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Refers to the extraordinary phenomenon of people reporting cases of kidnapping and false memory syndromes of Alien encounters. Common reports suggested that aliens performed examinations in a human subject’s reproductive system. Reports of abduction phenomena are commonly found in english speaking countries like the United States and UK.

Absolute Energy Weapon

Are primal energy force or “Mini Big Bang” phenomena harnessed by former advanced civilizations. These kinds of weapons are a thousand times more than a regular hydrogen bomb.


An object that holds positive and negative energy that structures a pole.


Means to beautify creativity. It is deep appreciation of art and creation.

Aerospace Defense

Is refers to the general defensive measures designed to destroy or nullify attacking enemy aircraft and missiles and also negate hostile space systems. Aerospace defense include ballistic missiles, rocket propulsions, interception, different air defense systems, and outerspace defense.


Was a legendary civilization claimed to be located in earth’s core in relation to hollow earth. It is often synomymous to Shambala mythological narrative of ancient advanced civilization across the board. Some refers exist within Buddhist iterations of theosophist dialect where claimed existence of demi-gods called as Asuras. It further sements the validity of Ancient civilizations throught the discovery of sub-terreanean communities beneath.


A person that believes the unknowable nature of a God. It is rather moderate skepticism to the ultimate existence of Gods or Deities.


The Synarchy of two unique individuals working together as One. The main host and creators of Higher Density Living.


Any sentient being unknown or foreign to Earth.


Are both land and water dwelling humanoid like alien species. Billy Meier and the Plejaren both described these species as both land and sea dwellers.


Is the opposite of Hierarchy or the absence of any central authority.

Animal Consciousness

Is a concept of human-like qualities of self-awareness within non-human sentients. There is no concensus on animal consciousness but an aggregate agreement exists within social scientist regard it as an philosophical intuition of the mind

Animus Dominandi

Is an central tenent in realist philosophy as the desire for power, which can be translated as a will to give precedence to one’s own interest without taking any circumstances into consideration, because power is an end in itself. This usually concides with the objectivist thinking of maximizing free will and self preservation.

Anti Christ

A occult movement aim to mythologize the Judgement of Christ and Biblical Revelations of the Church.


Is a hypothetical phenomena where a place or an object can be free from the force of gravity itself. Common misconception against anti-gravity is complete nullification of gravitational force or immunity of sentient entities against law of gravity, this misconcepts are usual formula for science fiction. There is credible scientific evidence to support anti-gravitational thesis as such there exist a cadre of empirical research and commerical projects to approve its claim. A revoutionary propulsion systems can validate Anti-Gravity if we can develop a technology in the future.


Referes to the natural response of physical trauma.

Archetypal Hero

Was made famous by American Linguist Joseph Campbell published in his books The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949) and The Power of the Myth with Bill Moyers (1988). It tells the universal themes of Heroes across different civilizations and cultures. This was a ground breaking concept for comparative anthropology and the study of world literature.


Are Aliens-Reptilians races most notable for their mission as protectors of Earth. They help this planet to by increasing our vibratory frequency and negate trespassing extraterrestrials by sending them to light. Arcturians are no longer oppressive higher beings like before, since linking up with local human channelers, they’ve discreetly manifest themselves with our mother nature in order to create synarchy with Earth.


Is defined from as a form of government that places strength in the hands of a small, privileged ruling class, the aristocrats. The term derives from the Greek aristokratíā, meaning ‘rule of the best’ often colludinhg. Aristocracies dominated political and economic power for most of the medieval and modern periods almost everywhere in Europe. Aristocrats are the main agents of an aristocracy controlling the system. They used their wealth and land-ownership to form a powerful political force.

Artemis Moon Base

The first proposed Artemis Moon Base concept were in response to the Strategic rivalry of America and the Soviet Union. The objective was to reach an overwhelming “strategic” overmatch against the Soviets to establish outer space deterrence preventing mass launching of Soviet ICBMs. The new (2027) proposed project is currently under NASA’s agenda to venture back into the Moon.

Artificial Zoo

Is a moniker used by Alexander McCaig and Jason Rigby to describe a false environment haboring biological life. This can be understood as the metaphorical meaning of literal zoos. The exhibition of natural life to serve human entertainment. A physical barrier limits freedom of movement and constrains the literal flow of life and evolution.


A concept by Billie Meier where he illustrates the ideal entity achieving higher state of consciousness.


Is active putting of force to create action. This posture breeds engagement and positive consciousness to Creation enabling passive actions into the reality.


Are set of biases and beliefs usually imposed by particular stream of logical interpretation of observable phenoma.


Is the basic negation to any religious belief of any God or Deity exist.

Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC)

Is an US naval underwater laboratory facility which features an integrated three dimensional, built-in aerospace trajectory, and hydrospace for widerange of undersea warfare; calibration, classification, detection, and destruction. The main mission is to test undersea military hardware for performance evaluation and research development program.


Refers to the general study of value. It aims to find the “goodness” of value relative to principles, concepts, and senses expanding from economics, morality, aesthetics, to logic and philosophy.


Is the study of value and valuation in it of itself borrowing deeper into psychological assessment into meaning contribution among intellectual minds. In the context of higher density living is the validation of empirical value in practical applicaton.

Ayn Rand

The infamous objectivist philosopher and renowned novelist. She was well-known for elaborating Objectivism in eloquent prose of fiction. Her cunning philosophy of the Self and Society shaped generations of empowered indivuduals, social science scholars, and free thinkers alike.

Ballistic Missiles

Are particular weapons system design to achieve strategic effect on target enemy states. These missiles follows an ballistic trajectory that carries single or multiple re-entry warheads designed for maximum effect. Dr. Daniel Fry made extensive research and development for DoD missile defense programs as narrated in his book, The White Sands Incident.


These are sets of assumptions, dogmas, and unverified laws in organized patterns. Usually connotative to Religion.

Belief System

Is a systematic organization of dogmatic principles and values. It is also colloquially known as “Ideology” although it takes.

Billy Meier

Also commonly known as “Billy”, he is the renowed Swiss founder of the FIGU or the Free Community of Interests for the Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies in the late 1970s. Billy had constant contacts with extraterrestrial beings called Plejaren who he presented with films, photographs, audio recordings, and even metal.


Are any vertebrate lifeforms that have terrestrial locomotion.


Means having two extremities or poles in a linear spectrum.

Bermuda Triangle

Is a region located between the western part of north atlantic ocean and north east of the carribean. There were many incidents of lost ships and aircrafts unknown for the origins of its disapperance. The region has been conversed to the subject of alien solar beams, underworld gateways, and natural phenomena of unsual weather patterns.

Cage Free Will

The concept of limited freedom granted by societal constraints and instiutionalize dogma.

Caladvwlch sword

Known as lightning sword due to its lightning emitting rays around the blade.


Refers to the impregnation of tissue into bone calciums substances into hardned compounds. HDL used the word as a metaphorical idea to illustrate stagnating belief system underpinning individual free will.

Cancel Culture

Is the modern practice, general behavior, attitudes, and tendencies to withdraw support, boycott public figures, politicians, and other popular personalities which is usually reflective to their expressiveness of their individual emboldenment and power to stand up against injustices or affirmation to their ideal advocacies. Cancel Culture originally derived from ancient practices such as ostratization but contemplates progressive attitudes towards transforming a world into a more just, open, and free society.

Carl Jung

He was a famous Swiss psychiatrist well regarded as the founder of Analytical Philosophy.

Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft

Is research spacecraft designed by NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Italian Space Agency to place artificial satellite probes on the planet Saturn gathering geograpgical data and orbital photographs back to space agencies. The namesake was inspired by Giovanni Cassini and Christian Huygens, two prominent astronomers during the scientific revolution This spacecraft was commissioned for 20 years, had accomplished 13 orbital period to Saturn, and delivered magnificant shots on saturns satellites.

Cauldron of Merlin

It is made of bronze not gold. It stores many spells and requires ingestion to obtain enlightenment and positive learning experience. It is 33 centimeter wide and has a triangular base with the ruby on the center. The cauldron was meant to collect water from a spring at the grail to cook spells and formulate knowledge.


Are many energetic focal points in applied meditation. These are represented in varioius hindu preachings and zen culture. A well-known activation of Chakra is summoning internalized energies through Kundalini Meditation.


