Spirituality is the fundamental path of life and evolution. It’s an unseen path that connects us with our deepest consciousness block and helps us find meaning attached to different actions and thoughts we perform.


Spirituality is the ESSENCE OF BEING. It is said that knowing Creation and its laws is spirituality. The moments, experiences, actions, and understanding are some keywords that can help us understand the real objective behind it. The world has been through Spiritual Evolution and various generations have experienced it differently. These evolution can vary from cosmological, personal, holistic, idealist to non dual. Well, different philosophers, educators, and even scientists have proposed diverse theories regarding the evolution in spirituality but we shall not dive deeper in it today, as our objective is different.


If you have been through our website and browse through the podcast library, then you might have an idea of how we seek Spirituality And Consciousness as one. This feeling of being closer to Creation is peacefully liberating. It gives you goosebumps and surreal realizations. But this particular write up is all about CONNECTING with SPIRIT in three simple ways. If you are a beginner or someone looking to connect in-depth, then we assure you that a significant change may coming your way after you complete reading this blog.


We call it the three Mantras to connect profoundly with spiritual meanings of life. Let’s have a look at them and analyse each one with various perspectives.


  1. Spiritual takeaways 

If you come across a positive quote or someone asking for forgiveness, do not hold yourself. Embrace that quote, forgive, and move next and start accepting the realities around you with a spiritual perspective. Being spiritual is BEING free and teaching others to free themselves from miseries, to inspire, motivate, and encourage one another and others to lead. These little efforts are the first step to strengthen your spiritual consciousness.



  1. Slow but steady 

One day you may wake up seeing an enthusiastic video on spiritual awakening and suddenly this rush for attaining it will make you do crazy stuff. This thing can level up your anxiety and thoughts if you did not accept that it is a slow process. Spirituality takes time. It is different for everyone. These videos are amazing and we have so much to learn from them, but still, you can’t let your Spiritual Awakening Experiences bloom in a day or two. Give your body, mind, spirit, and consciousness some time. There is no hard & fast rule. Remember, if you go slow, you go deep.


  1. Meditate 

Meditation is not the only way to gain spiritual density but it is indeed the most important one. It is unlikely that if you open your heart and mind, you won’t feel a BRAND NEW YOU. Meditation is the highest form of concentration that develops inner peace inside us. It teaches us patience, power, and practice. When you meditate, you come closer to self or that power of Creation you are always connected with. There is a whole new connection between you and your spirit.


These three Mantras are what, we at Higher Density Living practice every day in the flesh. We also encourage all to do the same. It may look easy but it is challenging. Once you start practising these three things, nothing can stop you from an IN-Depth Spiritual Experience.



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