Alien hunting became a phenomenal trend in mass culture and captivated public imagination. The advent of rapid digitalization and gradual disclosures of government records has shed light to fire the curiosity of alien hunters, private organizations, government agencies, and other invested groups to pursue and unravel the mysteries of government transparency regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. This series reviews a collection of scientific research articles, journal editorial pieces, declassified DoD papers, and government documents to decentralize freedom of information from state controlled gatekeeping.

Moreover, we take into account the alien hunters disguised as agents of the US department of defense are all around corners. Desperately spotting any signs of alien spacecraft roving within atmospheric reach. This podcast series stars many ideas and declassified information ready to be shared and communicated by the public. A part of the greater effort to demand government freedom of information and learning opportunities to our valued followers and subscribers. Alex and Jason deliver us a treat to review recent memory.

This second episode explores the continued discussion of astronomy through open-minded expression for the possibilities, and straightforward realities, of existing intelligent life outside our solar system. There has been a face consensus among the scientific community embracing the ideas of extraterrestrial life. Dismantling the academic dogma and other institutional constraints for learning, but fear none, because Alex and Jason will guide us through understanding and learning astronomy in refreshing perspectives.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they explore the wonders of Alien technology, global cultural movement, and covert government programs.

Show Notes:
0:30 – Number three: Alien planets maybe nothing like earth.
0:49 – There is a possibility of many habitable exoplanets similar to earth. Alex and Jason mention probable Hycean planets.
1:09 – Should there be future terraformation and human colonization of hycean planets?
1:18 – Will there be super Earths or mini Neptunes? A positive prospect for a second home planet.
1:47 – The unfathomable creatures lurking in exoplanets. What does nature hold for alien life? There are many fascinating creatures out there and we still haven’t discovered every existing animal on earth.
2:19 – The ocean is a deep well for amazing leviathans.
2:37 – A teaser for future podcast contents; the Scottish series and the loch ness myth.
2:59 – Scientific pessimism for a diverse hostile alien microbes, bacteria, or, forbid, foreign viruses detrimental to terrestrial human health.
3:39 – There is absolute certainty for alien races based on the logical and biological presence of human evolution.
3:51 – Just imagine the stealth technology of other alien races.
4:39 – Alon was right, there are big outer orbit alien motherships hovering near earth. Check out the white sands incident episodes for context.
5:57 – Number four: One of Saturn’s moons still holds potential for life. The methane from Enceladus, Saturn’s sixth largest moon, may be a sign that life is clinging within the subsurface sea.
6:20 – There are chemical and organic compounds in Enceladus’ icy crust surface.
6:55 – Geysers spill natural and biological contents. Alex and Jason speculate for possible extraterrestrial microbes.
7:20 – Breaking the stereotypes. Why would extraterrestrials be the same size as us?
7:40 – The universe does not care about scale.
8:46 – The irony of scientific curiosity. We want to scrutinize the discovery of foreign microorganisms but never alien species.
9:01 – Religion constrains scientific exploration due to dogmatic gatekeeping of faith.
9:42 – Academia has become its own religion. All institutions will insist on looking for narratives that sustain and enforce their own belief systems.
10:33 – Mankind has shallow ignorance of what it wants to become. Alex and Jason humbly remind many mysteries greater than man lurk in the historical narrative of this universe.
10:52 – Number five: Scientists may be ignoring alien junk in our own solar system.
11:23 – The idea is that every sentient species creates a form of waste.
11:54 – Oumuamua is not terrestrial in origin.
12:55 – Alex shares a story of failed hyperspace travel that caused the destruction of an entire civilization.
13:52 – Number six: Thousands of alien worlds could have watched humans grow up. While human efforts to find outer civilizations kick off a century or so, thousands of alien civilizations could have been already watching us.
14:04 – More than one thousand five hundred star systems have perfect and near perfect viewing angles in the earth’s local solar system.
14:30 – There is a big shot for alien life out there. Scanning for any signs of life and civilization similar to scientific human endeavors.
14:37 – It’s no brainer that other sophisticated civilizations can perform better interstellar observation than humans. Technological development is relative to every existing society.
16:02 – We have shrinking plastics and inflating skulls. The evolution of man in the 21st century.
16:26 – It would make sense that you have a small body, no genitals, and a big head. There is no need for physical labor, all we need to do is think and let everything work out for your intelligent thoughts and actions.
17:10 – Grim future for the hedonistic appeal of the entertainment industry.
17:31 – Alex and Jason cites Lisa Kaltenegger of the Carl Sagan institute in Cornell University, “Whether or not any hypothetical civilizations living in those stars want to communicate with us is another.”
18:09 – The scientific unorthodox of ufology is now readily acceptable as science. Resist the gatekeeping of normative mainstream science.
19:06 – Extraterrestrials are real. It is what it is. Stop the dogma and exceptionalist perspective. See you guys in the next episode.

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