Is the formal name to describe local human beings using creative vibratory channels to communicate with higher evolutive beings. The channeling of Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and James McCarty afforded many seekers and individuals to puruse careful study of higher density living.


Are potential differences created by two opposite poles of the accumulator.


Are one of the unearthly beings who directly attend to God, according to Abrahamic religions. These are celestial winged creatures that resembles a part animal, man, and bird that ultimately composes like an angel. These creatures has extreme ability to manuever in flight.


Is the Greek name for the physical passage of time. The vaccum of time in space as it passes.


Is a greek mythological creature which bears a combination of a snake as a tail, a goat and lion heads, and a large mutant body. Contemporary meaning borrow this term to describe a re-engineered biological weapon or genetically modified organisms use for non-civilian and scientific purposes.


is a legendary creature of Andros island in the Bahamas. This creature was said to walk in near upright posture. Its body covered with thick slices of feathers, resembling sharp physical appearance of an owl. It is warned that bad treatment towads the chickcharney would bring terrible events in life and prolonged bad luck.


Is an colloquial term for ecclesiological diaspora of religious Christian institutions. It is classified under denominations on claims to be true body of Christ with differing dogmatic principles based on common assumptions of Christian Faith.


The use of Free Will to take advantage over someone or something as means to an end.

Cold War

Was a 40 year (1947-1990) strategic confrontation between the Western Bloc led by the United states and the Eastern Bloc led by the Former Soviet Union. It was a bipolar superpower struggle to achieve hegemony in the International System.


The ideological belief of achieving an “ideal” society or utopia through egalitarian orders and abolishment of any social hierarchies such as socio-economic class and private owership of wealth. It is a totalitarian ideology where the individual autonomy reduced for common altruism to appease the masses, thereby, subjucation of inviduals under the totalitarian mass.


Is a socio-economic and political ideology that abolishes private property and adheres to a egalitarian social system. This ideology abrogates the concept of individual liberties, as well as “democratic principles”, in favor for a more collectivist and totalitarian distribution of wealth and power.


Is the total end product of evolution. Completion means no other higher state of improvements or modification needed. Evolution simply stops as there is no need for more progress. This is the ultimate arrival of reality and Creation.


Is an Emission of Energy from the constant Thought process of an Individual Sentient Being.


Are human life-forms in all terms and purpose but with the ability to move by levitation.

Condon Committee

Was the code name for a independent UFO project commissioned by the University of Chicago to verify and authenticate various collected information about Unidentified Alien
Phenomena. This committee functions as an oversight to USAF’s Project Bluebook as spiral of controversies revolving around Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s antics together with his AFSAB analysts. The namesake of this Committee was honored by Edward Condon, a well-known astrophysicist and nuclear scientist from the US Government. The Committee found little to no substatial evidence accrue legitimate existence of Extraterrestrial Lifeforms on Earth.


The individual capacity to operate, act, and command Free Will through cognition.


A religious dogma and social movement traces back before the Enlightenment. This ideology adheres to natural preservations of traditional institutions and norms highly pessimistic to radical change or unorthodox wisdom.


Is the process of accumulating different data perceive from the human senses into kinetic nerve impulses. These are transmitted from the Auditory system into the Brain.

Cosmic Egg

Also known as the World Egg, is an cosmological motif found in various cultures and mythologies around the world. The Egg represents CREATION in form and meaningful shape. The Universe, for comparison, is modelled as an oblong-shaped sphere that best parallels with the Cosmic Egg.

Counter Balance

Applies equal effect or pressure to stabilize a phenomena or action. As such great manifestation sprung in Human Civilization to response, react, and receive functional purpose against conventional wisdom, belief, or ideology.


The Oneness of All. Everyone and Everything is tied towards the common origin of life, death, and ultimate destiny to unity.

Creational Leadership

Is a type of leadership by example and being a responsive authority to your followers. Creational Leaders puts a high premium for respecting others Free Will. This is a unique type of leadership as it allows you to know better the work and the people around that helps build your wealth.

Cultural Relativism

Is a social science concept of acknowledging differtent moral, social, and philosophical objectivity across different intersubjectiveness of societies tackling such as ethics and politics. Higher Density Living aligns this concept as comforming with respect to free will and tolerance to uniqueness of every people, regardless of their belief systems and ideology.


Is simply the absence of light. The matter of void, nothingness, and death in metaphorical sense. Darkness is the necessary polarity of Light, where a vaccum exist for knowledge to store and learning to process.

David Hume

Was a Scottish philosopher from the enlightenment era. He was a fundamental figure in the history of European continental philosophy joining Immanuel Kant and Rene Descartes in the pantheon of great philosophical thinkers. Hume was influential and known for his empiricist & skepticist remark on human nature. Hume’s controversial remark against the “problems of induction”. He negates inductionist reasoning by arguing that causality cannot be justified rationally, instead it is all within the human mental habit. Hume was also a leading intellectual against philosophical rationalism and a proponent of naturalism, where it argues that human passion, not reason, is the driving force of knowledge and nature.

David Wilcock

Is a famous consciousness science writer and author of various spiritual books related to CREATIONAL LAWS and Cosmic wisdom. He is one of Higher Density’s relevant companion for literature relevant to Law of One and Ra Material Teachings. His latest book “Awakening in the Dream” (2020), just like Higher Density Living, teaches anyone to get in touch with yourself and the universe, deeply and truthfully.

Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls (also the Qumran Caves Scrolls) are considered as ancient Jewish and Hebrew religious manuscripts discovered in 1946/47 at the Qumran Caves in what was then Palestine, near the West Bank, on the northern shore of the Dead Sea. These scrolls were said to belong in the first Hebrew translation of the Bible, hence, a welcome cannon to the complex narrative of the New Testament.


The secession of biological life.

Decisive Strength

acts as an battery of life. Alex and Jason succintly describe this concept as the ability to incorporate assurrance. Confidence in decision making creates a sense of integrity of to make decisions and action in life.


Is a distant star system and cosmic constellation which has been identified by Plejaren civilization harboring a couple of native humanoid races.


An object to serve a particular purpose. Devices are not often external or physically tangible objects.

Distortion of Time and Space

Is a phenomena where conventional matter of time and space does not preoccupy present location of reality but rather an area of constant blur and temporal dilation. This has been a prominent feature in the bermuda triangle and was cited by several eye witness accounts.


A principle or set of principles set down by an authority as inconvertibly true.

Dr. Daniel Fry

He was a former Rocket Scientist from AeroJet Group Company that’ve work with secret, clandestine rocket technology and ballistic missile systems during the early stages of the Cold War. The United States Worked hard to develop highly advanced weapon technology to achieve strategic parity with the Soviet missile program.

Drive Instinct

Is a general theory for behavioral science and psychology which explains mental and/or psychological drives of an individual. Drive instinct triggers specific homeostatic disturbances that affects emotional wellness.

Dual-Use Dilemma

Is a recurring theme in Higher Density Living and Tartle.Co. This is the ethical concept of using technology for evil or good. It can be philosophical in its inquiry or frame of references but the moral objective remains permanent towards the subject, which is the technology.

Echo Chambers

Refers to a situation which personal beliefs are amplified or reinforced by mass communication and reverberated by either closed systems or open system through physical discourse. Echo Chambers influences information dissimination and its spread to the minds of other people can cause micro-triggers to affects its behavioral character and rational judgement to sway into favor with the Influencer.

Edward Condon

Was a prolific nuclear physicist and prominent figure in the field of experimental quantum mechanics. He was well-known for this podcast as the creator of the “Condon Committee” which oversighted investigations for the “White Sands Incident” and “Lonnie Zamora Incident”. He was a student of a famous German Physicist, Arnold Sommerfeld, during his early days. He is also notably for serving under the US Manhanttan Project with J. Robert Oppenheimer. He worked in the Metallurgical Lab at University of Chicago for the structural framwork of Atomic Bombs.

Egg Shaped Designs

Are vehicular design language for specific spacecraft footprint. Egg shapes are referential to creational ideology, as such it is found in various literatures everywhere. These types spacecraft designs feature seamless transition between parts. As it the design creates no hinges, bumps, or any unneccessary texture all around.


