New Star-Shaped UFOs Being Spotted


In this episode, we discuss a local news incident, a witness of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena of a UFO with a benign shape/or form. Two separate witnesses in Mexico captured footage of a bizarre-looking star-shaped object that strangely hovered in the sky.

Is it an alien or is it an unknown military drone/ aircraft? A lot of skeptics provide us no shrewd explanation.  Witnesses describe a black spiky oddity “moved very slowly and remained static for a long time”.

Though, this episode backtracks many of Higher Density Living’s related themes and subject matter. It is a “tour de force” as our hosts traverse their discussion. The universe offers its vast spaces to all forms of creation. Mankind is no exception, we are not an exclusive intelligent lifeforms.

This begs some questions. First, There is an abundance of UFO documents laying around. How much more can it take before the public actually accepts its realization? Second, How can portrayals of science fiction be wildly accepted as normal but witnessing actual, real life depiction of UFO literally blow our heads off?, and lastly, how does our way of life as a specie grow rapidly each second? There must be higher entities out there conspiring with our material evolution.

We can only really speculate about what is currently in development, but some rumors may have some truth to them, and others that we do know something about, of not everything. We are seeing a lot of crafty, unique geometric designs of recent UFO sightings. There are metals that can move its own particles despite its solid, rigid molecular structures.

As always, Higher Density Living reserves no dogma because only the truth prevails in the universe. History is judged by enlightened communities, and the Higher Density Living podcast is committed to the same cause. You are the center of the universe. Let us join Alexander and Jason as they talk about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in this episode of Higher Density Living.

1:28 – Alexander and Jason discuss thematic analysis on popular culture.
3:43- Is there such a thing as a star shaped UFO?
4:25- Jason describes the UAP incident. The craft has mild media exposure.
5:01- There is strong suggestion that it might be a classified military aircraft.
6:01- Invasive species destroy local ecosystems.
6:31- Revisiting the Alpha male mentality.
7:24- We are seeing a lot of crafty, unique geometric designs of recent UFO sightings. Jason provides an explanation to this fascinating phenomena.
7:45- There are metals that can move their own particles despite their solid, rigid molecular structures.
8:37- Odd shaped UFOs may emit unique signal communications. These entities literally absorb all our brain energy from below.
9:20- Power aliens are suggested to harness or “farm” local inhabitants as energy supplies to their ships. It can be literal mass abductions or even lowkey siphoning their meatsuit through psychological and neurological means.
10:00- It’s mind blowing that modern science and academia has just learned about shamanism, an ancient practice once neglected and negated by stubborn scientific methodology.
10:51- As previously noted, human knowledge about science is as miniscule as earth in the universe. We barely know 1% of anything about everything. There are many unhidden elements invisible to common human senses, hence, many unexplored areas of knowledge.
11:12- To explain the advances and recent generation of human ingenuity, technology has helped mankind to gather and guide its senses enabling us to explore the unseen realities.
11:54- Jason gave us his valid critique. How can portrayals of science fiction be widely accepted as normal but witnessing actual, real life depiction of UFOs literally blows our heads off?
12:23- Geometry created the arithmetic system of numbers and complex computation.
12:47- The universe is huge. It is boundless.
13:10- Matter is not just about the atomic structure of particles. Atoms have empty spaces between them. It is literally waves and energy that is part and parcel of the universe.
13:29- Time is always an illusion to the material domain. Time is a function of motion. You are a big non-existent nothing who happens to have a physical vessel manifesting in the cosmos.
14:49- We haven’t thought about everything there is to know.
15;00- Everything has an equal opposite. Everything has balance.
16:06- There is an abundance of UFO documents laying around. How much more can it take before the public actually accepts its realization?
16:22- Alexander explains the concept of waveform.
18:00- Big tech companies have started processing and categorizing human proteins for non-profit research. We are cataloging Creation while monterally benefiting from it.
19:31- No one can profit forever.
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