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The Best Picture Ever of a UFO

For this short episode, we take a quick look at a very refined image of the infamous shot by Sergio […]

Do Hobbits Still Live on Remote Islands? Study Says Yes

Is there still a Middle-earth beneath the civilized modern world? Or better yet, do we live in Middle-earth? Science plays […]

E.T. Galactic Federation Signed Agreements with Humans According to Israel Space Security Chief

The study of intelligence operations has always been within the limited confines of military domains. Human intelligence […]

Creational Laws and Freewill Part 1

Welcome back to Higher Density Living! This is the 200th episode of the podcast series and to celebrate this milestone, […]

How Do You Control Your Energy and Focus?

How exactly can we control? We have dealt with self-discipline, the concept of control, and kundalini energy in earlier episodes. […]

Meeting Your Clone for the First Time

Welcome back to Higher Density Living! This is a short recap of the previous episode of reviving dead species. This […]

Should We Bring Back Endangered Animals?

Is it possible to reverse mankind’s greatest catastrophic casualty? Can we bring back extinct animals and endangered species directly […]

Five Ways to Avoid Being Abducted by Aliens

The previous episode tackled alien abductions and its overly confident, scientific survey. This episode will discuss another overly confident […]

Where Not to Live – High Risk of Alien Abductions

Alien hunting and extraterrestrial contact had been Higher Density Living focal points of discussion as well as its central theme […]

The Start of Far Right Occult Practices – Leader James H. Madole – Part 2

The resurgence of neofascism has been a big enough problem in contemporary American politics. The recent January 6th Capitol attack […]