Is the primitive consciousness of man. It sits between the conscious and unconscious space where it is usually responsible for projecting personal identity.


A negatively charged subatomic particle. It can be either free or bound to the nucleus of an atom. The negative charge particles of Eletron play essential functions in the physical phenoma of electricity, magnetism, and electromagnetism.


Is the council of Gods. This term is highly disputed across religious, scientific, philosophical, and spiritual communities. There is no concensus regarding the definition of an Elohim. Although Alexander McCaig made clear Higher Density Living’s context as a omnipotent and omniscient entities across the universe.


Can be easily describe as the subjective state of the Mind. It has no permanent residence to the Mind itself but has recurring patterns often time summon through internal or external stimuli.


Is the fundamental ability to understand and appreciate inner subjectivies of other individual being. To put in other meanings, Empathy is simply the basic human sense that acknowledges sensory capabilities to reciprocate feelings shared among other individuals. It is a “First-Step” towards greater awakening.


Is the eight closest satellite to the planet Saturn. It is a icy covered surface with a subterrenean “ocean” beneath the frozen crust. It has been noted that torrential geysers has chemical compounds.


Enlightenment is usually a broad term used to describe the historical “Age of Enlightenment” in Europe during the 18th Century. It is the birth of (Early) Modern Western Philosophy that basically every contemporary idealism, philosophy, and belief systems existing today is its Progenies, one such example is the plurality of Cancel Cultures across different aspects. But it is good to remember in context that every philosophical projects in epistemology, ontology, and axiology are JUST individual enlightenments. They do not represent the entirety of CREATION itself but instead are isolated and partial details of the whole image (see Self-Enlightenment).


Are common anomalies or negative manifesting forces in a system. It enunciate decline,
designs chaos, and reap disorder against organization of matter.


Is a major disciplinary branch of Philosophy that deals with the validity on the sources of knowledge and legitimacy of opinion. The conventional epistemologist uproot knowledge within its ontological component while critical epistemology incorporates ontology itself as the nature of knowledge not as a mere source of data or application of methods to generate data. In other words critical epistemelogy are reflexive based on subjective awareness on the sociohistorical development of a thinker in contrast to historicist account of traditional empirial epistemology.

Epstein Family

A social conglomerate of elite American business class. Jeffrey Epstein is the prominent member which sparked by his crimes of sexual harassment towards girls and teens. A notable property is registered in New Mexico called the Zoro Ranch which houses state of the art entertainment systems. The Epsteins is notorious for their despotic relations with the US government especially with the Clinton and Trump political families.

Epstein Island

Are collection of private real estates own by the Epstein family. This island is located in the coast carribbeans. The island protrude a narrow point towards the seas which sits above are white mansion complexes of Jeffrey Epstein.


Means a phenomena of balance. It flattens out any concensus of positive and negative valuations. Equalization calls for stability to inhibit harmony.


Describe or refers to the state of perfect balance between two polarities.


The inevitable destiny of every organism. It is the constant growth towards higher state of beingness and progressive development of the mind, body, and spirit.

Extra Sensory Perception

Also colloquially known to be as the “sixth” sense, is a claimed reception of information usually not recognized by the five known physical senses (smell, hear, sight, and taste), it is rather directed through the mind. The most well established concepts denote psychic abilities such as intuition, telepathic abilities, and clairvoyance.


The political and philosopy on the supreme, totalitarian, and ultimate authority of the State. Facist employs any and every ruthless means to achieve control and coercion against oppositional forces. It dictates that violence is an end to itself.

False Stoicism

Is a new idea for a stoic philosophy colloquially defined by Jason Rigby as a stoic that inheret tolerants of casual power from Classical Aureliusian Stoicism but denies positive free will to produce growth and survive in a virtiouso life under pressure.


Is the basic emotion of discomfort and impulsive driven by material response in actual harm,threat, or danger of safety. Higher Density Living invokes fear as the awareness of the self in a false sense of reality. It is derivative to wearing a mask, a faceless entity with no internal value to the universe.


A group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs. It produces smaller organizations with internal autonomy.


Is a general movement among women activitst worldwide. This ideology advocates strong ethical ontology towards the hegemonic establishment between the relations of man against woman. Feminism does not represent cliché idea of feminine superiority but rather recognizes the inequities of woman in every facet of social life and its institutionalize norms of behavior, administrative law, and organic mobility.


Are simple abstract concepts in geometry. They are described as a never-ending pattern that is infinitely complex and self-similar across different scales. Fractals are dynamic systems usually captures good depictions of “chaos” in vivid illustration. Good examples are optical illusion artworks that tend to create spiralling effects such as “hallucination” or “deliriousness” in the mind.

Free Will

The inherent power of every sentient being to choose how they exist in the Universe.

French Enlightment

The period of human history following end French Revolution. It brought significat development in Political Philosphy, Liberal Philosophies, and birth of Progressive Left-Wing ideologies.


Are aliens with very dynamic skin organs that handle extreme cold temperatures.


Is the physical or material appearance of an object. It can also manifest to the immaterial realm based on its internal arrangement and shape.


Is the building blocks of every stable, rational, and logical platform. Whether you believe in yourself, preservation of Free Will, or being sensible to the world around you had to have a Foundation in order to take the first step forward towards growth and productivity.

Full Responsibility

The rational idea of Freewill where the being has full control, command and power to commit the moral,ethical, and Creational obligation of every action he/she has done,
regardless of polarity, to be held accountable at all cost.

Gemini Space Program

Was NASA’s second human spaceflight program. In was conducted in 1961 to 1966. This grand project was a precursor for the development of outer space travel to land astronauts on the surface of the moon. This was dubbed as “Bridge to the Moon”, this remarkable achievement allowed the United States astronomical lead to human spaceflight capabilities. The program introduced the incorporation of extra-vehicular land activities, terrestrial roving, and orbital manuevers aimed for docking and coordinating other spacecrafts. This is a precursor to free Apollo space program focused entirely on moon landing operations.

Genetic Splicing

Is a nanotechnological and methodological process os selectively extracting genetic strands of DNA and recombining it to other DNA in order to create an Aritifically-Genetically Modified Organism (GMO).

George Adamski

Was a well known Polish-American ufologist and author of several best-selling UFO contactees, much similar to Billy Meier, who came prominence during the early 1950s. His famous account was the interstellar travel with a group of nordic aliens called “venusians” from planet venus. He also made extensive tours inside spacecraft systems and technology imaginations of extraterrestrial during his time.

George Warren Shufelt

Was a mining engineer according to census records. He also conducted a search for gold in the tunnels under Los Angeles,in the 1930’s. He is well known in this podcast channel for identifying the underground cities of Lizard People.

German Death Cults

Is a slang for german civilians supporting the Werhmacht operations by fueling facist fire, hate, and dread through sadistic and unconventional ways of waging war. Psychological warfare through gore and mutilations are common tactics to destroy morale. German death cults are associated to other obscure mythologies and occultist tales but only much can be convinced as urban legends.

Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit

A german term for the logic of meditation. It means to achieve a result without tension, force, energy effort or strength. Regarding to meditation it simply means setting a goal to perfect its perfomance.

Global Invasive Species Program

an independent, not-for-profit association whose mission is to conserve biodiversity and sustain human livelihoods by minimizing the spread and impact of invasive alien species. This is originally conceived as an international, multilateral effort supported by the United Nations for agricultural purposes. However, NASA and other intergovernmental space agencies also took part in the programme for probing alien spacies from outer space.


Or the Global Invasive Species Program is a special “risk assessment” report that holds about 18,000 recorded incidents of extraterrestrial abduction. The report is well known for data gathering and collection for study of hostile aliens and proposes strong recommendations for precaution against said alien abductions.


Is any supranatural force that invokes supreme power and omnipotence above Creation. It is usually a social construct of different religions.


Are slang word for archetypal extraterrestrial species, formally referred to as Zeta Reticulans or more commonly known as Grays. Popular portrayal of Greys usually have similar humanoid structured expression; A grey covered large headed and wide-oblangated eyes, supported by a grey small body with small limbs. Greys are allegedly featured alien species in the Lonnie Zamora Incident.


A spiritual leader aims to capitalize his/her knowledge, usually for profitable motives than enlightenment, and oftem times claim self-proclaimed titles.

