Welcome back to Higher Density Living! For this episode we’re going to delve into the mystique of creativity with special guest, MJ Dorian, an accomplished composer, visual artist, and an avant garde creator. This episode expands on the Codex’s Red Book episode, focusing on Carl Jung and his affinity towards Alchemy. 

To provide a backgrounder, Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, demonstrated a profound interest in alchemy, seamlessly integrating its concepts into his psychological theories. Rather than approaching alchemy from a literal or historical standpoint, Jung interpreted it as a metaphorical and symbolic system that mirrored the intricate processes of individuation and self-development.

Jung posited alchemy as a forerunner to modern psychology, contending that alchemists were immersed in a symbolic quest for inner transformation and personal growth. He asserted that the symbols and processes outlined in alchemical texts were not confined to the mere transmutation of base metals into gold but encapsulated the psychological metamorphosis experienced by the alchemist. This is evident in his interest to synchronize alchemy between Art and Dreams. 

Moreover, Jung believed that alchemical symbols and imagery originated from the collective unconscious, positing that alchemists accessed universal symbols representing facets of the human psyche. The stages of the alchemical process, such as nigredo, albedo, citrinitas, and rubedo, were construed as symbolic milestones in inner transformation.

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(The Three Elements of Alchemy)

Central to both Jungian psychology and alchemy was the theme of reconciling opposites. Alchemy expressed this through symbols like the conjunction of the sun and moon or the integration of male and female elements, paralleling Jung’s emphasis on integrating the conscious and unconscious aspects of the psyche for personal growth.

In the inner world, as Jung theorized, there exists a mounting pot of influences where aspects of the unconscious possess little points of consciousness. This relationship mirrors the infinite nature of both inner and outer worlds. Despite society’s tendency to externalize attention, it is crucial to acknowledge the depth of the inner realm, especially when embarking on significant projects. Rare individuals emerge, once in a generation, capable of revolutionizing industries or producing impactful works of art across various mediums, leaving lasting effects on culture. However, the study of creative genius is often neglected in formal education. Recognizing this deficiency in mainstream media consumption, the individual took it upon themselves to create a show that delves into this fascinating subject matter – a show they personally wanted to listen to. Thus, the underlying motivation behind the creative endeavor stems from a desire to explore and understand its profound impact on society.

Jung viewed alchemy not as a literal practice but as a psychological process mirroring stages of personal development. The alchemical symbols, according to Jung, represented psychological transformations, with the alchemists’ experiments symbolizing inner journeys toward self-discovery.

Additionally, Jung identified the mandala, a geometric figure symbolizing wholeness and integration, as a recurring motif in alchemy. He interpreted the creation of mandalas in alchemical texts as symbolic of the individuation process and the establishment of psychic balance.

In summary, Carl Jung’s engagement with alchemy transcended a literal endorsement of its practices. Instead, he utilized alchemy as a metaphorical framework to delve into the symbolic language and imagery within alchemical texts, thereby enhancing his understanding of the human psyche and contributing to the development of his theories on individuation and the integration of the unconscious.

Your creativity is your superpower. Our creativity is the way that we give our service to mankind. Ultimately, your inner alchemy in obtaining gold is how your thoughts and actions create values and achievements to make the world a better place. 

Discover more about the fundamentals of alchemy feel free to check out MJ Durian’s official website, also to learn more about the depth of his creative works check out his CREATIVE CODEX Podcast, his curated Art Gallery, and his experimental music album CATHARSIS. All additional materials, merchandise, and resources are readily accessible through these links. 

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