This episode introduces HDL’s take on telepathy. Defining telepathy is simply the power to project non-physical sensory capabilities colloquially referred to as the Sixth-Sense commonly framed as pseudoscientific and unorthodox empirical sciences. For most material-oriented sciences, objectively nullify any credibility for telepathic studies to be accepted. As with Dr. Russell Targ’s work, the scientific community boasts adamant arrogance for telepathic studies’ institutionalization. Arrogance and Ignorance create a poverty of understanding and undermine human progress.

Alex and Jason continue the discussion with an introduction of “Modulated Galvanic Currents” and other relevant meta-cognitive mechanisms of the human nervous system. This goes in line with HDL’s central theme of learning and understanding, opening up and exposing many doors to the inhumane insanity of some materialist propagating disorder and mayhem on the natural world. This episode discusses the unique human system of communication described by the Aliens on the White Sands Incident. It also delves into neuron pathology and cognitive science from microwave perspectives.

As living under mass information dissemination. The human mind recognizes all these multitudes of radio activities sending wavelength frequencies to everyone and across the globe. This nexus of communication and sense perception affects extrasensory frequencies emitted by the mind, which ultimately deceives, corrupts, and mislead consciousness in all fundamental ways OR it can be used under good intentions to serve others by enabling learning and elevating spiritual energy beyond material domains.

Let us join Alex and Jason to discuss human telepathy and human anatomy in the material world.

Show Notes :
1:19 – The Extreme Importance of Careful Treatment and Good Actions.
1:44 – Capturing the Amazing Might of Evolution in human nurturing. Powerful Chemical Bonding of Love.
1:54 – Second part of the Telepathy Series; Alex and Jason on Breaking Down the Meaning of “Modulated Galvanic Currents” or MGC
3:01 – Anachronistic Specifications MGCs during the early 1960s
3:43 – The Structure of Ecosystems harmonizing under telepathic cross-communications.
4:18 – Nature’s design does not determine gender roles according to physical elements. Alex and Jason on the asymmetries of Male and Female animals.
5:21 – The Brain requires a highly advanced biological human ears receptive and conducive to catch galvanic impulses. Alex and Jason explained Telepathy from a Biological Sense.
5:42 – Connecting the Auditory Nerve and the Brain.
5:56 – Using Brain-gate technology to artificially cure Ear Diseases
6:14 – Acoustic Therapy and other various ways of Hearing Correction.
7:29 – On the path to cure blindness; Jason’s anecdote Neuroscience Experts using charge electric signals to screen greyscale vision for blind people.
8:38 – Basic Human Senses are CONVERSIONS of data and energy for the Brain and Body respectively.
9:18 – Tapping the Neural Engine to sense electric impulses
9:29 – Alex explains the dynamics of the Nervous system through the Drum Metaphor
10:25 – A Meatsuit and a Conversion Tool.
10:31 – What is the basis of Conversion: Alex and Jason’s critique on human perception
10:35 – The Law of Interaction as the Synthesizer of CAUSE and EFFECT.
12:30 – Once you know what to look for only then you can perceive it – Alexander McCaig
13:10 – The Moral Man and the Anarchic Society
13:53 – Alex and Jason on Deterministic Empiricism
13:59 – Mapping out your vision leads to an artistic masterpiece! Learn to carry out your experience and dedication to work
14:37 – DO NOT MASH-UP DIFFERENT CATALYSTS WITHOUT A PLAN! Organize your Evolution to live a good life.
14:47 – Misguided Perception ruins your sense of Reality
16:14 – Perception as EXPANSION of awareness in Reality
16:33 – Just because someone is a bad person doesn’t mean there isn’t something to learn from it
18:00 – On Physical Insecurity and shifting modality of wave frequencies; Emotions and Comfortability matter on superficial perception
18:39 – A giant mass of flesh forms a physical barrier to perceive electromagnetic frequency. Alex and Jason on the Meatsuit Complex.
18:54 – Fatness dampen nervous impulse.
19:10 – Alex on the Skeletal Structure of Man. A conductive material constructs for the electric impulse to travel seamlessly with the Nervous System.
19:41 – Food enables higher vibration as a nutritious source of energy.
20:00 – All of us characteristically operate under frequency. A global network of 7 billion energy sources emitting signals across time and space.
21:06 – The receiving communication across various wavelengths. Each according to his capacity and receptive senses.
21:35 – There are various outlets of receivers in the Human Body. Sensitivity is a bio-synopsis of telepathic communication.
22:09 – Alex and Jason on Modulation Frequencies
22:40 – A group requires a conscious alignment of focus in order to tune-in reception. Alex and Jason on Collective understanding of communication.
22:58 – Isolating narrow channels of frequencies to find your individual UNDERSTANDING of thought
23:02 – The Physical thing is asking to retune the angle
23:12 – Perception does not require Excessive Precision. By the book does not show you all the answers. THINK FOR YOURSELF!
23:21 – Manifesting physical space as an area of comfort
23:31 – As we know more, we understand more. Wisdom and common sense will increase.
23:59 – The Gap between Wisdom and Understanding is an application of your knowledge to help you make sense of it. Understanding affords our Wisdom.
24:32 – Alex and Jason on the definition of Common sense.
24:59 – The epistemic rationality of common sense to process thoughts
25:07 – Taking up understanding to procreate wisdom and enforce action. These make up the basic common sense.
25:30 – Perceive with your senses. Just remember that you see the world not only with your eyes but with your Mind! Onward to higher awareness.

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