Haim Eshed

Was the former chief officer of Israelis Military Force on Space Division. He is considered as the father of Israeli national space program. He was also known for disclosing the abandoned, old clandestine espionage program regarding Extraterrestrial relations with powerful governments around the world. In 2020, Eshed made an exclusive interview to the Jerusalem Post where he disclosed the data about extraterrestrial co-existence among government institutions. Eshed was director of space programs for Israel Ministry of Defense for nearly 30 years and former chair of the Space Committee of the National Council for Research and Development for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space and a member of the steering committee of Israel Space Agency.


Consequence of neutralization. Harmony is the perceived positive connotation of understanding between man and nature.

Herd Mentality

Is the ability not to think for YOURSELF, lack of independent emotional capacity, and a condition to react in FEAR. We can directly observe the mass social mobility in ideology or any big institutions were common ideals takes a sharp turn over the individual reservation and Autonomy of Free Will.


Are hybrid insect-human forms with invertebrate body structure. They have six joint areas that form an entire exoskeleton armor. These creatures has no vertebral enclosed structure but rather a whole exoskeletal frame that works to protect the entire body.


The Structure of Authority based on Coercion, Unequalized Power, and Material Forces manifesting in the Material Reality.


Are diminutive humanoid species originally lived in the hollow earth. These sentient creatures posses several super human abilities. Hobbits are shorter than an avergae human being, but has fundamental enchancement in basic senses and even extrasensory capabilities.

Hollow Earth Theory

Pertains to a special group of studies that proposes an challenge of alternative geographical premise for the scientific community. Though often panned by its mythological findings and un-scientific hypothesis of conceptualizing inner-earth as sprawling domain of unknown civilizations and cities.


Also known as the great famine was a man made genocide happened during the 1930s. Vast swaths of the rural soviet russia, particular to the central and eastern oblasts of Ukraine, the result was extreme famine due to the cause of man made industrialization. More than 3.5 million peasants and different slavic population were starved to death. Political scientist argue direct manipulation and control to the part of Joseph Stalin while other scholars suggest climate and weather intervention to cause systemic collapse of grain products in most of the soviet farmlands

Hopi Tribes

Are group of indigenous native american tribes living on the Hopi Reservation in Arizona. There is no precise explanation to the origins of Hopi people butit is mostly descended from the Ancestral Pueblo or Anasazi (Ancient Peoples). There are many archeological excavations of “Kivas” underground chambers which many Hopi dwell as habitats and homes. This underground excavations become the starting point for Warren Shufelt to hunt for Lizard people catacombs in Los Angeles.

Human DNA

Is the main biological particle and unit of life. Mankind undergone tremendous transformation in evolutionary structures. Even though molecular levels tel little tangible result it houses a fundamental physical changes in the Mind, Body, and to some extent the Spirit over the history of mankind.


Are basic literal “human-like” species that belong to other terrestrial habitable planets. They look human in almost every shape and form except having distinctive physical, biological, and psychological characteristics setting them apart from conventional homo sapiens.


was a concelaed soviet military experiment to produce “super-soldier” for the red army. The experiment was highly controversial due to the deliberate interference to wild animals through the application of artificial mutation.The chimpanzees were placed under nursery facilities to conduct cross-specie hybridization through the process of artificial insemination.

Hycean Planets

Are global ocean and hydrogen atmosphere or big ocean planets. According to the scientists, Hycean planets could greatly accelerate the search for life outside earth. In some ways they are reminiscent of Earth between the precambrian-cambrian geological period, featuring largely or even completely covered by oceans or infant exoplanets featuring emerging hydrospheres and a malevolent shatterstorms.


Are the “Fish humans” a humanoid species of pure marine life. Although unlike amphibiods these species can only surface on land for a brief amount of time. This species had natural gills to survive under water. It is also taught to have web-like fins along their limbs.


Is a set of beliefs attributed to a individual (individualism) or group of people. It is a rational system of ideas possessing distinct characteristics.

Immanuel Kant

He was a former German idealist philosopher that revolutionize Humanities and Philosophy by proposing a different synthetic view on phenomenology. His remarkable and esoteric concepts on idealism branded his distinguish name in Philosophy, also known as Kantian Ethics or Idealism, rose into fame among scholars of contemporary humanities. Although the old school classical empiricist were particularly smug against Kant. His philosophical work will forever be an authoritative hallmark in the wider humanities and social science.


Is the process of “taking in” or coiling of kundalini in a spiritual entity.


Is the initiative thought reaction in mind before commanding free will to make action.


A highly negative connotation. Many meanings can be associated with Inadequacy such can range from disappointment, pain, to misery in life. Jason Rigby simply discuss Inadequacy as phenomena of emptiness of having “not enough”.

Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution were a series of major technological development. This revolution has literally transformed the world and brought major technological changes across human civilization. The difference is night and day. Before the revolution, all of mankind lived under the substinence of agrarian horiculture and household craftmanship and by 1901 much of the products became widely available to anyone ever in human history.


Is doing the same thing over and over again. It is a relentless deluge of addiction.


Is state uncertainty or anxiety about oneself. Insecurity can be an extreme form of stress and lack of confidence. In some cases a symptom for depression.

Intelligent Infinity

Is entity describe on the Ra Material as a omnipotent like being that manifest in the wholeness of Creation. It resides on our thoughts, our actions, and life as an endless string of possibilities.


Are predetermined course of action made possible by partial commitment to take action and incomplete materialization of thoughts.

J. Allen Hynek

Was an american astronomer and ufologist. He supervised the Project Bluebook and presented before the UN in 1978, to propose an international authority on UFO. Dr. Hynek changed his earlier criticism on UFO when Project Bluebook was implemented in 1950’s. However, despite rigorous public relations efforts to approve UFO phenomena, the project failed to initiate credible scientific methodology to validate UFO sightings.

Joseph Stalin

Was a former soviet leader notorious for his cult personality. Stalin made great leaps for collective industrialization, state development, and military modernization throughout the soviet politburo. Stalin relentless assault for modernity didn’t conceal the fact that he was a vicious dictator that lead to millions of deaths. The infamous holomodor or great famine of Ukraine during the 1930s prove his ruthless bloodlust for death and mayhem. Joseph Stalin is considered as one of Russia’s decorated personality and will be remembered in history for his autocratic regime.

Judas Escariot/Iscario

Are two respective figures in the story of Jesus Christ. Popular knowledge of Judas paints him as the treacherous coward that sold Jesus out to the Roman military. However, the Billy Meier case clears out some historical inaccuracies from conventional bible context, and instead announces that Judas Escariot/Iscariot are two separate people unknown to the mainstream narrative.


Referred by Alex and Jason as jewish mysticism. It is a major denominations of unorthodox judaism where origins was based in various Western Esotericism, such as Christian Kabbalah and Hermetic Qabalah, a following made possible by jewish translation of the Hebrew Bible. They have a similar biblical text such as sacred the “Zohar”. Traditional Kabbalanism assumes the nature of God as transcendent and omnipotent divination, unknowing and infinite. Contemporary Kabbalanist belived in the material manifestation of God, in which for example, takes form in a public persona such as actors or politicians.


Is a cultural element in Ancient America and Mexico used to expressed different deities.


The Greek pathos of living life through moments, not time, as way towards achieving a ‘Good Life’.

Karl G. Jansky Land Satellite

Or more commonly known as “Very Large Array” Satellites are wavelength radio astronomy observatory stations located in central San Agustin, New Mexico. The site is composed of twenty-seven active 25-meter radio telescropes and optics, while one is kept in reserved. These radio telescropes are important components of National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) for research purposes and other information sharing mechanisms. NASA and other space agencies borrowed these equipment for enhance magnification and documentation of far away solar systems and stars near us. The US government may have strategic imperatives to place these satellite installations for purposes of observing and reviewing Alien frequencies and identity flying spacecrafts hovering within nearby vincities.


Great aunt of Ptaah. A Plejaren living in the isle of avalon which handed the mighty excalibur to Merlin, the great wizard.

King Arthur

Was a fierce sixth-century clan leader, a “war king”, who led his pagan warriors in bloody battles and raids. He was a slaughterer and kept the name the “Boar of Cornwall”.

