause having corresponding effects, be it direct or indirect, as its consequence of action.


A continental Philosophy, Political Ideology, and Economic Theory of enshrining the triumverate.


In Creational terms refers to the thoughtful enlightenment of acquiring higher self-awareness and knowledge closer to the truth exibiting positive/or negative creational energy.

Mass Media

Usually refers to the institution of information and people in transactional sense. It has residual effects on the mind, the body, and the spirit representing manipulative force to undermine Free Will and Independent Thinking for the self.

Meat Suit

A colloquial term by Jason Rigby and Alexander McCaig to describe the physical human body.


Is a peaceful action, process, or thinking of enhancing the thought through a well-preserve manner.

Mental Device

A mental object to meet a particular cognitive objective of the mind.


Branch of philosophy that deals with the fundamental concern on the existence of reality.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

The trifecta of Creation in Man himself.

Missile Guided Defense System

An allegorical phrase by Alex used to described affirmative bias or belief. These are automatic reactions in biological and psychological senses.


Were invinted during the late 1950’s using advanced propulsion mechanism that utilizes new gaeses to accumulate speed beyond older models. These technologies were later used for National Defense as Strategic Delivery Systems of Nuclear Weapons and for Scientific Research as Vehicles in Space Exploration.


Is the idea of interwoven narratives, stories, and themes embedded within the collective oneness of mankind.


Are illogical beliefs that aim to obstruct CREATION or counterbalance institutionalize norms acceptable in society.


These are described as energies, forces, or entities that attribute specific properities in contrast to Positivity.


Neutron is an sub-atomic particle of same proportion as Photon and Electrons but it bears no charge on its nucleus.


The belief (ironic) or philosophy that nothing in existence matters of any value. Life is meaningless.


Define the general term. In the context of Higher Density Living Alex-Jason describes the Nurse as Symbol of surrendering your free will to other people. It is by definition of a Nurse taking other persons’ Disease, hence in profound meaning to life, you pushing out your burdens and learning experiences by listening to other people and caring too much for them.

Objective Reality

For Ayn Rand she defines Objective Reality exists as an objective absolute, impervious to our wishes or desires.


The infamous philosophical system by Ayn Rand. Objectivist argue that reality exist independently outsisde the consciousness. It is a moral realist rendering of a Objectivist ontology and a Rationalist epistemology. The Individual and Self Interest being core tenets project power and “existential” autonomy from society.


The study or philosophy of nature, both Subject and Objects, of reality. It ask the questions on reality, truths, and consistency of matters.

Orion Group

Referred from the Ra Material to the inter-solar groups of extraterrestrials with Negative Oriented Energies that influence Earth and Other Civilizations.


Is the absence of conflicts and violence. It can vary in temporal and spatial context according to differentiating circumstances from the Individual or to a Community.

Persecutory Delusion

Is the widespread psyche of victim mentality as describe by Plejaren Aliens.


Is the positive charge elementary particle in the sub-atomic field.

Physical/Material Sciences

Refers to the general branch of Human Knowledge dealing with the study of phenomena in the “Natural World” i.e. the physical world in our reality. It ranges from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as the complete trifecta of Disciplines in Material Sciences. Material Sciences mainly follows an objectivist epistemology and methodology that simply meant there is no subjectivities in knowing the laws of nature but is only limited to the understanding of what we currently know.


Pronounced as “Play-Yar-En,” is the name of an extraterrestrial race according to Swiss ufologist Billy Meier.


The state of having two or more configurations of relative energies, forces, and/or entities in contradiction to each other.


The human activity to achieve something or someone through authority and command of Freewill, either by Coercion or Influence, as means to an end.


According to the Philosophy of Science as the grand ontology of emulating scientific thought outside of the natural sciences; such as Economics and Social Sciences.


These are described as energies, forces, or entities that attribute specific properities in contrast to Negativity.


In computer engineering a Program usually defined as the central command and operating system of a device. In this line of definition we can easily contextualize the term as Higher Density Living is used as an metaphor for the organization of your life.


Is the scientific study of the human mind. Congenially theoretical and objective, contemporary pscyhology lacks pragmatic treatment to patients. Theory falls under the rug of untruthfulness and inept understanding of complex subjectivities.


Refers to anything measurable by quantity. The adherance to relative quantity rather than unique quality.

Quantum Physics

Is a fundamental theory in physics that provides a description of the physical properties of nature at the scale of atoms and subatomic particles. However, some scientist argue that it is not only about particles, but it covers a “Theory” for “Everything”. Quantum Physics provides mathematical models for probability and motion in vacuum.


The Application of Balance in Morality, Rationality, and Identity.


Is the basic restoration of amity between two conflicting parties.


Also known as “Reductionism” is a western philosophical-analytic method of reducing complex phenomena into simple constructs for easy understanding. It is simplification of reality based on Philosophy of Science.


Is the re-binding and coiling of the Kundalini serpert as it emerges upward to the surface from Earth to Sentient Living Entities.


Is a social institution of belief systems. It brings an idea of worship and faith of supranatural entity express through personal Gods or Deities.

