Alien hunting became a phenomenal trend in mass culture and captivated public imagination. The advent of rapid digitalization and gradual disclosures of government records has shed light to fire the curiosity of alien hunters, private organizations, government agencies, and other invested groups to pursue and unravel the mysteries of government transparency regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. This series reviews a collection of scientific research articles, journal editorial pieces, declassified DoD papers, and government documents to decentralize freedom of information from state controlled gatekeeping.

Moreover, we take into account the alien hunters disguised as agents of the US department of defense are all around corners. Desperately spotting any signs of alien spacecraft roving within atmospheric reach. This podcast series stars many ideas and declassified information ready to be shared and communicated by the public. A part of the greater effort to demand government freedom of information and learning opportunities to our valued followers and subscribers. Alex and Jason deliver us a treat to review recent memory.

This final episode explores the last two things we learn about aliens in 2022. Interstellar signals emitting from neighboring solar systems transmits a trigger to the collective consciousness of mankind. In this regard, Alex and Jason tackle the psychological as well as the pathological consequences of low-orbit signal transmission to the ordinary human mind. The karmic residue of radioactive isotopes from outer space claims to inhibit mental trauma. An interesting case where our host presents peer reviewed scientific articles and several anecdotes to test the claim.

This final part revisits many psychological as well as pathological aspects of alien abduction. Is perception of experience a phenomena of the mind in itself? An inductive analogy based off of Dr. Joe Dispenza succinctly delivers a sense of foundation for logical reference to explain the psychological apparition of unverified alien abduction. This trilogy ends with a practical bang for those looking for a resolved conclusion.

Let’s join Alex and Jason as they explore the wonders of prospects for intelligent alien life.

Show Notes:
0:26 – Closing up the trilogy. The last two things we need to know about aliens in 2022.
0:33 – Number eight: The April 28, 2019 phenomena. Scientists detected signals toward earth coming from Proxima Centauri, the near star system in the sun, hinting signs of intelligent alien technology. There are high probabilities of habitable life outside our local solar system.
1:29 – Our technologies creates a radio smog in the low-orbit exosphere making
1:31 – Everything emits a signature. Our technology creating this radio is really inhibiting us from understanding that Alpha Centauri signal.
1:52 – The space signal allegedly came from computer viruses signaling electronic frequencies located near the satellite station detecting outer-space signals.
3:06 – The technology we don’t have is getting underway.
3:37 – We are essentially color blinded through our insufficient technology. We are not sensitive enough to measure the range of extraterrestrial frequencies, or you can say, we are too ignorant to understand it in the first place. Our instruments are not enough.
4:33 – Quantum mechanics are transcendental processes for growth. The way out of unsustainable material industrialization.
4:48 – Telepathy has the same frequency as existing in quantum space. It bridges the gap between space and time.
5:00 – Quantum space is all about precision.
5:35 – There has been spontaneous and massive growth in the entire human civilization for the last half a century.
6:19 – Number nine: Alien abductions could be lucid dreams. Alex and Jason on building nuances for understanding alien abduction.
6:37 – Most extraterrestrial encounters are first, and foremost, personal choice to make contact with the extraterrestrials.
6:48 – Human hysteria and nonsense are prevailing narratives in the subconscious understanding of alien phenomena.
7:05 – Have awareness of cynical pseudo science.
7:23 – Jason cites Joe Dispenza’s placebo effect concept as the psychological pathology of human thoughts and emotions.
8:20 – Jason shares his harrowing and traumatic experiences in a post-military civilian life. The mind is bogged down to the inextricable first hand horrors of warfare.
9:00 – Generational trauma breaks any meaningful prospects for stable mental health.
9:37 – The phenomenology of perception and thoughts toward UFOs always gets misunderstood as facts.
10:14 – Everybody remembers differently. Alex on the relativity of memory.
10:30 – Jason shares personal anecdotes dealing with trauma.
11:11 – Trauma are permanent mental scars that need constant health attention.
11:24 – A lot of people that had true traumatic events had to get the details. Trauma blurs the pattern of memory.
12:02 – Alex and Jason cite a particular abduction case. A thorough analysis of extraterrestrial encounters.
12:16 – Alex and Jason tell the story of a dream experiment by the soviet union.
12:28 – There were “recorded” conclusions of people experiencing lucid dreams as manifestations of alien mental abduction.
13:14 – Debunking old pseudoscientific claims. Alex explains that speed does not disintegrate the human body. Acceleration requires an increase when there is body mass.
13:35 – Alex and Jason debunk the idea that cruising speed and velocity makes your brain mentally delusional.
14:35 – Just because it’s a dream doesn’t mean it is not real. The sensation can be just as real as day to day life.
14:59 – Jason on the ontology of dreams. Lucid dreams are real in themselves. Lucid dreaming is still a phenomenon that occurs if people felt they were being abducted. It’s a real experience.
16:10 – Extraterrestrial technologies are not human machinations for archaistic depictions. We have a deluded understanding and imagination of alien life. You can guarantee that aliens would use advanced drugs and scanning systems, not old fashioned extraction using hard tools.
17:12 – Lo and behold if you get abducted you will never come back. 1 % can be real but 99% of all abduction stories are probably made up.

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