Alien hunting became a phenomenal trend in mass culture and captivated the public imagination. The advent of rapid digitalization and gradual disclosures of government records has shed light to fire the curiosity of alien hunters, private organizations, government agencies, and other invested groups to pursue and unravel the mysteries of government transparency regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

Moreover, we take into account the alien hunters disguised as agents of the US department of defense are all around corners. Desperately spotting any signs of alien spacecraft roving within atmospheric reach. This podcast series stars many ideas and declassified information ready to be shared and communicated by the public. A part of the greater effort to demand government freedom of information and learning opportunities to our valued followers and subscribers.

This episode explores the increased liberalization of alien information since 2020. We marvel at how the US government always gets away with anything, regardless of any fundamental violation and transgression in nature. Alex and Jason explicate understanding of international politics and how Alien technology influences politics between great powers. We take a case for China, Russia, and the United States affecting global affairs. It is unimaginable to accept the notion of high tech alien systems intervening between human relations. A roadmap for future episodes awaits as Alex and Jason expound on the growing liberation of alien knowledge.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they explore the wonders of Alien technology, global cultural movement, and covert government programs.

Show Notes:
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3:00 – Nine things we learned about aliens in 2021.
3:26 – The 2020’s is an explosive decade for alien hunting and modern UFO encounters.
3:35 – Alex and Jason discuss the commissioned “UFO Hunters” of the pentagon.
3:59 – Number one: The UFOs are real and the government knows it.
4:40 – Jason confesses his Star Trek fandom.
5:17 – Science fiction is the gateway route to enjoy fantasy with a combination of learning and logic behind stories. There is too much creative genius to portray the wonders of science to a mass audience.
5:52 – Alex and Jason talk about the stellar awesomeness of contemporary American action movies.
6:59 – Alex and Jason on the future of the James Bond movie franchise.
8:00 – There is enough adoration for Asian cinematography. A great focus on realism and details of culture.
8:55 – In 2021 alone there were 144 reported UFO incidents in the United States alone.
9:00 – Why does the government lie and hide secrets? Jason explains the basic logic of national security.
9:52 – Hints for future JFK assassination episode.
10:11 – The renaissance of unidentified aerial phenomenon. The Biden administration renews classified information to continue gatekeeping and government control of public transparency.
10:25 – Alex and Jason bring a disclosure to pentagon papers.
10:40 – Jason explains why the government bureaucracy is obsessed with technical details. Just take the C-130 aircraft as an example, there is an entire library of manuals on how to fly that plane.
11:14 – Most UAP reports are probably physical objects. It ranges from birds, balloons, to foreign civilian objects.
11:37 – Think of how many alien crash sites exist in Russia. For such a massive territory there are bound for more frequent UAP in its sovereign territory.
12:10 – Do not mess around with Canada. It is the fastest developing first world country.
12:48 – The communist party of China is a system of political dynasties and business conglomerates working to fund the PRC government.
13:00 – If we really dislike one another we’ve nuked ourselves into oblivion by now. Alex explains international politics
13:08 – We have foreign equipment and top secret US government projects. However anyone hoping for extraterrestrial intelligence is led down on a report. Out of the 144 encounters not one was turned up to be an alien activity.
13:39 – Jason lectures about data management and information transparency.
14:15 – Everything is being recorded and surveilled by government institutions around the world.
14:34 – Jason explains simple machine learning of surveillance technology. Government satellite over-the-horizon sensors have a built-in database to determine any flying object within low-orbit atmosphere.
15:00 – How come we can just let 144 UAP encounters be dismissed by the Department of Defense committee? There are sketchy behind the scene activities. How many encounters did you think the US government has recorded in fifty years?
15:40 – If you have every available resource and power in the world. You can access all the information there is to know. Alex and Jason talk about the omnipotence of US government agencies.
15:52 – Alex shares the original capability of night vision goggles for the US army. The government had to take it back, recalibrate it, in order to avoid any regular grunt to access classified radio frequencies.
16:20 – Jason shares his experience in the US military during the 1990s.
16:41 – Extra precaution and situational awareness is required for land-patrol.
17:31 – Everything in the night sky they control the data.
17:44 – Alien data has no regulation in the public domain. There are too many spreaders of information and misinformation campaigns in UAP alien hunting.
18:00 – Google has direct contact with NSA (National Security Agency) for sharing public information and usage of end user data packages . Google is the government.
18:34 – Alex and Jason nod on the integration of greyzone intelligence activity.
19:09 – It’s the lens. It is all about how you see the world.
19:30 – Number two: Black holes can be powerhouses.
20:00 – The warnings of reality warping effects of the event horizon, or the epicenter of black hole energy.
20:10 – Alex interprets the physics of the ionosphere and how it positively charged up alien ships for interstellar travel in the cosmos.
20:47 – Different alien races explore the universe to hunt big stars and search for an infinite source of energy to their respective technology and interstellar enterprises.
21:44 – There are research development programs to identify algorithms determining telescope data and determine transmitting signatures from outer space.
23:02 – Open mindedness is becoming more mainstream.
23:22 – Advanced civilizations don’t want to be seen. The wisdom of concealing power means having responsibility to control action and thought to prevent the perception of coercion.
24:11 – Alex explains the unregulated hazards of nuclear energy. If left unchecked, nukes can blow up everything.
24:37 – Alex and Jason pre-ponder the possibility of Orion alien contact with US military officials.
25:22 – Science as an instrument of power; a future HDL discussion regarding Robert Oppenheimer, the father of modern atomic weapons.
25:31 – Stay tuned for part 2.

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