KSK Germany

Special Forces Command was a brigade level which provide regular armed forces with specialized operational skills in unconventional warfare. This was one of German armed forces pride in special operations and tactical prowess against unconventional military threats; sabotage, terrorism, and complex land warfare doctrines. The group was disbanded and remove from service due to its corrupted reputation for disloyalty in command and subordination of authority. The group was also alleged to have occultist culture within..


Is a spiritual and cosmic phenomena where a living-creational entity activates its chakra, or “inner energy’, and rises within the physical avatar and forms a coiling “serpent”. The “serpent” then uncoils to merge positive and negative energies to co-exist.

Laissez Faire

Is an economic ideology that allows freedom of transactions between groups or individual free of any government interventions. People had control of their economic decisions and promotes a free market sytem thriving on competition. Every actor has the ability to intervene in the market.

Law of Cause and Effect/Causality

One of the cardinal virtues in Law of One. It is the universal process of every cause having corresponding effects, be it direct or indirect, as its consequence of action.

Law of Interaction

Is the force in-between Cause and Effect. It is the process of making action and interaction simultaenously as catalyst of change, Cause and Effect, merge into oneness as phenomena. The Ra Material explain this law in a much deeper sense of cosmology and logic.

Liberal Capitalism

The mainstream political and socio-economic theory, ideology, and philosophy that centers around the value of individual autonomy, freedom, and universal rights that empowers equal opportunities and free will.


A continental Philosophy, Political Ideology, and Economic Theory of enshrining the triumverate.


Is an ambigious political movement. It claims to have its origin within Left-Wing political circles or anti-authoritarian groups but gradually segwayed into different character as pluralism and new left movements sprung in late 20th Century. Libertarians prefer unfettered individual autonomy and freedom of choice, and primacy of private power over collective ethnics dictated by institutionalized power by the state.


In Creational terms refers to the thoughtful enlightenment of acquiring higher self-awareness and knowledge closer to the truth exibiting positive/or negative creational energy.

Lisa Kaltenegger

is the director of the Carl Sagan Institute at Cornell University and also an associate professor in Astronomy. Her research focuses on exploring interstellar worlds orbiting outside local star system.

Lizard People

Are reptalian “humanoid” race that lives underground systems of Los Angeles.

Lonnie Zamora Incident

Is a well—known local police incident happened in 1964. Police officer Lonnie Zamora was in a local pursuit of reckless driver when suddenly he encountered a explosion along the side of desert road. There were many local miners in Socorro, New Mexico. Little did he know that the cause of explosion was a downed Egg-Shaped spacecraft.


Is a mythotological giant cephalopod which describe as a giant cuttlefish, a half dragon, and half octopus. Contemporary portrayal display said that it is also half shark with massive squid tentacles.This chimeran sea monster said to dwell in the blue holes near Andros island. The lusca is said to grow over 75 ft (23 m), a long but no cases have been proven of octopus species growing up to even half these lengths. Popular myth tolds stories of attacks and devouring wreckages of merchant vessels.

Magical Circle

Is a theoretical and magical imaginary field where a higher density being provides a firewall encircling lower density channelers.


Is often relegated as a symbol of heroic acts. It is the action of selfless sacrifice for moral ascension which often portrays an exposure to the immoral and unholy persecution of people against religious belief. Dogma is the main driving force of martyrdom, it solely rejects the culture of religious gatekeeping as a means of control against free will.

Mass Media

Usually refers to the institution of information and people in transactional sense. It has residual effects on the mind, the body, and the spirit representing manipulative force to undermine Free Will and Independent Thinking for the self.

Material Reality

Is describe by Alex and Jason as the false sense of life and awareness of the universe. The temporal, dispensable objects of Creation which bears no instrinsic life and value. Recurring examples are money and the human body. These things do not define reality.

Meat Suit

A colloquial term by Jason Rigby and Alexander McCaig to describe the physical human body.


Is a peaceful action, process, or thinking of enhancing the thought through a well-preserve manner.

Mental Device

A mental object to meet a particular cognitive objective of the mind.


The supreme wizard/sorcerer in ancient england. He was the mentor and adviser of King Arthur which bestowed him the excalibur sword. Merlin commandeered all celtic druids work hand-in-hand with King Arthur’s military forces


Branch of philosophy that deals with the fundamental concern on the existence of reality.

Micro Behaviors

In conventional psychology are tiny disaggregation of unconscious feelings. Micro-behaviors are implicit emotional triggers that are influenced by attitudes and influences general behavior of a person.

Middle Class Economy

The class of socio-economic categories that falls between the lower middle-class and the upper-class individuals families that earned less than $50,000.00 per annum with a median $48,300.00 by relevant Bachelor educational attainment. They are the majority of workers and civilian that built the modern American population.

Middle Earth Theory

Is a overarching mythology about the concept of a “hollow” earth within the surface world. This theory conceptualizes that the earth is hollow and has substantial space. A version of the surface world filled with many magical creatures and objects of existence.

Military Industrial Complex

Or the MIC is an expression pertaining to a vast complex relationship of markets, private businesses, contractors & manufacturers, non-government organizations, and bureaucratic military offices that supplies a collective interest and influence to public policy and national defense. There are three major components namely; political organizations, financial institutions for military spending, and lobbying institutes to support bureaucracies. Big money defense corporations also bids contract for executive procurement of weapons and supplies.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

The trifecta of Creation in Man himself.

Missile Guided Defense System

An allegorical phrase by Alex used to described affirmative bias or belief. These are automatic reactions in biological and psychological senses.


Were invinted during the late 1950’s using advanced propulsion mechanism that utilizes new gaeses to accumulate speed beyond older models. These technologies were later used for National Defense as Strategic Delivery Systems of Nuclear Weapons and for Scientific Research as Vehicles in Space Exploration.

Modulated Galvanic Currents

Is the phenomena of different electrical voltage transmitted through neuroreceptors in an organism. This are conductive processes that charge the nervous system enabling activation of the brain to process thoughts and basic human senses to perceive the world around. It is comparable to a differential accumulator which these currents adapts to variation of charges and electricity depending on alignments of energy.


Is simply the processes of varying elemental properties in waveform. It commonly carry information to be transmitted. Ubiquious examples are audio signal, video signals, digital signals, and even cellular networks tangled across the technological civilization of humans today.


Is the idea of interwoven narratives, stories, and themes embedded within the collective oneness of mankind.


Are socio-political movements that advocates.


Are illogical beliefs that aim to obstruct CREATION or counterbalance institutionalize norms acceptable in society.


Or the National Aeronautics and Space Agency. This is the premier American space agency responsible for leading exploration of mankind in outerspace. Recent developments and extraterrestrial revelations often been caused by the disturbance of such NASA exploration and deep space operations. The government agency is central to Higher Density Living’s discussion.

National Renaissance Party

Was a disbanded political party in the United States having deep-rooted origins in European fascism. This party was controversial due to its occultist identity as well as their historical origins from classical European fascism.


Is a family of philosophical worldviews that holds the essence, value of everything is nothing but “natural elements”. Be it tangible as nature itself, or the intangible feelings, emotions, and passion of human experience, psychology, or knowledge. The philosophy foundationally sets itself upon the principle from the natural sciences to pertain the phenomena of experience.


These are described as energies, forces, or entities that attribute specific properities in contrast to Positivity.


Is a hebrew translation for “giants.” The hebrew bible has obscure etymology for this word as it can refer to monsters from hell or fallen angels. There are also non-christian mythologies surrounding the interpretations for nephilims.

Nervous Impulse

Or synapse in Physiology, refers to the chemical tranmission of energy signals in fiber membranes that stimulates a presynaptic and synaptic binding of receptors into neurotransmitter.


Is the study of chemicals affecting neutransmitting particles and other molecules that control and influence the physiology of central nervous system. This study focuses on the biochemistry of electric current or “synapses” travelling between each neurons forming within a neural network.


Is the extraction of non-polarize energy of Creation. It can be culled from the environment or thoughts to be converted in a neutral state. You look at neutrality from a learning sense regardless of the positive and negative positions.


Neutron is an sub-atomic particle of same proportion as Photon and Electrons but it bears no charge on its nucleus.

Nicholas Notovitch

Was a Russo-Crimean aristocrat and journalist, known for his 1894 book “The Unknown Years of Jesus Christ” claiming that during unexplained events of Jesus in the Bible he left Galilee for India and studied with Buddhists and Hindus before returning to Judea.


