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Creational Laws

Creational Laws

A prerequisite for understanding all the laws, is that everything that is our material [coarse-material] and immaterial [fine-fluidal / spirit ] makeup comes from the totality [absolute-absolutum] of Creation. Therefore, we logically have to then abide by its Creational and Natural laws as we art part- piece / part and parcel of Creation itself. That part-piece / part and parcel that embodies and harness all those characteristics is the spirit.

"The Creation as Creation, is the Creation of all Creation and of itself, and it alone is the concentrated power of the living origin, of the life and of the BEING.” - BEAM

Law of Cause and Effect / Law of Causality

  • In truth, things, situations, and events, as well as occurrences, etc., simply fit themselves together and join into one another in such a way that a particular effect emerges from this, freely according to the law of causality, that is, the law of cause and effect.
  • This will result in certain effects that, in turn, arise from specific causes.
  • Strokes of fate are nothing other than occurrences, events, incidents, and situations, etc. that result from a certain joining together, in order to act as specific causes.
  • As a matter of fact, in the entire universe, everything is built up on information of a creational nature, consequently nothing delivers so-called and non-existent chance nor chaos, rather everything, and indeed also all matter, is constructed on information.
  • Truthfully everything therefore has its order - determined through information - which manifests through the law of causality, respectively, cause and effect.
  • Likewise, the thoughts and feelings of the human (and so forth) also do that and, like atoms, they move freely in space and time.
  • Information has a precise logical timeline of cause and effect.
  • Further it must be said that the omnipresent laws of nature do not integrate themselves into sub-natural laws, because the entire laws of nature are complex and a block, which is well thought out and based on the law of causality, thus everything is continuously self-determining, and this from every cause, which according to the creative-natural law results in a very specific effect.

Law of Interaction

  • The interaction is given in your current material life in such a wise that through thoughts, feelings, actions, deeds, and through all of your activity, corresponding reactions, consequences and effects arise.
  • The interaction is so precise that out of a cause a distinct effect is determinable in advance, and the effect always contains more than the cause initially carried in itself, just as from a single sowed corn a multiple in the form of an ear arises.

Law of Motion

  • Motion is up-building and preservation, i.e. creating and preserving as well as further development right up to a distinct destination

Law of Striving / Evolution

  • Achieve relative-absolute fulfillment of ones spirit and consciousness, so in the end, all will integrate with that from which it hence came (Creation).
  • The way of its own evolution was given to it in order to evolve itself in its inner-life sense.
  • The Creation also has to achieve the following of the same laws and recommendations, through which it solely is able to enliven its existence towards true existence.
  • Everything existing in the nature and in the entire universe and within the Creation itself, and so therefore, also the entire life and BEING, and all existence of all life forms, consists in the striving, in fundamental and ground-breaking form, in the striving – in the striving for the future, in the striving for the higher things, for evolution, for the highest possible absolutely-full-development.
  • Striving is the power of the life in the sense of progress. We strive for fulfillment material and spiritual.
  • All BEING is striving, and all striving is BEING.
  • Being means the life within the existence of Creation within its highest energy. No stage of evolution, learning, or development can be skipped.

Law of Free Will / Law of Confusion

  • Your free will absolutely includes your free decision- and determination-possibility which is built upon the responsibility of the laws with regard to fairness.
  • Through your spirit you embody all the characteristics of creation, there fore it does not wish that you serve it and be subservient in submissiveness, but rather, that you, autonomously and yourself, in love, truth, knowledge and wisdom, consciously follow all of its given laws and recommendations as a absolutely free life form.
  • It (Creation) indeed requires from you compliance of its laws and recommendations, yet however, only for the reason because you embody a part of itself (Creation), thus in truth, it therefore only sets requirements upon itself.
  • Creation never never demands anything from you that is also not incumbent upon it in a self-determination-based manner.

Law of Becoming and Passing / Reincarnation

  • What becomes will also pass again, and in this process the becoming is the cause and the passing is the effect.
  • A process of the endless change in the becoming and the passing and again becoming of the reincarnation process, thus there are unendingly many lives to live in evolutive striving form.
  • Death, in turn, means new life and death means striving, advancement, higher development –evolution in the following of the creational development-principle.

Law of Contrariness / Law of Opposites

  • An opposite pole is placed to the striving, freely based on the Creational-law-teaching, that there must always be two poles, a plus and a minus, a pro and a contra, a negative and positive.
  • This also means that no success can be achieved without negative aspects being included, which come along.
  • It must become clear to the human being of the earth that the positive, the masculine, is the leading potency of all potencies, that this however in equality requires a negative, female potency in union in order to create an equalisedness and a hyper-oneness.
  • Positive and negative embody two potencies and onesses which are in themselves autonomous and of precisely equal values. (hyper-polarity).
  • The oppositeness thus represents a creational fundamental law, without which no operation could be achieved.
  • All things must be conditioned by two-factors or two-poles, and namely in all things, in the spiritual as well as in the material.
  • The human being needs the negative as much as the positive, but with the difference that this necessary negative is just as good as the positive.
  • This means that the negative and positive must be equalized to a large extent and thus form a single factor.

