Higher Density Living



ISBN: 9780285642539


David Wilcock is a renowned NY bestselling author of conscious sciences and explorer of ancient civilizations. In this book he explores the frontiers where science and spirit converges. A thorough investigation for a deeper level of understanding in this universe by infusing a historical analogy of artifacts, astrological readings, and cultural anthropology, as well as research of fractals, spiritual geometry, and quantum physics.

David Wilcock maps architecture within time. This temporal concept guides individuals and nations through a system of patterns and enlightenment that exposes the hidden architecture within time that serves guidance for individuals and nations to collective enlightenment. He referenced this idea in Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, in which this book drew a pattern of historical events in repeated cycles. He maps out a hidden intelligence or “synchronicity” that identifies how to live a life in an uncertain, tumultuous, and intersecting universe of social phenomena.

Synchronicity is the key for understanding the living fabrication of this universe. It binds together seemingly disjointed and unrelated events in a manner of proper understanding. This is commendable material for those seeking contemporary wisdom.

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