The belief (ironic) or philosophy that nothing in existence matters of any value. Life is meaningless.

Non-Destructive Inspections

Or (NDI) is a forensic methodology of US Air Force to investigate system-wide maintenance of military equipment and materials. This is method is imployed to systematically scan, detect, and intervene possible future deficiencies. This maintenance provides technical and combat readiness of military equipment and weapons.


Define the general term. In the context of Higher Density Living Alex-Jason describes the Nurse as Symbol of surrendering your free will to other people. It is by definition of a Nurse taking other persons’ Disease, hence in profound meaning to life, you pushing out your burdens and learning experiences by listening to other people and caring too much for them.

Objective Reality

For Ayn Rand she defines Objective Reality exists as an objective absolute, impervious to our wishes or desires.


The infamous philosophical system by Ayn Rand. Objectivist argue that reality exist independently outsisde the consciousness. It is a moral realist rendering of a Objectivist ontology and a Rationalist epistemology. The Individual and Self Interest being core tenets project power and “existential” autonomy from society.


The study or philosophy of nature, both Subject and Objects, of reality. It ask the questions on reality, truths, and consistency of matters.

Oregon Vortex

Is a 1930’s roadside attraction located on Sardine Creek in Gold Hill, Oregon. The Attraction boast a unique park for optical illusions where a tilted wooden bungalow sits inside a forest area. It makes it a sense of paranormal scenery awesome for Ghost Hunters and paranormal enthusiasts and tourist alike. The Gold Hill area has optical effects that gives the eye an illusionary reflection of light coming down hill.

Orion Group

Referred from the Ra Material to the inter-solar groups of extraterrestrials with Negative Oriented Energies that influence Earth and Other Civilizations.


Is a collective expulsion against one member of a society. Synonymous to the modern cancel culture, ostracism remains a prominent negative oriented force today. Cancel culture movements had taken up the mantle and so it remains viable today.


He first known interstellar object of unknown origin detected passing through the Solar System. It is obloid spherical jettisoned into our local solar system. An important piece for “astro-archeology” with other proponents speculate it as legitimate spacecraft passing through accelerated space travel.

Outer Space Colonization

Is a hypothetical permanent settlement and exploitation of natural resources ar celestial objects other than planet Earth. As such it is a forming of human presence in space, beyond normal human spaceflight and operating space outposts.

Paranormal Activity

Refers to the general perception relating to occurrence of a phenomena without scientific
explanation. In relation to Higher Density Livings’ Context we can point out the idea of Extrasensory Perceptions or the sixth sense as a common ground.


Is the absence of conflicts and violence. It can vary in temporal and spatial context according to differentiating circumstances from the Individual or to a Community.


Is the organization of sensory information in order to understand phenomena or physical environment. Perception involves various signal processing that through the nervous system and the brain, which creates a product of physical sensitivity or chemical stimulation of the sensory-nervous system.

Persecutory Delusion

Is the widespread psyche of victim mentality as describe by Plejaren Aliens.


Is a signification of human personality in terms of public image or social web among outside relationships.

Phantom pregnancy

Is a false sense of pregnancy. In the context of alien abduction, Phantom pregnancy simply means a condition of abducted females feeling pregnant.


Is the positive charge elementary particle in the sub-atomic field.

Physical/Material Sciences

Refers to the general branch of Human Knowledge dealing with the study of phenomena in the “Natural World” i.e. the physical world in our reality. It ranges from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as the complete trifecta of Disciplines in Material Sciences. Material Sciences mainly follows an objectivist epistemology and methodology that simply meant there is no subjectivities in knowing the laws of nature but is only limited to the understanding of what we currently know.

Plastic Perfectionism

Is an described characteristic coined by HDL’s Jason Rigby. It refers to a artificial behavior in material reality where capitalistic intriciacies dominate every detail, work, and life of social actions.

Placebo Effect

Is a psychological phenomena where the perception of recovery or healing is felt through indirect cognitive responses. Giving trust, confidence, and perception of recovery is much more efficient than any other pharmaceutical drug.


Pronounced as “Play-Yar-En,” is the name of an extraterrestrial race according to Swiss ufologist Billy Meier.


The state of having two or more configurations of relative energies, forces, and/or entities in contradiction to each other.


The human activity to achieve something or someone through authority and command of Freewill, either by Coercion or Influence, as means to an end.

Positive Neutral Behavior

Is a novel approach coined by Alex-Jason from Higher Density Living. This approach bears neutrality of thoughts.


According to the Philosophy of Science as the grand ontology of emulating scientific thought outside of the natural sciences; such as Economics and Social Sciences.


These are described as energies, forces, or entities that attribute specific properities in contrast to Negativity.


Primate-like aliens with four limbed bodies. These aliens has very dynamic kinetic abilities due to having extra limbs. They can mostly crawl into high walls and elevated areas.


In computer engineering a Program usually defined as the central command and operating system of a device. In this line of definition we can easily contextualize the term as Higher Density Living is used as an metaphor for the organization of your life.

Project Bluebook

(March 1952-1969) was a high-profile USAF military intelligence program designed for a systematic study of Unindentified Flying Objects. The project began as a demand for public
disclosure of UFO activities sighted within various localities, binding under the Freedom of Information Act, as mode of public transparency for USAF. Due to lack of credibility, Project Bluebook was terminated in 1969 with the verdict of flimsy UFO sighting as unrealiable.


Is the scientific study of the human mind. Congenially theoretical and objective, contemporary pscyhology lacks pragmatic treatment to patients. Theory falls under the rug of untruthfulness and inept understanding of complex subjectivities.


Is the commander of the Plejaren spacecraft fleet. He is the king of Wisdom in the Plejaren alien race.


Refers to anything measurable by quantity. The adherance to relative quantity rather than unique quality.


In the context of Ufology is not a derivative to Medical term. Quarantine is the location of the Alien Contact were governmental force demarcates area of responsibility to maintain further spread of foreign contamination, expose, and/or infection to domestic organisms of Earth/p>

Quantum Physics

Is a fundamental theory in physics that provides a description of the physical properties of nature at the scale of atoms and subatomic particles. However, some scientist argue that it is not only about particles, but it covers a “Theory” for “Everything”. Quantum Physics provides mathematical models for probability and motion in vacuum.


The Application of Balance in Morality, Rationality, and Identity.


Is an extreme ideology of punishing non-western ethnicities through deliberate discrimination and institutionalize violence. The west often perceives itself as a cultural hegemon, the center of civilization carry out to colonize other territories and the task to transform its native as a form of “white mans” burden. As a contemporary social issue, higher density living provides healthy nuance and discourse to fight against negative forces of hate and bigotry.

Ra Material

Are series of book volumes written by Carla Ruekert, Don Elkins, and James Allen McCarty. This book narrates.


Is the actuality of thoughts. This is the moment of “materializing” thoughts or the moment of understanding, making sense of a thing. Realization takes time to process complete understanding.


Is the basic restoration of amity between two conflicting parties.


Also known as “Reductionism” is a western philosophical-analytic method of reducing complex phenomena into simple constructs for easy understanding. It is simplification of reality based on Philosophy of Science.


Is the re-binding and coiling of the Kundalini serpert as it emerges upward to the surface from Earth to Sentient Living Entities.


Is a social institution of belief systems. It brings an idea of worship and faith of supranatural entity express through personal Gods or Deities.

Remote Viewing

Is an example form of extrasensory perception whereby a being has precognition of future sight. It is often informally known as Second Sight where mainstream scientific communities of clinical psychology often dismissed as pseudoscience.


Is a period happened in Europe during the late 15th and Early 16th Centuries. It is simply a revival of classical antiquities in the Study of Humanities and Liberal Arts across the board. New thinkings in politics, fine arts, and empirical science become a meta-normative character of Renaissance philosophy. This period sprung a massive innovations in material sciences particularly that of Gallilean Astronomy became a popular school of thought to bolster interest in the study of celestial bodies.


Are set of practices to channel spiritual energy from the Material to the Non-Material Realm.


A person who’ve achieve excellent understanding and knowledge. A person with palpable wisdom.