Law of One / Law of Unity

  • A oneness is only then able to remain such when it is not split, when no splitting is caused.
  • When a oneness is divided, this it no longer forms a whole and the value of the relative absolutely full development is lost.
  • This is the law of all existence, and it is the law of the life.
  • This law also has its validity for the Earth Human being whose oneness in living together, in the whole mass of the human kind as individuals, form the concord.
  • Two different factors must always be united in order to result in a oneness.
  • These two factors, which in themselves each form a oneness, unite to result in a oneness again, namely the hyper-oneness.

Law of Fairness / Law of Equality

  • All laws have their uniformity of logic and all-universally have their validity in the small as in the great (micro and the macro).
  • The equality of the human being justifies its entitlement only in the following of the laws of nature and in the truth of the evolution of the consciousness and spirit.
  • The fairness of the truth which has been stricken with insult and defilement is only difficult and hard to attain, and every life form pays its tribute exactly according to the measure that it has turned to the truth and thus to the creation.
  • Creation treats them fairly by giving their untruth, truth.

Law of Protection / Law of Self-Defense / Law of Life-Preservation / Law of Food Procurement

  • Food Procurement or Nourishment is a material nourishment and a spiritual nourishment.
  • Through the love given to you by Creation, to care for ALL life forms brought near to you and to protect you.
  • Natural regulation, which says that the strong ones govern the weak ones in an instructing manner and protect them from hardship and terrible things, as this can be seen in the outdoor nature.
  • In the nature, the equality of every life form necessitates the right of the stronger ones which govern, teach, and protect.
  • Inferior humans tend to cover themselves in a garment of submissiveness, of bondage, and then thereby lose an initiative to stand against unfair and imperious stronger on

Law of Elimination

  • To expel/banish from society = to separate from society or the unified whole.
  • Remove something from a state of hyper-oneness.
  • Treat it with the law of Fairness that it creates separation from its murdering/injustices and is treated by separating it from the bond.
  • Killing in return for murder is but murder and this is not a perfect Contrariness and Fairness

Law of the following of the Gewalt

  • Gewalt, in turn, can only be broken with Gewalt in a rational and recommendation true form.
  • Gewalt is the brutal execution of elemental might and force, but it is far above all might and all force.

Law of the Temporal and Spatial Existence / Law of Time and Space Existence

  • This is a binding of the material spatial and temporal circumstances which, in their existence, represent a regularity of brazen regulation; the developmental change of space and time in material form, the coming into being and passing of the coarse-substantial material.

Law of Love

  • Love is the absolute certainty that one lives with and coexists with everything.
  • Love is the absolute certainty and the absolute knowledge and the absolute feeling and comprehension that all life is a fragment of ones own life, because everything together is an entire We-Form in the Ur-eternal BEING of all existence, and only may exist in the knowledge and perception of love as the entire existence.
  • A feeling of absolute certainty that one lives together with all that exists in absolute certainty and in the absolute feeling of this: that the existence of the other is a part existence of one’s own existence, no matter whether it deals with a plant, a spirit-form an animal, a planet, a stone or a fellow human.
  • Love, therefore, is the absolute knowledge and feeling, the absolute perception and empathy, in communion in original form with all existing life in all the entire universal forms and beyond, in the absolute wisdom of this: that one’s own existence is also a part existence of every other existing life-form, which is, however, just as much a fragment of ones own existence, and that, collectively, entire universal life-forms only therefore exist because that truly is so.
  • Love, human of the Earth, is the first and last law of all BEING, therefore of life, altogether. without love no creation may form, and without love no transformation may be completed. love is required for all changes of life, for being and not-being, for light and darkness, for the coming and the passing away, for life and death, for everything in everything, and for everything in the existence altogether.
  • Love, therefore, is the absolute wise comprehension, understanding, cognition, knowledge, ability, mastering and logic and certainty, as well as the feelings and feeling, and the absolute perception of one’s own co-life in the life of the neighbor and in all else that exists, as a factor of the communion, in original form, with all existing life in all entire universal forms and beyond, in the absolute wisdom of this: that ones’ own existence is also a part existence of any other existing life-form, which is however, just as exactly a fragment of one’s own existence, and that collectively the entire universal life-forms, of every kind and form, only exist because it truly is so that, everything and anything is bound together in love and forms one entire universal oneness.

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