Higher Density Living



A good place to start practicing to command the self using meditation.
The Golden Dawn Mediation offers an fundamental learning curves towards peaceful awakening.n.
Utilizing the state of tranquility and open space for the mind to dwell over material matter.

Golden Dawn Meditation 1

Lets dive deep into meditation and spirituality. Consider a point as defined in mathematics, having position but no magnitude. Focus on the ideas that give rise. Endeavor to realize the immanence of the Divine throughout nature, in all her aspects.

Golden Dawn Meditation 2

Meditate on a straight line. Then draw a cube. Then mentally formulate the cube, and endeavor to discover the significance of this figure and its correspondances. Do meditation practices upon minerals and crystals. Especially salt, and enter into it, feeling the crystalline formation. Looking out on the universe from this standpoint, identify with the earth spirits in love and sympathy. Meditate upon the Earth triplicity, visualizing the symbol of the bull, a virgin, and a goat, which stand for the Kerubic Earth. Make notes of the pictures that arise in your mind.

Golden Dawn Meditation 3

Practice simple meditationMoon Breath, while saying mentally the word Aum (Moon breath is through the left nostril only). Meditate upon the waxing and waning crescents, while visualizing a silver crescent upon an indigo background. Meditate upon the numbers 9 and 5 with the forms of the pentagram and pentacle. Rise above the mineral world, to the world of trees and flowers and identify yourself in love and sympathy with the power of the elements behind these. Let yourself realize the mental world where mind rules over matter, and let yourself meditate upon the ideas of appearance and reality with Golden Dawn Meditation

Golden Dawn Meditation 4

Learn to Meditate upon the symbols of the rhomboid and the vesica. Seek their meaning and correspondences. Contemplate the symbol of mercury and the number 8. Control one’s emotions, give no way to anger. Turn the force to the attainment of perfection. Let your nature become clear like a limpid lake, and reflect Divine Nature truly, without distortion. Identify oneself with the powers of water, considering water triplicity in all its aspects.This spiritual meditation is to feel the core within you.


The Acturians are positive oriented Alien Race that’ve come down on Earth to help humanity from present disorder.
Arcturians help us shape synarchic consciousness that they’ve spread throughout the solar system.
This step by step guide shall help any wanderer get a start-up to Arcturian Meditation.
Feel free as a Light to choose any of the Arcturian Variations.

Arcturian Meditation 2

  1. Sit facing north, palms up and open.
  2. Breathe slow through the stomach.
  3. Look north and feel the focal point behind your third eye
  4. You will feel a pressure from the inward vortex of energy.
  5. Reflect on the image you see.
  6. Draw that image back into the pressure of the energy vortex behind the third eye.
  7. Do not worry about the headache.
  8. Tone the color you associate with the scene you saw.
  9. Think of the tone in your head before sounding aloud.
  10. Resonate it in your consciousness.
  11. You will begin to feel energy radiate from your hands.
  12. This is a submission of energy for your approval.
  13. Deepen your breath to strengthen prana, become the One-ness of the All.
  14. You can connect to ascended masters anytime doing this (Riding the pool of liquid light)
  15. The wave of the tone will synchronize with the heartbeat.This is third eye meditation.

Arcturian Meditation 2

  1. Repeat with eyes closed visualizing the Earth
  2. El na refa na la.
  3. Please god, heal her now

Arcturian Meditation 3

  1. 5th Dimensional Travel, Telepathy, Bilocation, and Biorelativity
    1. Begin with thought-projection in consciousness
    2. Create/choose a Merkavah (vehicle for 5th dimensional travel) “chariot”
    3. Visualize it in your mind and being inside of it.
    4. Concentrate as you say, “I ascend to the 5th Dimension.”
    5. Shimmer your cosmic egg by visualizing the outer blue line of your aura and chant, “Ta ta ta ta…”
    6. This is increase your auric field and Spiritual Light Frequenc

