Higher Density Living


UAP and Cosmic Knowledge

ISBN: 9780992449735


This book takes us an introduction to truth meditation, its application and its benefits to human life. Billy Meier is a master of instruction as this book proves his unorthodox perspective to meditation. Billy’s teaching of meditation is the spiritual teaching for self-cognition or the acknowledgement of awareness, which is based in the recognition of that which is loyal to the truth of the universe and has the master and control of all factors of the spiritual and material life.

This book teach the human being to learn meditation through autodidactic method or introspection. As Higher Density Living commends, this method of meditation does not require “gurus” or “yogis” to impose upon your free will on how to conduct self-meditation. You are relieve of individual salvation entirely independent of poisonous materialistic thinking. Billy Meier instructs you to be a free thinker unshackled by the slavery of other consciousness.

The teaching of meditation is very hard and requires unconditional commitment to time, perseverance, and willingness to learn to enjoy the gifts of complete consciousness. Contrary to popular beliefs, Meditation is not merely an exercise for relaxation. It is not a medical remedy to ease, cure, or treat any physiological or psychological disorders. Meditation means self-discipline and creating inner spaces to the actual mastering of life. This is an excellent book for those who seek understanding of the self and the mind.

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Introduction to Meditation