In abrahamic-judeo religion is the phenomena of saving from evils of Earth. It is a hope given by God to follow believers of christian faith to lead good will in all creation.

Scandinavian Ghost Rockets

Are unidentified projectiles first recorded on 1946 in Sweden. These rockets or missiles were alledgely V-2 rockets but no official document neither confirms or denies the legitimacy of claims. These objects resurfaced in early 1980s when AUTEC research facility detected unusual flight pattern above the Andros island.

Schumann Resonance

Are sets of low frequency vibrations on the earth’s electromagnetic field. It was discovered by Winfried Otto Schumann, a german physicist, which he theorize a physical phenomena between space and the surface of the earth conductive ions. In the normal mode descriptions of Schumann resonances, the fundamental mode is a standing wave in the Earth–ionosphere cavity with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth. Schumann targets the perfect wavelength between 3 Hz through 60 Hz with the fundamental frequency peaks in 7.83 Hz.


Is the infamous security forces of NRP. They are task to secure the political survival of the party by conducting covert operations and regular security audit.


Is having fundamental trust to own abilities and character. Having a sense of basic trust to self ignites a catalyst for change.


In conjucntion with Self-Enlightenment the idea of Self- Awareness takes the familiar concepts of using individual Free Will and Creational Energy to learn and experience.


As defined by Jason Rigby, self-confidence is all about having the ability to logically look at the risks without the influence of fear. As prescribe by the fourth principle of an aspiring one it is one of the key aspects for creational triumphalism and free will to be possible.


This is a term coined to contexualize by Jason Rigby and Alexander McCaig in Higher Density Living. It is your personalize “Enlightenment” where your individual truths and experiene are verified by Free Will and Capacity to Reason.


Also synonymous to sanctimoniousness and sententiousness is a feeling or projection of moral-superiority relative to other morales derivative from personal belief systems, actions, and associations individual in nature.

Service to Others

The ultimate expression to give love into others. A commitment to learning and teaching while serving the purpose of Creation.

Seven Principles of an Aspiring One

A concept by Billie Meier where he prescribes seven principles to achieve awareness and higher state of consciousness. Following these seven principles enables passion, logic, and creation to follow through.


Is a unorthodox religious and spiritual practice where it goes through the consciousness of the shaman. The purpose is primarily centered of channeling spiritual energy into the physical-material world for the purpose of meditative healing, divination, or helpful ways to produce positive impact on human life.


The Hindu spiritual kingdom depicted in Indian Mythology. The sanctum of Gods,Goddess, and different hindu deities.

Shellback Initiation

Or more commonly known as “line-crossing ceremony” a USN tradition dating back in 1775. This long standing tradition is a baptismal rite for any sailor and seamen in the US Navy to show exceptional commitment and capability to prolong conduct naval operations. The navy tend to joke it as a challenge against King Neptune by overcoming high seas and conquering natural hardships serving the Navy. There is also an official shellback certificate for graduated sailors as token of completion.

Sigmund Freud

The father of Modern Psychology and founder of Psycholoanalysis. Freud was infamous for his fundamental Dream Analysis canon and his Psychosexual Development Theory was wildly acclaim in the discipline of psychology.

Silk Road

Was a transcontinental economic network that existed in Eurasia. It is not a literal road, nor it is a linear route. This vast stretch of economic lanes criss-cross from Europe via the southern regions of Turkey to Central Asia, or the Middle East as alternative route. The Silk Road was the first major economic engagement between the West and the East. In many sense, it can be consider as a first in many global exchange of ideas, cultures, norms, and products.

Skinwalker Ranch

Is 512 acre of land located in Ballard, Utah. This astonishing land claims to posses many alien phenomenon and even abnormal forces forces existing outside the quantum realities (portals) of this universe.

Skull and Bones

Is an elite student brotherhood of wealthy and powerful politicians studied in Yale University. This secret student society is well guarded by an elite class of political dynasties and successful oil-business companies. Former POTUS George H.W. Bush and former US secretary John Kerry are among fine members of this society.

Social Memory Complex

A collection of minds working together as an singular unit.

Social Pathology

Is a contemporary concept in modern social sciences relating to aspects of social structure as well as particular behaviors attributed to these structures and categories of human agency. For reference see Mary Douglas book “Purity and Danger” (1966). Social pathology is derivative to the concepts of enlightenment and social memory complex discussed in higher density living. As a social construct it takes a more anthropocentric approach. For example, pre-enlightenment pathology relied on human nature “politics” characterized by ideas of supernatural forces governing social relations; it transformed in the enlightenment of social transgression during the French revolutions. Structuralist social science like that of Emile Durkheim’s espouse anomie as the consequences of mechanical and organic social facts in modern industrial sciences.

Social Science

The human knowledge of social relationships. It is often, though contested, the scientific study of society through systematic methods and conceptual analysis.

Social Sciences

Refers to the general branch of Human Knowledge dealing with the study of “Social” phenomena in the “Social Reality”. This social reality is usually distinct to the Objective Laws of Nature as found in the Physical World. Social Sciences aims to emancipate mankind from himself and to make sense of the social world around him. This is usually the bridge between the objective universe of positivism and the metaphysical world of the social and the unseen realities.


Is a technique which uses the passage of sound through spaces for navigation, communication to signa other ships, and detection of objects under the surface of water.


A modern Westphalian concept that derives from the emmanent power of the political entity, namely the State, to instrumentalize material power and wealth to serve the national interest. Modern democratic studies suggest that Sovereignty is not limited to the State but also can be applied towards the liberated invidual where social contract is possible between him and the state.


Is the basic assumption that humans are simply the superior and sole dominant specie existing on planet earth. In other words humans are the apex predator. This term has been dissuaded by the scientific community due to politically correctness and actual accuracy of term within mainstream biology.

Spiritual Sciences

Refers to the general branch of sciences that deals with passion for cosmic power beyond human enlightenment. It is quasi material and social sciences impinging in the realm of metaphysics. Spiritual Sciences has both dogmatic dimensions because of its religious proponents and non-dogmatic approach where redeeming values of meditation, focus, and light in wisedom guide us to know more about our life and our shared world in this universe.


Or the “Blackbird” was strategic reconnaissance, long-range jetplane operated by
NASA and United States Air Force. The aircraft was originally designed in early 1950s and launched its maiden flight in 1964. The aircraft become technically operational by early 80’s. Blackbird is designed for above mach 3 plus speeds. The SR-71 is remarkble for its groundbreaking speeds and range of altitude, it is also one of the more sophisticated stealth technology ever in a aircraft.

State Corporatism

Is a revisionist render of european fascism against laissez faire political economies. State corporatism is an oligarchic culture and ideology that breeds bureaucratic nepotism in government positions and staunch monopoly of wealth from owners of big corporations. Big business with direct patronage to political institutions that ultimately empowers a single totalitarian apparatus, the state is a corporation of different interest elite groups aim to maximize wealth and centralize power.


A doctrine that unique mental activity is only investigative to empirical inquiry.


A political and occult philosophy of “Harmonious” or “ Joint” rule.


Is the premier federal and state-owned Russian news agency. It is named as Information Telegraph Agency of Russia (ITAR-TASS) after the disintegration of Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union. This is one of major intelligence as well as public information arm for the Russian government and Russian armed forces.

The Bible

Is the holy tome of Christian Religion. It is divided by two books; the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The Devil

The religious and social construction of a mythological and divine being of all things wicked and evil. Devil is sometimes considered as the negative polarity of a “God” where all the desirable qualities ‘inherent’ to it the Devil posses all the opposite.

The Essenes

The Essenes were a mystic Jewish sect during the Second Temple period that flourished from the 2nd century BCE to the 1st century CE. The Jewish historian Josephus records that Essenes existed in large numbers, thousands lived throughout the diaspora of the Roman Judaea.The Essenes lived in various cities but congregated in communal life dedicated to voluntary poverty, daily immersion, and practice of asceticism. The Essenes have gained fame in modern times as a result of the discovery of an extensive group of religious documents known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, which are commonly believed to be the Essenes’ library. These documents preserve multiple copies of parts of the Hebrew Bible untouched from possibly as early as 300 BCE until their discovery in 1946.

The Federation

Is a inter-galactic council of different civilizations across this universe. They form a organizational body that observes evolution of different far-reaching lifeforms, like planet Earth, and regulates technological advances to maintain balance and preserve respect of Free Will.