Remote Viewing

Is an example form of extrasensory perception whereby a being has precognition of future sight. It is often informally known as Second Sight where mainstream scientific communities of clinical psychology often dismissed as pseudoscience.


Are set of practices to channel spiritual energy from the Material to the Non-Material Realm.


A person who’ve achieve excellent understanding and knowledge. A person with palpable wisdom.

Self- Awareness

In conjucntion with Self-Enlightenment the idea of Self- Awareness takes the familiar concepts of using individual Free Will and Creational Energy to learn and experience.


This is a term coined to contexualize by Jason Rigby and Alexander McCaig in Higher Density Living. It is your personalize “Enlightenment” where your individual truths and experiene are verified by Free Will and Capacity to Reason.


Also synonymous to sanctimoniousness and sententiousness is a feeling or projection of moral-superiority relative to other morales derivative from personal belief systems, actions, and associations individual in nature.

Service to Others

The ultimate expression to give love into others. A commitment to learning and teaching while serving the purpose of Creation.


The Hindu spiritual kingdom depicted in Indian Mythology. The sanctum of Gods,Goddess, and different hindu deities.

Sigmund Freud

The father of Modern Psychology and founder of Psycholoanalysis. Freud was infamous for his fundamental Dream Analysis canon and his Psychosexual Development Theory was wildly acclaim in the discipline of psychology.

Social Memory Complex

A collection of minds working together as an singular unit.

Social Science

The human knowledge of social relationships. It is often, though contested, the scientific study of society through systematic methods and conceptual analysis.

Social Sciences

Refers to the general branch of Human Knowledge dealing with the study of “Social” phenomena in the “Social Reality”. This social reality is usually distinct to the Objective Laws of Nature as found in the Physical World. Social Sciences aims to emancipate mankind from himself and to make sense of the social world around him. This is usually the bridge between the objective universe of positivism and the metaphysical world of the social and the unseen realities.


A doctrine that unique mental activity is only investigative to empirical inquiry.


A political and occult philosophy of “Harmonious” or “ Joint” rule.

The Bible

Is the holy tome of Christian Religion. It is divided by two books; the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The Devil

The religious and social construction of a mythological and divine being of all things wicked and evil. Devil is sometimes considered as the negative polarity of a “God” where all the desirable qualities ‘inherent’ to it the Devil posses all the opposite.

The Law of Hammurabi

The Ancient Babylonian Law where a codified socio-political rules serves an integral function in Babylonian Civilization.

The Legend of Ur

Is one of the famous landmarks of the Greek Philosopher Plato. Ur according to his book The Republic describes the manifestation of Utopia as a astral plane of afterlife where scientific thought and complete enlightenment reign supreme among a organized world it inhabits. Modern analysis of Ur is linked through a probable artifact of celestial astronomy with a crisp account of moral-spiritual dimensions of utopia, or “Higher Densities” in the context of Ra Material, a plane of perfect existence containing no smears of delusional reality.

The Ra Material

A series of book published in 1981 by Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and James Allen McCarty. It entails canonical scriptures of the “Law of One” as narrated by the disembodied voice of RA.

The Undiscovered Self

is a seminal work of Carl Jung in his Analytical Psychology of anindividual. It was originally published in 1958.


Is a colloquial term for a highly negative characterisitics of a Person showing an absence of remorse to harming other people.

Toxic Emotions

Are emotions of unstable recognition from a false sense of reality. This are usual habitus of human behavior more common in people living under a material reality.

Toxic Masculinity

Is a gender perspective and belief that Male steoretypes exist to justify biological, social, and even spiritual caricatures that are dervied from aggressive behavior and domination.


Refers to the investigation of unidentified flying objects by people who believe that they
may be of extraordinary origins.


According to Freudian psychoanalytic paradigm, is the part of the mind inactive or the source of dreams and automatic thoughts. Slips of random words and jokes when drunk are good instances to illustrate unconsciousness.

Unidentified Flying Object

More commonly known as UFOs are unclassified objects hovering at space, atmosphere, or within Earth’s outer-space.


The extreme dominance or “Hegemony” of one entity against everything.

Unity Boundary

The threshold between the binaries of Space/Time and Time/Space continuum.

Upper Limit Dilmma

A concept by American Psychologist Gay Hendricks to explain the maximum tolerance and capacity of human emotion . It is usually precipitated by hidden barriers unseen to human eye.


The state of perfect harmony. An ideal society where there is minimal flaw and great reduction towards violence, suffering, sadness, and negative conditions.


The naked Use of Force to coerce someone or something as a means to an end. Excessive use of Violence or Brutality is an end to itself.


A concept of two belligerent civilizations exchanging tremendous violence and destruction to one another.

White Sands Incident

Was a reported alien sighting incident in Las Cruces where Dr. Daniel Fry took a special ride with an Alien Operator.


Is an ideology of extreme disgust and hatred towards other human races. An colloquial term with Nazism.

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In astronomy refers to position of vertically opposite direction of to the gravitational force i.e. directly opposite to the gravitational pull. It is the highest point on the sphere and thus, the farthest up from the gravitational force. It also refers to the nadir of an celestial body from the vantage point of an observer.