Arcturian Meditation 4

  1. Omega Light Meditation
    1. Visualize Cosmic Egg
    2. Shimmer Cosmic Egg “Ta ta ta ta ta…”
    3. Visuaize Merkavah vehicle
    4. Feel yourself leaving the physical body behind
    5. Rise into the corridor of Light (Transport Corridor)
    6. With 3rd eye, align energy with your physical body and transfer Light to body.
    7. Chant tone “Ohh oooohhhh…”
    8. Fell Omega Light raise your vibration and charge your Being
    9. Meditate in silence and feel as if you can float.
    10. Feel the final burst of Omega ight go into your 3rd eye.
    11. Say “I will be able to bring my third dimensional body with me at the time of ascension. I will be using the Omega Light to transform my body into higher luminosity that will all my physical body to ascend with me.”

Arcturian Meditation 5

  1. Gathering the Energy of Gevurah
  2. Gevurah is the sword of strength of the Kaballistic Tree of Life
  3. Strength filled with mercy, understanding, and compassion.
    1. Gather the energy of Gevurah into your aura (cosmic egg)
    2. Sing “Gevuraaaaaaaaaaah”
    3. Meditate in silence
    4. Let the sword appear in front of aura on command
    5. Sing “El na refa na la.”

Arcturian Meditation 6

  1. Rising and Connecting with the 12 Etheric Crystals
  2. 12 Crystal healing Points
    1. Mt. Fuji, Japan
    2. Istanbul, Turkey
    3. Bodensee, Germany
    4. Montserrat, Spain
    5. Serra da Bocaina, Brazil
    6. Poas Volcan, Costa Rica
    7. Lake Puelo, Argentina
    8. Lake Moraine, Canada
    9. Copper Canyon, Mexico
    10. Mount Shasta, California
    11. Grose Valley, Austrailia
    12. Lake Taupo, New Zealand
    1. Visualize the place where the crystal sits
    2. Send calmness and tranquility to that area
    3. Go into meditative silence
    4. Send more thoughts of calming into the etheric crystal
    5. Increase intensity of thought and arcane power
    6. Chant “Ooooooo” twice
    7. Chant several times “Hashma angah”

Arcturian Meditation 7

  1. Accepting the golden Ball of Light into the Ring of Ascension
    1. Visualize a ring around Earth
    2. Visualize a Golden Ball of Energy entering the planet
    3. Set its path coming from the Great Central Sun
    4. Chant “Oooohhhh”
    5. Imagine it unifying the people of earth

Arcturian Meditation 8

  1. The Ascension Gene Activation
    1. “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts”
      1. Words contain vibrational energy to address your cellular structure
    2. Sing “Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh Adonai Tzevaot.”
    3. Say “The ascension genes are now open within me.”
    4. Visualize Merkavah
    5. Rise to the Ring of Ascension
    6. Sing “It is good to be together. It is good to be sitting with others in the Ring of Ascension. It is good to be in a group energy field.”
    7. Sing “Merkabah, Merkabah, Merkabah ha-Kadosh.”
    8. Take Merkabah back to your physical body.

Arcturian Meditation 9

  1. Energy Field Upgrade
    1. Visualize aura as 4 layers – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical
    2. Command all 4 to take the shape of an egg
    3. Command that they interact and merge in balance
    4. Tone several times “To to to to tooooo”
    5. Visualize their smoothness as One
    6. Say “My spiritual body is so strong that it can heal any imperfections in my emotional body now.”
    7. Tone “Ooohhhhh”
    8. Let Golden Light come through your crown chakra

Arcturian Meditation 10

  1. Stargate Meditation
    1. Visualize blue corridor over you
    2. Take 3 deep breaths
    3. Give permission for your spirit to rise
    4. Chant “Ooooo, oooo”
    5. Find yourself sitting in a beautiful garden with Golden Light
    6. Sit in the presence or Archangel Metatron
    7. Go into silence
    8. Let Metatron crack open the stargate so you can see and feel the Light
    9. Absorb Light into astral body
    10. Reenter physical body chanting “Ta ta ta ta ta”
    11. Feel the great sense of peace and balance.