The “Humanzee” Soviet Project

Was a failed and high profile former Soviet military project/experiment during the cold war. The idea was conducting cross-species breeding between human and primates which a primary objective to achieve ground force superiority against US infantry. Some aspects of this experiment included producing “super solders” for the Red Army.This project was devised by Joseph Stalin’s top profile military scientist, army staff, and generals. Ilia Ivanov, the project’s leading figure, designed a biochamber to nurse 20 experimental chimps. These chimps could have extraordinary capabilities such as enchanted mental capacity, impressive muscular-physical strength, and advanced physical mobility to perform superior combat skills compared to regular human soldiers.

The Law of Hammurabi

The Ancient Babylonian Law where a codified socio-political rules serves an integral function in Babylonian Civilization.

The Legend of Ur

Is one of the famous landmarks of the Greek Philosopher Plato. Ur according to his book The Republic describes the manifestation of Utopia as a astral plane of afterlife where scientific thought and complete enlightenment reign supreme among a organized world it inhabits. Modern analysis of Ur is linked through a probable artifact of celestial astronomy with a crisp account of moral-spiritual dimensions of utopia, or “Higher Densities” in the context of Ra Material, a plane of perfect existence containing no smears of delusional reality.

The Lost Years of Jesus

Generally refers to the period of Jesus’s life between his childhood and the beginning of his ministry, a period of his not described in the New Testament of then Holy Bible. This topic became a center topic to many religious scholars of orthodox christianty and Catholic studies.

The Ra Material

A series of book published in 1981 by Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and James Allen McCarty. It entails canonical scriptures of the “Law of One” as narrated by the disembodied voice of RA.


Are humanoid like lifeforms with bodies sustaining from several climatic ranges. These species had burning blood and a regulatory organ that controls body temperature.

The Round Table

Is the infamous furniture from the arthurian legend. It is the place where king arthur and his knights conglomerate their strategic planning, and celebrate festivities and victories of battles. This table, and the excalibur, is an immortalize symbol of King Arthur’s power.

The TR-3B

Is a top profile and clandestined US military aircraft ordered for comission under the USAAF Aurora program. This aircraft had a triangular hull design with revolutionary radiation absorbing stealth technology to virtually deflection radar signatures. It has features a radical propulsion system using concentric rings that shift power on altitude. Alex and Jason remarks the aircraft as having the visible guilt of the US government for hiding alien technology to public knowledge and information.

The Undiscovered Self

Is a seminal work of Carl Jung in his Analytical Psychology of anindividual. It was originally published in 1958.

Thought Sprout

Are spiraling thoughts bursting out from the mind to create the process of action. This was coined by Jason Rigby where he illustrate spontaneous triggers and emotional impulses.

Tongue of the Ocean (TOTO)

Is a region and body of water having much deeper than the Bahamas locating between the islands of Andros and New Providence. It is U-shaped, having relatively flat bottom trenches. It is 30 by 240 kilometers wide with a depth of 3,600 feet. It is one of the deepest blue holes in the carribeans.


Is a colloquial term for a highly negative characterisitics of a Person showing an absence of remorse to harming other people.

Toxic Emotions

Are emotions of unstable recognition from a false sense of reality. This are usual habitus of human behavior more common in people living under a material reality.

Toxic Masculinity

Is a gender perspective and belief that Male steoretypes exist to justify biological, social, and even spiritual caricatures that are dervied from aggressive behavior and domination.

Transdimensional Gate

Is an open passage enabled by the distortion of time and space. This has been also another prominent feature in the bermuda triangle and was cited by several eye witness accounts where claimed to devour aicrafts and ships over certain areas within the bermuda triangle.


Is the accumulative effect of self-confidence, assurance, and decisive strength. Triumphalism is the phenomena where you succeed in the universe. The final process for an aspiring individual towards higher state of beingness.


Refers to the investigation of unidentified flying objects by people who believe that they
may be of extraordinary origins.

UFO Task Force Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group

Or more commonly refereed to as AOIMSG is a US military and government sub-agency responsible for scientific research and development of tasks learning, discovering, and application of Alien technology for human use. This is an inter-agency coverage which has unlimited access to all resources of the government and all related government programs to extraterrestrial life.


According to Freudian psychoanalytic paradigm, is the part of the mind inactive or the source of dreams and automatic thoughts. Slips of random words and jokes when drunk are good instances to illustrate unconsciousness.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force

Or more commonly refereed to as UAPTF is a cyber-military and USAF task force responsible for reconnaissance, data gathering, and atmospheric determination on the nature and origins of extraterrestrial races. Like AOIMSG, this government unit is highly classified and is dispelled from the general public knowledge.

Unidentified Flying Object

More commonly known as UFOs are unclassified objects hovering at space, atmosphere, or within Earth’s outer-space.


The extreme dominance or “Hegemony” of one entity against everything.

Unity Boundary

The threshold between the binaries of Space/Time and Time/Space continuum.

Upper Limit Dilmma

A concept by American Psychologist Gay Hendricks to explain the maximum tolerance and capacity of human emotion . It is usually precipitated by hidden barriers unseen to human eye.

Urban Mythology

Or more commonly known as urban legends are inspired stories that telltales fictional, controversial accounts to immortalize an idea of origin.

USCGC Sweetgum

Is a mesquite class tender vessel.This ship was used by the United States Coast Guard for auxiliary purposes, mainly for humanitarian assistance and salvaging operations. In early 1980s, Sweetgum became the carrier ship for AUTEC’s classified deep sea operation to test out advanced sonar technology. On february 2,1990 was recommissioned and relocated to Naval Station Mobile, Alabama.

Uther Tudur Pendragon

Is the father of King Arthur. He impregnated Ygerna, the victim of Pendragon’s insidious adultery. Like his son, King Uther Pendragon was a great warrior chief that wield tremendous military power against the onslaughts of roman expansionism.


The state of perfect harmony. An ideal society where there is minimal flaw and great reduction towards violence, suffering, sadness, and negative conditions.


It usually has a vertical enclosed backbone structure. The backbone is scientifically referred to as the “vertebral column” which connects the torso (upper bodies) and the hips and limbs (mid to lower bodies). Vertebrates are sparingly unique in their own design as it allows for more flexible biological design while maintaining a familiar look.

Victim Mentality

Are common traits of buck-passing blame or being straight out lazy to commit self-responsibility accountable to actions. These are ubiquitious human behavior that is a cognitive by-product of Late Stage Capitalism.


The naked Use of Force to coerce someone or something as a means to an end. Excessive use of Violence or Brutality is an end to itself.

Volunteerism Free Will

Is a key ethos and philosophical pathos of David Hume. Volunteer “Free Will” is understanding that human freedom and moral responsibility can be reconciled with (causal) deterministic factors.

Voronezh Oblast

It is a administrative region of Russian federation. It is located in the center of Russian-Eurasian border. The provincial region is well known for its advantageous strategic location, transport links to the site going to the industrial regions of Russia.


A concept of two belligerent civilizations exchanging tremendous violence and destruction to one another.

White Sands Incident

Was a reported alien sighting incident in Las Cruces where Dr. Daniel Fry took a special ride with an Alien Operator.

White Sands Missie Range (WSMR)

Is a former USAF strategic missile stations in New Mexico. This area is one of the major open air ranges and open spaces for military forces rapid mobilization. WSMR had several historical signifinance, most prominent among was the landbank “Trinity” site where the first atomic bomb was detonated. The experimentation of V-2 Rocket propulsion systems in Launch Complex 33 or Army Launch Area Number 1 for DoDs technical development for future aircraft design. WSMR is the main setting for Dr. Daniel Fry’s remarkable contact with Alon and its fellow extraterrestrial crew.


Is an ideology of extreme disgust and hatred towards other human races. An colloquial term with Nazism.


Is the hebrew namesake of the Abrahamic Deity of Israel and the general catholic Church. Often the name is referenced through the scriptures of the Bible.


In astronomy refers to position of vertically opposite direction of to the gravitational force i.e. directly opposite to the gravitational pull. It is the highest point on the sphere and thus, the farthest up from the gravitational force. It also refers to the nadir of an celestial body from the vantage point of an observer.