Welcome back to Higher Density Living! In this episode, Alexander McCaig invites a special guest, Aage Nost, a Norwegian born spiritual scientist and metaphysicist goes deep into the  hidden Nazi Alien Mothership and it’s technologies. The episode covers a broad stroke of topics ranging from German occultism to advanced alien technology.

In Bavaria, a colossal disc, measuring around 60 meters in diameter, descended from the skies, sparking curiosity and intrigue among those who encountered it. Despite their efforts, gaining access to its interior proved to be a daunting challenge. However, upon exploring its surface, they stumbled upon a peculiar spot where mere touch prompted the disc’s side to unfurl, granting them entry. Inside, they encountered an enigmatic alloy that defied comprehension, a mystery that had eluded them since its appearance in 1936.

According to Wendell Stevens, the experience was nothing short of surreal. When attempting to manipulate the disc, an uncanny sensation of weightlessness befell those who pushed against it, hinting at a sophisticated mechanism within that defied conventional understanding—a gravity-nullification bubble generated by an unknown source. Efforts to relocate the disc were eventually successful, with it falling under the custody of the German Luftwaffe, the country’s air force. From there, it found its way into the hands of two clandestine organizations: the Thule Society and the Black Sun, both notorious for their secrecy and exclusivity. Membership in these societies was reserved for the elite, including even Adolf Hitler himself, who purportedly joined the Thule Society.

The influx of brilliant minds and cutting-edge scientists into these covert circles catalyzed the development of a German space program, marked by innovations such as the V2 rocket. While earlier iterations failed to breach the confines of Earth’s atmosphere, an extended version equipped with greater fuel capacity succeeded in achieving space travel before 1940. Capturing a glimpse of our planet from orbit, the Germans obtained a photograph that predated claims made by the American space program. Despite subsequent assertions by the United States of being the first to capture such an image, the German photograph, though grainy and modest, revealed a subtle curvature of the Earth, underscoring their advancements in aerospace technology. Moreover, it is believed that the roots of anti-gravity research within German territories can be traced back to the 1920s during the era of the Weimar Republic, marking a pivotal period of exploration and innovation in the pursuit of scientific frontiers.

Maria Orsic was associated with esoteric and occult movements in early 20th-century Germany. Born on October 31, 1895, in Zagreb, Croatia (then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire), she became known for her involvement in the Vril Society, a secretive group that purportedly delved into paranormal and psychic phenomena.

Maria Orsic | EverybodyFamous Wiki | Fandom

(A portrait phot of Maria Orsic)

Orsic was a medium and a channeler who claimed to receive messages from extraterrestrial beings, particularly from a race of Nordic-looking aliens from the star system Aldebaran. These messages were said to contain detailed instructions on advanced propulsion systems, anti-gravity technology, and other scientific concepts far ahead of their time.

In 1919, Orsic, along with several other like-minded individuals, founded the Vril Society in Munich, Germany. The society purportedly sought to harness the Vril energy, a hypothetical life force akin to chi or prana, for various purposes, including psychic empowerment and technological advancement. Orsic’s alleged communications with extraterrestrial entities fueled the society’s belief in the existence of an ancient and technologically advanced civilization, possibly located in Aldebaran, which had seeded humanity and held the key to unlocking advanced technologies.

The secret space program unveils a range of advanced spacecraft, like the Haunebu series. The Haunebu 2, at 26 meters across, boasted a Thule Takonator 7C engine and a magnetic directional impulse generator for navigation. With a gyroscope for stability, it could reach speeds of 13,000 miles per hour and ascend to 60,000 feet in three minutes. Its plasma field bubble negated air friction, using counter-rotating mercury and red mercury chambers to generate a gravitational nullification effect.

We can see the influence of Victor Schauberger’s natural principles inspired the design, aligning with the Thule Society’s beliefs. This society, linked to Maria Orsic’s channeling of extraterrestrial knowledge, sought to replicate nature’s mechanics. The Haunebu series evolved, integrating Victallium metal and deuterium for enhanced performance. This tech remained hidden until the discovery of hidden German “ice” bases. While much of the German technology remains hidden or destroyed, remnants persist. Base 211 in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, supposedly harbors Nazi remnants. The haboring secret advanced technologies are aggressively exploited by great powers, in order to serve its respective military industrial complex. 

Speculations arise regarding their influence, even within the United States, with claims of Nazi remnants infiltrating post-war programs like Operation Paperclip and shaping entities like the CIA.

The hidden truths and unanswered questions surrounding these clandestine phenomena serve as a reminder of the complexities of untold history must be unravel into light. 

Aage Nost is a Norwegian-born author, lecturer, and researcher known for his work on topics related to metaphysics, consciousness, and extraterrestrial life. He has written books on subjects such as reincarnation, past lives, and alternative history. Learn more about his work through official Youtube, LinkedIn, and Facebook channels. 

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