This is the third episode on the discussion of Alexander’s thesis on the Non-Locality of the Mind. In this episode, we shift our focus towards Stanford’s most peculiar and prestigious psychological research, a deep learning towards the inner working of our minds.

The extensive research conducted by the Stanford Research Institute between 1972 and 1992. Imagine, they managed to secure funding for a staggering 20 years. This wasn’t just any ordinary project; it was a profound exploration into human consciousness, funded without the backing of major entities like the Department of Energy. The commitment to such a project for two decades speaks volumes about the depth and significance of their findings.

This research was government-sponsored, indicating a level of knowledge and insight into human consciousness that remains largely undisclosed. The implications of releasing such information are monumental, potentially transforming the very fabric of society. The government likely fears that a widespread understanding of this research could fundamentally shift our collective consciousness, challenging existing power structures and potentially rendering traditional institutions like themselves, or even organized religion, obsolete.

The underlying theme here is the immense power of knowledge and the fear of those in authority that is power, once disseminated among the general populace, could undermine their control. The Vatican, for example, is rumored to conceal extensive records and artifacts that could similarly revolutionize our understanding of history, spirituality, and our place in the universe.

Knowledge truly is power. There’s an inherent might to ideas that, when understood and acted upon, can instigate profound change. The moment people begin to grasp and utilize this hidden knowledge effectively, the constructs we’ve long perceived as unassailable—like government and religious institutions—could rapidly lose their grip on society. This is why such information is zealously guarded and why, despite the potential benefits to humanity, it remains accessible to only a select few.

In a world where the accumulation of wealth and power has transcended centuries, institutions like the Vatican and Harvard stand at the pinnacle of influence, not merely through their enduring legacies but also through their vast resources. The Vatican, with its historical accumulation of wealth since the 1300s, benefits from compound interest on an unimaginable scale. Such wealth, paralleled by Harvard’s significant endowment, hints at the capability of these institutions to engage in pursuits far beyond the mundane. They don’t just operate universities or churches; they’re entities with the financial muscle to delve into mysteries that could alter our understanding of history and reality itself.

Among these interests could be the recovery and analysis of alien artifacts. Given their resources, institutions like the Vatican has vested efforts to clean up and conceal extraterrestrial sites, as it serves as anathema to its function as an institution of ideology. This isn’t just about the financial capability but also about the control of knowledge that could potentially established narratives. The operation, akin to a military or secret service mission, might involve not just physical cleanup but also an intellectual and emotional influence over the masses, maintaining the societal status quo while exploring realms beyond our understanding.

This idea doesn’t stray far from historical precedents. The Jesuits, for example, served not just as missionaries but as protectors of the Church’s interests, allegedly engaging in espionage and assassination to safeguard their influence. This tradition of operating from the shadows, influencing events without claiming citizenship or allegiance, parallels modern conspiracy theories suggesting that today’s powerbrokers might employ similar tactics in the realm of extraterrestrial engagement.

Behind closed doors, the world’s most powerful institutions may engage in activities that go far beyond their public missions, driven by the endless human pursuit of understanding the unknown, whether that involves hidden wealth, alien artifacts, or the very nature of reality itself.

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